Trail of Tears Remembrance Ride

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1. My heart breaks with this history!
2021-02-06 16:28:11, Thomasine L Williams, Buffalo, NY, 72

2. There will be a ride this year (2014) afterall! We have a group of the "old VIP's" that will be leaving from Ross' landing at 8AMEST on Sept 20th as always and leaving from Natchez Trace H-D at 8AM CST on Sept 21st to go to Okmulgee, OK. Same great ride, same roads, lunch at Wild Hog in Helena, lunch at Heavener, patches for the riders. Come join us, it's free as always...look forward to riding with you! more info: [email protected]
2014-09-01 01:06:35, Bomber, Valdosta, GA, 56

3. I am Native American Tsaligi (Cherokee) to be exact. I have not only ridden but walked many miles on these trails and the trail rides. It saddens me to see this ride go. I know Bill thinks the rides work is done and gone, but not so until everyone knows the truth and sorrow suffered by my and other peoples. I wish this decision had never been made. I know there were others trying to wrongly take charge, take credit, and make profit from this event. I think it was selfish to end it, rather than to pass it on to other worthy and capable leaders. Our peoples have long suffered mistreatment, and other co-opting , and injustice. I know there had to be others willing to justly carry the torch that Bill carried. By just quitting it leaves the unjust ones the opportunity to do the very thing Bill said he fought and did not want. I hope there is a salvation from just dumping this great event into to the hands of profiteers! I have never liked Iron Eyes Cody or his sell-out INDIAN persona, But this is one time his Sad Teared Face would be justified. Swamp~Fox
2014-08-19 06:49:53, Laurin Swamp~Fox Cavender, Etowah Georgia, 59

4. Im a new rider and just found this under tbe 10 best rides ever. I was looking forward to this.I think I will go alone as a memorial. I have cherokee heritage ★
2014-04-23 10:45:11, Jo Drennan, Mobile, Alabama, 46

5. I think of my people every day...every day I remember. I am proud to say I am a Native American, I am Cherokee!
2014-04-11 23:40:25, Fire Wolf, Tucson, Az, 58

6. I deeply regret that the Ride os over. I was really looking forward to making it this year. The ride has open many eyes and I hope it returns.
2014-03-28 17:03:24, CLee, IL, 44

7. So, won't ship anything to Canada.I'm not impressed. A Canadian native vet.
2014-02-28 06:12:46, Marv, Ont. Canada, 59

8. Thanks to all planners and riders for the 20 years of riding But I'm not ready to quit!! Anyone wanting to go to Oklahoma this year meet at the Tuscumbia Harley Dealer Sunday After the main ride 8 central time and lets go to OKLAHOMA
2014-02-13 16:11:23, Lance,

9. Thanks you for the extended rides, sorry to see them end
2014-01-19 18:29:33, Arlis Wise, Pittsburg, TX, 54

10. Thank you for letting me be a part of this fantastic ride over the years. I was finally able to ride all the way to Oklahoma a few years ago and had a great time with a great group of riders. I only did one large ride a year and this was it and I will definately miss it. What a blast!
2014-01-17 06:12:32, Wayne, Cumming GA,

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