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8. Your site looks really nice.
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9. Cynthia, I just wanted to thank you for my (I Love Lucy Hugs Hobo Bag) I received it today and I really love it. Its very roomy inside and everything fits with no problem. "My next purchase is the matching wallet!" ;)
Thank you so much! You are Amazing!
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10. Hey, Cynthia I'm very glad your site is back up and running... I couldn't wait to see the new look! You did a very nice job it looks better than the last keep it up! I noticed you are still working on updates! I am waiting patiently for the sports page to go go up I need to place another order on those (Raiders)NFL Mug Tankers Everyone over here liked mine and so I need to get some as gifts for friends. Thanks for your good customer support through email.Happy sales!
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