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2004-12-17 09:25:30, SPINE,, portugal, 17,, tak, tak,

1722. Didn't mean to tick the privacy box - trying to trace my father's roots. He was born in 1923 in a village (sukovic???) near Lviv and is Petro Biega. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
2004-12-17 06:45:20, A. biega,, Northern Ireland, 38,, no, no,

1723. Private message. Click here to view.
2004-12-17 06:31:28, Amanda Biega,, Northern Ireland, 38,, No, No,

1724. Can you please advise me in finding a reasonably short translation into English of the beautiful liturgical language used on the CDs that I have been collecting? Maybe,a short Ukainian theological dictionary?
2004-12-16 13:08:05, Allan Heise,, Dearborn, USA, 70,, No, No, none

1725. Very interesting/good sight for looking in Ukraine Grandfather from(Greek Catholic - church was located in Zalucze) were from selo/village NYVRA >Borshchivskij Raion >Ternopilska Obast/Region > formerly (1901) Halychyna/Eastern Galicia came from Ukraine and getting information on your site Keep up the good work
thank you
ryan sichkar
2004-12-15 12:44:56, ryan sichkar,, montreal Canada, 56,, no, no, n/a

1726. Heritage is nice to follow.
2004-12-14 21:46:50, Jeromy Parriquin,, Boston, 35,, No, No,

1727. A great site, thanks for sharing;) I must say, I'm still not done exploring;)
2004-12-14 12:59:55, WT Abernathy,, Salem, NH, 33,, Moderately, Yes,

1728. Excellent site, packed with top info, well designed and set out, will be back ! Hope you keep developing this site.
2004-12-11 14:58:02, Paul Q Arnold,, London, 36,, yes, no,

1729. Ciao Olha!
2004-12-11 01:18:26, marco chiappa,, Palazzolo s/O-Italia,, no, no,

1730. cool site
2004-12-10 16:31:14, jacek,,,

1731. I found this site very interesting as I will be visiting Ternopil in the spring.
2004-12-09 11:44:32, Arlo,, Belfast, 30,, No, No, None

1732. Thank you so very much for your Buchach web page!
My grandfather left Buczacz in 1898. I am still researching his family. He was Morris Albin, son of Israel Lieb Albin, a Jewish immigrant to New York. He went to California in 1915 and met my grandmother. He is my only Jewish ancestor--my family is Christian.
The only thing I know about Buczacz is through web pages like yours. Thank you for taking the time to share your photos and story.
2004-12-09 09:27:31, Bill Principe,, Pasadena, California, 61,, no, no,

1733. I'm from Belgium
2004-12-08 14:35:31, Tom,, Belgium, 27,, No, No,

1734. My father grew up in a village called Piotrow when Galicia was Austrian. He left for America before the first World War. I believe that his parents or his sisters and brothers were lost in the holocaust. Can I do anything to confirm this?
Thank you very much for your website.
2004-12-08 10:36:45, Stanley Strober,, Tucson, AZ, USA, 74,,

1735. Poszukuje informacji na temat nazwiska MOLODZINSKI (litera L z ukosna kreska)Slyszalem, ze czesc mojej rodziny pochodzi z dawnej Galicji zachodniej.Pozdrowienia dla autora strony oraz wszystkich internautow. Wojtek

2004-12-08 09:30:13, Juliusz - Wojciech Bujalski,, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, 51,, some, yes, www,

1736. Nice work!
2004-12-08 07:22:07,,,,

1737. Good job! Nice site!
2004-12-08 04:41:46, dima,, USA, 30,, no, yes,

2004-12-06 22:56:19, John Kasztelan,, Tucson,Arizona, 53,, no, no,

1739. very nice site! i become here searching for info from my family ancestors.
2004-12-06 12:19:07, Roberto Gauer,, BRAZIL, 24,, no, no,

2004-12-05 16:01:19, storožko igor, ternopil,,

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