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1721. Thanks for help with providing POLISH - UKRAINIAN - ENGLISH

2005-04-12 04:49:32, Arthur,, Las Vegas, NV USA, 39,, Not , but I do speak, polish and german, Yes, and I will travel again,

1722. Private message. Click here to view.
2005-04-12 02:42:48, ferit,, türkçe ingilzce, no,, no, no, no

1723. Greetings from Chicago Illinois, USA.... Your website is awesome.... Looking for more information on Budilow. My Great Grandfather, Kajetan PONCZKO (PACZKO) came from this town in 1917..... His immigration records show he was born in a town called Finme???? Any idea what this town may be.....

Keep up this great website...

Enjoy your Day :)
2005-04-11 21:54:06, Laura Schumacker,, Chicago, IL, USA, 41,, I wish, I wish, sadley none

1724. sseems that the site is not working
2005-04-11 02:13:56, MgBigboy,, U.S, 23,, no, no,

1725. Thank you for the maps... they helped me to research Svalava in the Carpathian Mountains... Well done with this site.. Ken.
2005-04-09 03:45:31, Kenneth, New Zealand,, No, No,

1726. I am trying to trace my roots.Fathers name Karol
Gustaw grandfathers name Jakob.Father had two brothers Stanley & Bill a sister Mary.Father was born in 1894 dec 12.Any help will be appreciated.
2005-04-08 16:12:34, Rudy Gustaw,, Grimsby.Ont., 71,, broken, no, nil

1727. Thank you for this amazing retrospective on Brezhany, where my father was born. I had thought that the town did not exist, but your research has renewed my interest in visiting there.
2005-04-07 09:30:20, Joel Greene,, Washington, DC, 58,, no, no,

1728. I am reading Agnon's book and wanted to see photos and read about his town. Hope you read his books. He is the best writer of his kind!
2005-04-06 19:35:35, Danny Roitman,, usa, 46,, no, no,

2005-04-06 16:59:04, James Dech,, Minnesota USA, 78,, No, No,

1730. is a discussion forum and is free you can view it first without registering to see if you like it or not and if you decide to join us and register all you are registering is a handle/user name same as on yahoo you have a handle. It is entirely free. Remember your referral is stacey4u2luv when it asks if you were referred by anyone.
2005-04-04 14:16:51, Black Book Exchange,, Canada and the USA,,

1731. my name is emanuel buchatsky also spelled as buczacka buczacki was born in lemberg 15/4/1920 which makes me 85.parents migrated to australia 1925 mothers maiden name baum am trying to find any information re family history perhaps you know of some way i could get info.hoping this finds you in good health.
regards emanuel ((manny)

2005-04-01 19:00:07, EMANUEL BUCHATSKY,, queensland australia, 85,, no, no, have none

1732. I am trying to trace my father's family who I do not know. My father was moved to England after the war. I have an ID document dated 19 Feb 1947 which put his place of birth 'Luczynci-Rohatyn. His name was Dmytro Szeremeta (pronounced Scheremeta from what I have heard) Perhaps someone has heard of Luczynci as I have not been able to find it yet. He was born in 1922.Any information or pointers would be appreciated.
2005-03-31 12:25:03, Peter Szeremeta,, Northern Ireland, 48,, No, No, Nil

1733. Thank you for the tour
2005-03-30 21:05:54, Canada,,

1734. I am dying to see pictures of my mother's Town Ottynia Ukraine (IN Galicia) and NOvi (Stari) Krivotyli also in Galicia
2005-03-28 21:43:27, Stefanija (Triszczuk) White,, Craig,Colorado, USA, 55,, some, in 1968,

1735. Interesting website, keep it up
2005-03-27 05:13:02, Sparkster, n/a,, Not well..., no,,

1736. Very usefull web-site. Congratulations!
2005-03-26 03:29:49, RadosĊ‚aw Zenderowski,, Cieszyn, Poland, 30,, a little, yes,

1737. Hi,
I was looking for old schoolfriends (unfortunately not you :) when I discovered your site. Keep up the good work, greetings from Germany!
2005-03-25 16:25:11, Fred Böhni,, Wuppertal,, no, no,

1738. looking for information concerning Hrabova or Grabova
2005-03-24 19:22:32, Dorothy Brooks,, orange, CT,, no, no,

1739. Search for Kuziw relatives
2005-03-24 16:03:15, Mark Kuziv,, St. Cloud Florida, 47,, no, no, none

1740. I love your site
Ricardo V. Monteiro
2005-03-24 08:01:33, Ricardo Monteiro,, Germany,,

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