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1721. Very usefull web-site. Congratulations!
2005-03-26 03:29:49, Radosław Zenderowski,, Cieszyn, Poland, 30,, a little, yes,

1722. Hi,
I was looking for old schoolfriends (unfortunately not you :) when I discovered your site. Keep up the good work, greetings from Germany!
2005-03-25 16:25:11, Fred Böhni,, Wuppertal,, no, no,

1723. looking for information concerning Hrabova or Grabova
2005-03-24 19:22:32, Dorothy Brooks,, orange, CT,, no, no,

1724. Search for Kuziw relatives
2005-03-24 16:03:15, Mark Kuziv,, St. Cloud Florida, 47,, no, no, none

1725. I love your site
Ricardo V. Monteiro
2005-03-24 08:01:33, Ricardo Monteiro,, Germany,,

2005-03-24 06:05:29, LUDMIL, BARATI321@YAHOO.COM, SPAIN, 30,, NO, NO,

1727. Nice stuff, keep up the good work! Thanks!
2005-03-23 04:51:47,,,,

1728. Hello,
I've enjoyed your site so much. My grandmother who I loved so dearly came from Peremyshlyany during the Austrian Empire...actually a little village called Wypyski. She lost her entire family to the Nazis, but she managed to come to America as a young girl. Would love to get more information on this area if possible.
Thank you!!
Wes Friedman
465 S. Newport Way
Denver, Colorado USA
2005-03-22 15:51:15, Wes Friedman,, Denver, CO, 47,, no, no,

1729. This site is very extensive! Great work! Thanks
2005-03-22 15:29:25, nash,, Qwkiland, 33,,

1730. Private message. Click here to view.
2005-03-22 14:34:38, Ira,, california (u.s.), 39,, no, no,

1731. Nice and thought filled site you've got here!...
2005-03-20 16:28:30, ilar,, Qwkiland, 33,,

1732. Am looking for relatives believed to have come from old Sambor, Austria & Lenemelka, Austria-Galacia. Their last names were Brelez, Brylycz,Najalowycz. Our Grandfather went by Simeon Brelcz and John Litsko and was born in Lenemelka, Austria. We are trying to find where that village is located.
Also possibly other relatives that had any of those same last names.
thank you for any info you can give us.
Sharon Quigley
2005-03-20 10:23:53, Sharon A. Quigley,, De Tour Village, Michigan U.S.A, 54,, No, No,

1733. ben ukrayna da çalışmaya başlayacağım,,,
türkçe-ukrayna-ingilizce sözlük ya da kitaplarına nasıl ulaşabilirim...
iyi çalışmalar dilerim...
özlem oğuz
2005-03-20 07:19:42, özlem oğuz,, istanbul, 31,, hayır,

1734. just recently got back from the Ukraine,had a great time thinking about returning this xmas cash permitting.
2005-03-20 00:11:26, sluonestop, saint lucia, 55,, no, yes,

1735. Nice website. Just getting started on family research. My great-grandmother is from Shvajkivtsi(Szwajkowce) in Czortkow area. Not found on many maps. Her family has been traced back three Galician generations. Emigrated to Canada, as did her mother and father in 1900. Called themselves Austrians/Ruthenians. Family name Proskin, Kostiw, Bylyk, and Iwanciw.
2005-03-18 12:48:48, Debra Taylor,, St. Petersburg Florida, 46,, no, no,

1736. Thank you for sharing this wonderful site, very interesting. good luck

2005-03-18 09:23:14, gilles, PARIS, 40,, no, no but i would like.,

1737. thanks for the hard work ! you made me feel some butterflies under my skin
2005-03-16 18:26:05, gabriela covali, romania, 22,, no, no,
Roman Zakharii: Coval (Koval) means "smith" in Ukrainian

1738. Private message. Click here to view.
2005-03-16 14:37:22, Tekla Czuchrey Wirhun,, Connecticut, U.S.A., 75,, some, no,

1739. Interested in Beregszzász(Zakarpatska Rus,Berehove) Church records.
2005-03-15 19:49:10, Lester C. Kish,, Allentown, Pa, USA, 61,, no, Tisza Adony,
Roman Zakharii: Not Beregszzász but Beregszász in Hungarian. Today it is Berehove (sometimes spelled Beregovo). Right. It is comprised mainly of Hungarian population. I have been to that town once.

1740. Rasztowce, Ukraine. Does anyone have information on this community and where I can locate it on a map. Looking for the Stangret and Florkiw families.
2005-03-15 18:59:19, Darwin Wagner,, Canada, ancient,, no, no, n/a

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