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1721. Nice job, keep it up
2005-02-12 12:24:44, Jim Blase,,,

1722. Can you help me find these places in Ukraine? Pugachovka village, Zchashkovskiy region.
2005-02-11 19:37:10, greg,, USA West Viginia, 41,, No, No,

1723. I have been a Christian for some 62 years and have a great affection for Jewish people. I have found the writings of Maimonides very comforting and enlighting. Recently I was diagnosed with bone cancer and given nine months to live. I am a very vibrant young 62 and was not looking to check out yet. It is amazing how this disease has been a gift from God, for it has given men a tremendous appreciation for life and the gifts thereof. When you are diagnosed with "Big C", it is amazing how it changes your attitude about, time, money, things, and especially how important heartfelt relationships become. All of a sudden the fellow who cuts you off at the freeway entrance has no power or consequence over is "God Be With You Man", you must have a very important appointment! I give thanks to the Pope for releasing the writings of this great philospher which means so much to your people and hopefully to all mankind. Shalom....Captain Charles Thomas
2005-02-11 06:55:31, Charles L. Thomas,, Beaverton, Oregon, 62,, No, No,

1724. nice stuff
2005-02-11 03:41:53,,, Hungary, 18,, no, no,

1725. Tarnopol was my grandmother's home town
2005-02-10 18:27:35, Mary Bergstein,, Providence, RI, USA, 53,, not yet,

1726. Village of Steberowka, PidKamien, Brody. In 1912 my grandparents came from this village to American. They were Warwara Bukaj and Hrycko Garbal. Does anyone know how to address an inquiry to the mayor of Steberowka?
2005-02-09 20:20:47, Barbara Lutz,, Logan, UT, 69,, No, No, I have none.

1727. Private message. Click here to view.
2005-02-09 11:34:06, Elizabeth Buckingham, UK,, No, No,

1728. . For some reason it does seem like just the words “crack-cocaine” scares people into not really dealing with the crack-reality and instead blend in “just cocaine” to the picture. Truly cocaine is bad, but crack-cocaine is horrible. Any article or event that involves crack-cocaine I respond with this letter. The reason for that is to let you know and anyone who is really serious about addressing crack-cocaine that we do in fact “attack crack”. We are Camille and Todd Gibson. We are in Grand Rapids, Michigan and have an Internet web-site ministry for crack-cocaine addiction specifically. We do this because it works and we have been there…unlike some clinical treatment methods that have limited results and maybe even no results that do not get reported or grouped in with other substances. Crack is different. This I did not discover, it is a fact. I am sure we could find and agree on an argument with this statement, but crack-reality is saying this is true.
If you get a chance or if you know of a need to help with someone or a family devastated from crack-cocaine…check out our ministry at and and pass it on to whoever might need us to help.
This is what we do to “attack crack”.

Todd and Camille Gibson
4445 B Breton Rd se. #214
Kentwood, MI 49508
(616) 827-9362

2005-02-09 11:20:54, Camille Gibson,, Grand Rapids, MI, 37,, no, no would like to someday,

1729. Private message. Click here to view.
2005-02-09 07:13:02, Pavel TICHY, sen.,, Prague CZ, 57,, no, yes,

1730. Private message. Click here to view.
2005-02-08 21:38:31, Walle Head (Holowka),, Yorkton Sask, Canada, 71,, some, no,

1731. G'day from sunny Adelaide, South Australia. Very nice and useful website. Please visit my website and South Australia!!! :)
2005-02-08 19:27:03, Webmaestro,, Australia, 22,, No, No,

1732. Great Home Page
2005-02-08 16:37:55, Wilhelm Krueger,,,

1733. Private message. Click here to view.
2005-02-07 14:11:50, Ihor,, Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A., 54,, yes, never, i dont have any.

1734. While I was on my lunch break I saw your website and found it to be very interesting. Please visit our site at have a nice day.
2005-02-07 13:03:21, ACLS Inc,, Tallahassee, 19,, No, No,

1735. excellent site which helped me get a glimpse of my grandfathers birthplace.
2005-02-05 19:48:23, nick kulikowsky,, florida USA, 32,, no, not yet!,

1736. Your work is really appreciated. Thank you for the informative material. Very well put together.My grandfather was Jan Hayduk. He lived in Ushnia, between Lviv and Zolochiv. Anyone with any information about this name, please contact me.
2005-02-05 15:21:48, Stephanie,, Edmonton, 56,, yes, yes,

1737. A very interesting site. I am searching for the name Petranka in my family tree and I have seen, that in Galizia is a place named Petranka. I am very glad, if you can give me all informations about this place, Origin, inhabitants, historical informations etc.
Thank you very much.
2005-02-05 12:53:48, Ulrike Hoelzl,, Germany, 53,, no, No,

1738. Fine Page,kind regards.
2005-02-05 04:46:01, Rieck Gerhard,, Salzburg, 67,, now, now, ---

1739. Private message. Click here to view.
2005-02-04 09:51:57, Stefan. C. Fota,, Lincoln, England, 50,, no, no, none

1740. Came across your website when searching guestbooks. Good idea --for support and feedback.

Owner of website
2005-02-03 04:24:47, Nawel K Seth,, Toronto, ON, 56,, No, No,

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