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1721. Private message. Click here to view.
2005-12-01 17:25:16, Angelo Cosmides, angelo_cosmides@netzerolnet, San Francisco, California, USA,,

1722. Looking for Selo/NYVRA>Borshchiviskj>Ternopilska and info on Nicephorus Piczkar /Anna daughter of AndreasMojsijuk and Ahaphia Wawryk from
Selo/NYVRA>Borshchiviskj>Ternopilska Region of what is Ukraine today in the 1890's
2005-12-01 08:35:46, ryan sichkar,, Granby Quebec / Canada,,

1723. Private message. Click here to view.
2005-12-01 07:56:48, Gary Manning,, Behind a PC,,

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2005-11-30 14:14:47, romeo minor,, NewYork,,

1725. my family left Austria in 1920 now called Grzymalow, Ukraine-family name Heller
2005-11-29 22:30:17, richard heller,, st marys, WV,,

1726. Thanks a lot for your useful resource! Keep working and good luck in all your beginnings!
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2005-11-29 12:26:00, Rubas,, USA,,

1727. I am seeking the village of Czumalewo (the word Robotnik appears too). I don't speak the language so I am at a loss. It think it is near Khust. PLease help if you can. Thanmks
2005-11-28 20:16:54, susan szyjka,, usa,,

1728. Private message. Click here to view.
2005-11-28 17:06:17,,

1729. Thanks a lot for your useful resource! Keep working and good luck in all your beginnings!
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2005-11-28 07:27:06, Rubas,, USA,,

1730. Great site!
2005-11-27 19:25:57, Kraven,,,

1731. Thanks a lot for your useful resource! Keep working and good luck in all your beginnings!
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2005-11-27 11:07:26, Rubas,, USA,,

1732. Thanks for this webpage. My father, a Canadian, of Ukrainian heritage, has been trying to trace his parents back to the Ukraine. He believes his mother was from Trembowla, and thank you for this page, we are able to locate the town.
2005-11-27 09:42:15, Carolyn Perchaluk,, Ontario, Canada,,

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2005-11-26 20:05:54, othello yurik,, NewYork,,

1734. Thanyou for the info about this part of Ukraine
2005-11-25 10:21:15, Lad Shunneson,, Boulder, Colorado USA,,

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2005-11-25 05:51:26, Creatine,, USA,,

1736. Private message. Click here to view.
2005-11-24 17:46:19, Andrea Bulka Sahaiko,, 84500000,,

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2005-11-24 10:46:50, olivier nealon,, NewYork,,

1738. Trying to locate my Grandfathers hometown in the Ukraine and ran across your website. Keep up the good work, it is interesting.
2005-11-23 23:47:52, Gene Mickolio, gmickolio*, Bozeman, MT USA,,

1739. Hi Nice website
2005-11-23 05:33:33, scott,,,

1740. Nice Site. Is Brizdowicz the same as your town?
2005-11-22 14:32:13, Warren Winter,, New York,,

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