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2004-07-18 07:08:28, Martin-Daszkiewicz léa,, france Montlieu la garde 17210, 71 ans,, non french, non, non

1722. Found this site by chance when looking on a search engine. Thought it was interesting.
2004-07-18 03:50:30, Sparkster,,, no, no,

1723. I enjoyed your web page,my family immigrated to canada in the 1890's from the village of neudorf,which i believe is just outside of the city of present day Dohobyc-I invited anybody with the last name SPANIER to contact me
2004-07-17 23:51:28, R Spanier,, regin,Saskatchewan,Canada, 50,, no, no, nil

2004-07-17 12:03:35, Kunaniec,, yes, yes,

1725. Thanks for the web site.
2004-07-16 19:23:31, Roman Kril, England, 42,, A little, Once,

1726. I have been introduced to your wonderful by two of your young students who are working in my area as lifeguards. We have had nice conversations so I wanted to know more about their home in Ukraine.
2004-07-16 18:16:24, Ron,, Virginia, USA,,

1727. Ochen' xoroshij sait. Molodets!
2004-07-15 04:57:06, alina,, greece, 23,, yes, I was grown up there,

1728. My grandmother was from Zabaraz but I can find much info .Most of family vanished ww1 we think
2004-07-14 21:32:21, Ray Kerr,, Regina,Sask., 42,, a little, No,

1729. Private message. Click here to view.
2004-07-14 12:54:31, Rose,, Warwick, RI, 46,, no, no, none

1730. Hei, kjempe interessant side du har laget! Har lćrt masse av den. Pĺ mandag drar jeg sammen med en venninne til Ukraina. Vi har aldri vćrt der fřr, sĺ det blir spennende.
2004-07-14 06:54:38, Anne-Kathrine Vabř,, Bergen, Norge, 24,, nei, nei, men snart..., -

1731. Wspaniała stronka!!! Całkiem niedawno zacząłem zajmować się fotografią i znalazłem tu wiele przydatnych informacj.
2004-07-13 14:45:46, Tomasz,,,

1732. Stefania forever!
2004-07-13 13:35:34, Amico Slam,, Italy,,

1733. Great site!
2004-07-13 12:12:38, Isabella,,,

1734. Hello!
Any Molodzinski on line?
2004-07-13 09:16:51, Juliusz,, Charlotte, 50,, some, yes,

1735. My grandfather Jan ZROBEK was born, 1878 in Bordulaki, near Stanislawczyk. How do I get the address to contact the Greek Catholic diocesan church in Stanislawczyk for birth records. Am also searching his father Pawel ZROBEK and mother Anna STEPCZUK from Bordulaki.
2004-07-12 21:59:34, Bill ZROBACK,, Canada, 65,, a little, No,

1736. TrustfulNeila of the Berezhany genealogy MSN group of
galica/west suggested I contact you regarding my family search.

I am Joe Bilcze. I live in the USA, state of Ohio, city of Alliance.

I am in the early process of researching my family history. I have been researching the Zakarpatskaya Korolevo Ukraine areas old villages of Kiralyhaza Verocze Ugosca megye AH
since there is where my grandfather last lived before coming to USA in early 1900's. Since you are from this area, you may know people with the BILCZE, BILECZ or BIL??? surname. If not, could you please provide me with contact information who may or perhaps names from telephone directories, Magyar churches etc. My grandparents were Magyars. I am willing to pay you for any good information.

Since my surname is BILCZE, the village of Bil'che - Zolotoye, Bilcze Zlote is of deep interest to me.

Village is located in Administrative District: Zaleszczyki, or Borszczów Judicial / Tax District (Subdistrict): Korolówka, or Borszczów - depending on the time period.

In present day Ukraine Bil'che Zolote is in the Ternopilska Oblast (Region / Province) and in Borshchivskyi Raion (County/ District).

Have you ran across the surname Bilcze, Bilecz or Bil??? or are you familiar with this Ukraine area? Any information would be appreciated.

You have a very nice web page.

Any help is appreciated.
Let me know if I can help you or if you require further info from me.

Joe Bilcze
8678 Byrd Ave NE
Alliance, OH 44601-9411 USA

2004-07-12 19:43:42, Joseph Bilcze,, USA, 50,, No, No, None

1737. Congratulations for promoting the Ukrainian language.
I would like to download the Cyrillic fonts so that I could type in Ukrainian. Any help available?
2004-07-12 06:27:31, Steven Tarangle,, Michigan, USA, 80,, Yes, Visited,

we have been searching for information on my Father-in-laws family who operated a creamery in Wolcza-Dolna up till September 1939, when all contact was lost. Have you any information about the (17?) Jews who lived in that town? Their family name was Kesselman.
You seem to be the one who might put some light on the matter.

2004-07-12 01:59:30, Shmuel & Sarah Shimshoni,, Hadera, Israel, over 70,, no, no, none

1739. Private message. Click here to view.
2004-07-11 12:32:17, NelMarie Melville,, Sun City AZ, 74,, no, no, none

1740. Hello. I am trying to find out more about the area that my Kohut great grandparents came from. Supposedly they came from an area called Colinana Hungary. Their names were John and Ann Kohut. Their son John came to the US and was married to a woman named Anna Dobash who's family was born in Russia. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the area in Hungary sounds familiar.
2004-07-10 22:02:43, Jackie Griffith, TXRN123@COMCAST.NET, Texas,, no, no,

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