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1721. Great job !!!!,many ukrainians/ruthenians,lemkos ,boykos ,galicians/are around the world .this site will be helpfull fo rthem .
I was looking also for my relatives and thanks to good sites like yours I was found .God bless all good people whose roots came from Galicia /West Ukraine/ ,best wishes,
My roots are from Moczeardy /Mocherady/ and Mizenets ,it is close to Polish boundary .Often visit this place every year ,will glad to help to everybody who looking for relatives in this area.
2006-03-08 07:47:14, Oleg,, Poland,,

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2006-03-08 07:46:53, Chuke,, Australia,,

1723. Hi There, I have just reviewed your website, and I’d like to say Nice Job!
Ross Crowner |

2006-03-05 22:03:47, Ross Crowner,, MONTREAL,,

1724. I enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures. My grandparents came from the Lesko region of Polish Galicia and I am interested in the history of this region.
2006-03-05 18:56:30, Mark Davenport, Stroudsburg, PA,,

1725. Very interesting to see your photos and read your comments. My grandfather, William Dudar, was born in Zborow Galicia in 1900 and emigrated to Canada in 1927. Our family lost all contact with relatives overseas after the second World War.
2006-03-05 18:22:55, jackie ahmad,, toronto, canada,,

1726. Thank you for this site. My great grandparents are from Glinik, Galicia, came to US in 1898. They are of Staron and Gublo family names.
2006-03-04 19:07:46, cheryl hanzlik,, Fairport, NY,,

1727. Your site is very nice, well designed and full of useful informations. I have added it to my favorite bookmarks and be back later!
2006-03-04 02:44:59, Jan Navrátil,, Prague,,

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2006-03-03 18:20:50, jay,, New Zealand,,

1729. Cool website, good work!
2006-03-03 17:54:47, Guru, dieting@eponym.coms, text,,

1730. *thanks for Italian-Ukrainian wordlist!........
I need that!
2006-03-03 11:33:55, zina,, Italia,,

2006-03-03 09:31:02, CARLO VIT,, Roma,,

1732. I really appreciate your website. All important details are included. Fine design!

2006-03-03 00:23:56, Bali,, USA,,

1733. Greetings! I liked your site, especially main page, I have added it in bookmarks
2006-03-02 20:35:41, Hiko,, USA,,

1734. Great site.
2006-03-02 19:18:38, Craig Reece,, Park City, UT,,

1735. Very much to like me your site, on it it is a lot of helpful information
2006-03-02 13:08:36, Anna,, USA,,

1736. I like your website alot...its lots of fun... you have to help me out with mine...
2006-03-01 03:06:19, clifford,, USA,,

1737. szukam adresow ikontaktow z osobami znajacymi mojego dziadka ktory byl nauczycielem w Tarnopolu przed wojna Aleksander Kruczkowski
2006-02-27 12:09:06, maciej kruczkowski,, kanada,,

1738. My mother's family were Jews from Zhashkov. They fled probably at the end of 1920. My mother and a cousin were born in Romania (Moldova?) in 1921. They eventually made it to the US, via Canada.
2006-02-21 19:57:15, Judy Barlas, jbarlas at, USA,,

1739. Great site. What a lot of work you have done. Thank you for making it available to everyone. One complaint though. Too much advertising and spam entries, any way you can clean it up so serious genealogists can view postings easier? Relatives came from Vilkhovets (Vilhivtzi) Olchewiec, names Kostiw, Harasymczuk, Sofroniuk... any help would be appreciated. Hard to research from Canada!
2006-02-21 13:23:02, Donna Creamore, katybug*, Vancouver Canada,,

1740. Private message. Click here to view.
2006-02-21 09:54:34, Lucyna Evans,, West Midlands, England,,

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