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1721. Private message. Click here to view.
2013-11-30 01:15:12, Julien, Stuart, Australia, 76,, No,

1722. I am looking for ancestors of my grandfather who was born in or near Kyiv Ukraine on 19 August 1924. His name was Osyp Statkewycz. He left Ukraine when he was 17 I believe. I know he had a few brothers.
2013-11-25 05:12:20, Anita,, England, 42,, No,

1723. Private message. Click here to view.
2013-11-24 19:07:56, nadezhda,,, azizona usa, 60,, yes,

1724. yedyne mozhu skazaty: molodets!!!! :)
2013-11-16 05:10:02, Khrystyna,,, tak,

1725. Private message. Click here to view.
2013-11-15 16:18:13, Jenny Kuczer,, Melbourne, Australia, 53,, Yes,

1726. Im looking for the Hammer family from Bobrka Lwow province. Parents names were Filip Hammer & Catharina Lutecka. Chidrens names-Adam, Josepha, Anna, Jozef & Stanislaus(Stazek). Cousin name Jan Pozowski who was in the 1st independent Polish parachute brigade. Please contact me Im Adam's great granddaughter.
2013-11-12 11:05:38, Lisa FRizzle,, Philadelphia Pa USA, 43no,,

1727. Dear All,I'm searching for any relatives of my mother born in Sidory in Ukraine. Can somebody help me to contact any person in Sidory (or Sidori or Sydory) approx. 150 Miles from Kiev
2013-10-26 14:33:54, Gerard Popma,, The Netherlands, 66 years,, No,

1728. Hello, thank you for this site! I'm looking for the Hammer family from Bobrka, Lwow now Bibrka Lviv Ukraine. My grandfather lost touch with his family during WW2.One sister was rumored to have fled to France. Their names were Stanislaus, Josepha, Anna and Jozef. We recently found out Jozef Hammer was captured by the NKVD and died at a slave labor camp in Siberia August 2, 1942. If you know of the Hammer family please contact me lafrizzle at Thank you so much :)
2013-10-25 23:49:24, Lisa Frizzle,, Philadelphia Pa USA, 43,, no,

1729. Greetings to all
I am seeking any information about my mother Anna Baran born 1925 in Nanowa Poland (now Ukraine)Her parents Teodor and Paulina Borszcz
trying to connect with other that remember Nanowa
2013-10-13 07:17:52, Tami Allison,, Ottawa, 57,, no,

1730. Hello not sure I have the right info I search for STASIK relatives. St Nicholas parish in BRZEZINY. Not sure its right here any help is appreciated. I know gggf name was Erasmus stasik born 1862. Cant find immigration and do not know exactly when he came to US. Eramsus father was franciscus stasik and his father was joannes stasik married ? Jagiela Hope someone can help
2013-09-26 09:32:50, stacey,, pennsylvania, 47,, no,

2013-09-24 07:24:03, dianne k rucienski,, WASHINGTON, NC, 62,, NO,

1732. Great site. Tryin to find the village that my Grandfather came from in when he came to America in 1914 it was Pleskowce,Austria.
2013-09-23 23:30:35, Donald,, California, 43,, no,

1733. Private message. Click here to view.
2013-09-20 12:19:37, Marvin Myroslav Procyshyn,, Dauphin, Manitoba Canada, 73,, yes,

1734. In 1997, I was in L'viv for six weeks teaching English to high school students. What a beautiful city. I wish I could have stayed longer. My mother's people are from Rudki and Khlopchytci, in the L'viv oblast.
2013-09-12 20:29:56, Lorraine,, Minneasota,, just a little (chut, chut),

1735. Looking for any information on the last name Lawrenchuk, first name Pavel(Paul) Grandfather is now past and never gave info to family members. Born around 1886? Might have immigrated to Canada then US. Any help would be appreciated!
2013-09-03 20:51:34, Nick Lawrenchuk,, South Carolina USA, 60,, no,

1736. I try to find my future wife in Kherso Ukraine i'm 39/177 if you saw this messege it is a fait , now u just be in touch with my MSN and we will know each other
2013-08-30 10:14:13, plony,, vilnius, 39,, no,

1737. Hello, I am a collector of report cards, diplomas, undergraduate degrees around the world
2013-08-21 01:33:45, Luciano,, Italy,, no,

1738. congratulations on the site! I am looking for my ancestors who lived in Narayiv because my blood is Sendeski (or Sendetsky or Sendecki), and I really want to know if there are still people in this town with this surname. If anyone knows something, please send it to my email Thank you.
2013-08-16 21:29:20, Carlos,, Francisco Beltr„o, ParanŠ, Brazil, 34,, no,

1739. Great website ! I am looking for my roots. My grandfather MichaŽl Urbanski was born in Kosova (testimonium baptismi number 233) and I think i'm going to visit Ukraine next year to see his homeland.
2013-08-05 08:08:24, Vilmar Rogoski,, Curitiba, Pr Brazil, 48,, no,

2013-07-08 13:33:40, ASGEIR HUUS,, jÝlster, Norway, 53,, no,

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