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1721. Hi there, i am looking for my ancestor born in Kozova, my grandmother was born there, Her name was Ana Possonski, daughter of Ignacio Possonski, any idea how can i have any information on them?
2007-08-06 20:17:51, Wagner Polistchuk,, So Paulo - Brazil, 42,, no, not yet,

1722. looking for ancestors from galacia martin dwulet born about 1890 and his wife katherine kartz
2007-08-06 20:10:19, martin dwulet,, laewood,nj, 66,, no, no,

1723. hi, I am trying to find out where the surname "Hnatyszyn" comes from, it does not look typical Ukrainian to me but looks polish. Does anyone know which typical Ukrainian city this name might come from ? A big thanks to anymore that can help.
2007-08-04 17:13:54, ben hamilton,, Kharkov, 35,, no, yes,

1724. See ya soon in 2012 :))
2007-08-03 14:16:33, Ania,, poland, 19,, no, no,

1725. My grandfather was born in Litwinow 1920. Reaseaching and searching for family tree in the area. Looking for a village along the river were their farm would have been. As well as were we would find the parents of John Salak would be buried.
2007-08-03 13:27:24, Michelle Smith,, USA, 33,, No, No,

2007-08-03 09:26:29, STEFAN BILYK,, Nottingham UK, 56,, no, Yes Truskavets,

1727. Hi people Im Ukranian and I talk you when ukraine is the best place in the world.
And the Lviv is the best of the best!!!
Please people go to Lviv and shake this place.
Good Luck.
2007-08-03 06:02:29, Evhen,, Lviv, 15,, Yes, Yes,

2007-08-02 18:55:10, Fred,, Sweden, 50,, no, no,

1729. Just wanted to let you know that it's a good thing that you tried to make a small and effective dictionary, but there are some misstakes in it. I didn't look through the whole dicitonary but I still found a couple of misstakes. If you want I can change it for you. Non the less it's still impressive that a non Swede can create such an accurate dictionary. Good work.
2007-08-02 07:01:46, mastermardon,, Vsters,Sweden, 23,, No, No,

1730. very well done.
2007-07-31 15:03:45, Kacewich, no, southern new jersey, 55,, no, no,

1731. Your information and photo's are great. I have been doing genealogy research concentrating in the USA, however, I am now searching for my ancestors in Austria, Galicia and Poland. Your website is a good start!
2007-07-31 11:22:31, Fran Armitage,, Florida, USA,, no, no,

1732. very interesting site
since my family came from poland
and my surname is 'raj'
2007-07-30 20:03:42, j.r.raj,, calgary,alberta,canada, 60,, no. polish, no just poland,

1733. Private message. Click here to view.
2007-07-27 14:53:37, Roberta,, Sweden, 62,, no, no,

1734. szukam osob nazwisko krynda zmiasta kozowa
2007-07-27 08:54:58, zdzichu,, polska, 42,, no,

1735. Compliments for your very clear and useful site. Carry on the good job!
2007-07-25 15:30:30, Jean J. Odroniec, , France, 61,, no, no,

1736. Private message. Click here to view.
2007-07-24 18:24:27, Carol Purdy,, Kyle, TX, 43,, No, but my Mom spoke a little., Not yet.,

1737. Hello Roman,
Have you aever heard of a place called Slowida, its supposed to be in the neighbourhood of Zloczow. I ask you this because I am researching the death of a German officer on 2 juli 1941. Is for a book I am writing. Hope teo hear from you soon.
2007-07-24 07:56:40, Gerard,, Netherlands, 46,, no, no,

2007-07-23 02:35:09, Mietek,, polish, 50,,

1739. Private message. Click here to view.
2007-07-22 14:03:57, Krystyna Jennings,, los angeles,, no, no,

1740. pruvit!mene zvatu Nadja Kostyshyn ja hochu rozshukaty moyu titku Natalyu Kostyshyn i sestru Mariyu Lozynsku,yaki prozhuvasyut v Canadi.Jaksho v kogos ye vidomosti pro nyx,bud laska dayte znaty.Dyakuyu
2007-07-20 05:59:25, nadiya,, london, 25,, yes,i do, yes,

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