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1721. Private message. Click here to view.
2005-11-11 10:38:25, A.J. Kereszty,, Brussels,,

1722. Thank you for a fascinaiting article
2005-11-11 10:05:55, Ihor Kunasz,, Tucson Arizona,,

1723. Hi,

They say we Piankas might have come from Kozowa. Greetings!

2005-11-10 13:33:31, Robert Pianka,, Lancaster PA USA,,

2005-11-10 12:51:31, BOLESAW,, POLSZA,,

1725. Im looking for a girl who's name is Oly Chereva. Has anyone know where she is? Last time I saw her was in Koropets(monasteriskay rayon).
2005-11-07 17:14:42, N/A,,

1726. Your site is great! I'm searching Turkish Military Cemeteries in Brzezany area. Your site is very interesting and useful for me! Many thanks...
2005-11-05 15:52:04, Iskender DAMGACI,, Denizli - TURKEY,,

1727. Private message. Click here to view.
2005-11-05 15:16:52, david palasiuk,, cambridgeshire uk,,

2005-11-05 11:08:03, tony mysak,, new york city,,

1729. Your site is full of features, but the layout seems strange. Good luck with it.
2005-11-05 07:58:38, Jessica Simpson,, Dallas, 24,, 24, 24,

1730. ! , , , . .
2005-11-04 14:29:00, ,,, Norway,,

1731. Great feature to your site to have so many options. I enjoyed reading it.
2005-11-04 13:29:50, Jennifer Lopez,, San Diego, 24,, 24, 24,

1732. I have come across your website, because I'm searching for my fathers family. I know you are young, so I wonder if you know someone who would be interested in helping me with finding old village names before the war. I have names and places, but they are not on the map. If you know someone who is interested in ukrain history during the war, please give them my email. I came to the U.S. in 1956 with adopted parents, My fathers name was Wasyl Kolodnicki. He died in Germany because he could not get back to Ukraine. He was from a town called Welesni_o. I don't understand the second from the last letter. His Fathers name was Georgi Kolodnicki. If you can help, I thank you. Ingeborg
2005-11-03 12:44:58, Ingeborg Kolodnicki,, USA,,

1733. Interesting information you have, but more updates will be super. cheers.
2005-11-03 06:51:29, Mariah Carey,, Brussels, 24,, 24, 24,

1734. Hei Roman, takk for nettsiden at du gjorde, det var interessant lese, det er s stor jobb, takk en gang til.
Mitt navn er Vitalina.Jeg er fra Ukraina ogs, jeg er som en barnepasser eller au-pair her og min norsk familien, mine utlandisk venner sprer om Ukraina, s n veter jeg hva jeg kan vise dem.
Lykke til i din jobb og studere.
2005-11-02 09:37:43, Vitalina,, Asker, Norge,,

1735. Could you have any information about jewish residens of Mielnica Podolska?
2005-11-01 13:40:45, Baruch Ciesielski,, Lodz,,

1736. Jeg er ikke sikker p om en tidligere mail har blitt sendt til deg. Jeg er ikke s flink med data. Jeg ble s glad for din ordbok i Norsk/Ukrainsk. Kunne du ogs lage setninger - de mest brukte i dagliglivet? Fx: Hvor mye koster den. Hvilken buss skal jeg ta til..... ogs videre.... Vi har venner som driver hjelpearbeid i Ukraina, og i september fikk jeg vre med en tur. Du har et fint land, fruktbart. Vre venner er p hjemvei fra enda en tur, de har "adoptert" et barnehjem i Lopatyn, de har samlet inn penger til et aktivitetsbygg med dusj/WC ca 10 stykker. Der er 120 barn fra 6 - 16 r. Vi beskte dvehjem, rehab. for narcomane, kirker, sykehus m.m.
2005-10-31 06:15:35, Gro Valsgrd, Tvedestrand, Norge.,, Norge.,,

1737. Nice site, but wht I'm looking for is info about trams in Lvov before WW2. Do you know any sites about this? (info or photos).
2005-10-31 02:48:38, Pawel M.,, Gdansk, Poland,,

1738. Very interested in my Ukrainian heritage . Do you know of a vilage calle Kristovka ?
2005-10-30 23:24:46, david potts,, Florida,U.S.,,

1739. my father was born there ,just curious, jan luciw
2005-10-30 18:25:22, Joe Luch, jluch*, vancouver,canada,,

1740. Private message. Click here to view.
2005-10-30 12:05:46, Marlene Jackson,, Toronto,Ont, Canada,,

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