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81. Important Website for everybody who want UKRAINE THE BEST of the FUTURE.
2014-02-22 02:37:31, Roald Atle Furre,, Norge - Norwegia, 68,, no,

82. Private message. Click here to view.
2014-02-21 17:21:46, Kimberly Bulka Lepine,, Washington, DC, 31,, No,

83. Very Nice page :)
2014-02-21 06:53:05, Kristin,, Oslo, 38,, No,

84. An interesting site that gives some in site to the area that my dad grew up in. Thank you!
2014-02-03 10:26:50, M Bartkiw,, Barrie, Ont, 57,, Yes,

2014-01-28 17:42:21, lori gushulak,, ontario canada, 51,, no,

86. My Grandmother Ewa Iszczak, from Mother side was born 1890 -1976. Her siblings: Anna,Maria, Grzegoz, Alexander-before 2 WW emigrated to France. Where He died in mine accident
2014-01-19 23:31:54, Maria Szalinska -Molik,, USA , Oklahoma, 62,, a little,

87. I think my grandfather was from Buchach. Would like to find out factually one day.
2014-01-17 13:14:31, John Huzar,, Summerfield, NC, 63,, No,

88. Private message. Click here to view.
2014-01-16 23:18:17, 8mom,, arak, 28,, no,

89. Я шукаю будь-яку інформацію в сім'ї назвав WOREL від Skobelka. Дякую за увагу. Я можу бути досягнуті на такі адреси електронної пошти: frannililk 'за' yahoo ' .' можу наприклад

I am looking for any information on the family named WOREL from Skobelka. Thank you. I can be reached at the following email: frannililk "at' yahoo "." ca e.g.
2014-01-08 07:53:32, Fran, frannililk at yahoo dot ca, Saskatchewan, Canada, 50s,, no,

90. Private message. Click here to view.
2014-01-04 19:42:50, Trygve Pedersen,, Tromsoe,Norway, 51,, nei,

91. I trying top help somebody to find the church records from a village called Liwcze in Galicia.
Can you help ? Thank you. Peter von Lipinsky
2013-12-28 16:37:26, Peter von Lipinsky,, Edmonton, AB. Canada, 78 years,, No,

92. seeking information of my mother; teresa malovana (phonetically)she was born in piznanka on december 13 1898.

2013-12-22 19:10:10, myroslaw pukowsky,, galloway new jersey, USA, 84,, very little,

93. I'm searching for any relatives of my mother born in Podwysokie in Ukraine last name Mielnik
2013-12-14 12:51:18, Pacura,, usa, 56,, no,

94. Takk for den fine introduksjonen til Ukraina!
La leve en suveren og uavhengig Ukraina!
2013-12-09 07:45:06, Bella jazwik,,,

95. Private message. Click here to view.
2013-11-30 01:15:12, Julien, Stuart, Australia, 76,, No,

96. I am looking for ancestors of my grandfather who was born in or near Kyiv Ukraine on 19 August 1924. His name was Osyp Statkewycz. He left Ukraine when he was 17 I believe. I know he had a few brothers.
2013-11-25 05:12:20, Anita,, England, 42,, No,

97. Private message. Click here to view.
2013-11-24 19:07:56, nadezhda,,, azizona usa, 60,, yes,

98. yedyne mozhu skazaty: molodets!!!! :)
2013-11-16 05:10:02, Khrystyna,,, tak,

99. Private message. Click here to view.
2013-11-15 16:18:13, Jenny Kuczer,, Melbourne, Australia, 53,, Yes,

100. Im looking for the Hammer family from Bobrka Lwow province. Parents names were Filip Hammer & Catharina Lutecka. Chidrens names-Adam, Josepha, Anna, Jozef & Stanislaus(Stazek). Cousin name Jan Pozowski who was in the 1st independent Polish parachute brigade. Please contact me Im Adam's great granddaughter.
2013-11-12 11:05:38, Lisa FRizzle,, Philadelphia Pa USA, 43no,,

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