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81. Looking for any Lawriw relatives from Ukraine. My grandfather was born in Rhohatyn and came to the United States in 1947. Any help would be much appreciated as that is all I know, my grandfather & father have passed away
2013-02-04 14:28:22, Lawriw,, United States (Oregon), 37,, no, no,

2013-01-26 16:18:10, WALTER FEDORONCHUK,, pinawa manitoba canada, 79,, very slowly,

83. This is a great website. I learned so much from this part of the world from where my ancester come from. Thank you so much.
2013-01-25 21:43:53, Elly Huhle,, Toronto, Canada, 68,, no, mo,

84. Private message. Click here to view.
2013-01-21 06:27:09, gilat,, Israel, 54,, no, no,

85. Very interesting area, expecially because it was a border land for centuries, with a mix of people and cultures and dramatic events.
Please keep it up-dated.
2013-01-21 03:29:51, Maurizio Perrotti,, Brescia, Italy,, no, only english, no,

86. Doing research on my wife's family roots. BABIJ is the name.They are from HLESZCZAWA,TREMBOWLA,
GALICIA.They were farmers,Greek Catholic, Baptized in Ste.NICOLAI parish.I am looking for Metrical books after 1866 onwards. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
2013-01-08 07:46:58, Henryk NOWAK,, Montreal CANADA, 82,, No, No,

87. Interested in finding out more about my mother's father's family. Zachary Bezkorowayny possibly from Medyn, his brother nicola Bezkorowayny possibly from Skoryky, father of both Andrew Bezkorowayny, daughter Marie(sophie)Bezkorowayny
2012-12-29 21:02:57, Carol Reynolds Bouwens,, LeRoy, NY USA, 71,, no, no,

88. Wonderful website! After I had finally located on a map where my paternal Dido & Baba came from just over 100 yrs ago, I discovered your website. Thanks for sharing all your hard work. One of my paternal aunts passed away in 2011 at the age of 92. A few yrs prior, I got my Aunt Stella to write the exact name of the selos (villages) that my Dido & Baba came from. I never got around to finding the exact locations of these selos until now. They came from Ternopil Oblast, Chortkovskiy (Chortkiv) Raion (District) in the villages of Bichkovtsy (Bychkivtsi) & Velyki Chornokintsi).
2012-12-23 12:26:56, Cathy,, Canada, 57,, Some, No,

89. I lost your website and thought it was not there anymore -Glad to see it New and Improved
2012-11-19 15:10:01,,

2012-11-17 16:55:57, Hellar Lylyk,, Canada, 66,, some, No,

91. Thank you for this fantastic site. I have had a look at the pictures of Berezany. All very interesting. I have a cousin who lives in Kwithowe.My father was from Siolko who migrated to Australia. Would love to visit his village one day but not sure how I would communicate as family that are there don't speak English.
2012-10-19 20:26:11, Susan Smith,, Australia, 57,, No, No,

2012-08-30 06:48:56, David Dunne,, Ireland, 50,, no, yes,

93. Private message. Click here to view.
2012-08-24 10:56:43, Marie Piela,, Blakely ,Pa., 70,, some,understand more, No,

94. I am looking for relatives of mind in Galicia, dont know anything else. My last name is Glovinsky. If anyone could help let me know.
2012-08-23 11:10:47, Paul Glovinsky,, ohio, 29,, no, no,

95. Private message. Click here to view.
2012-08-15 15:22:21, Ihor Gadacz,, Toronto Canada, 72,, yes, once in 1989,

96. My great grandfather Joseph Schneweis was said to be born in Kronow Austria in 1871 but I can't find any village by that name. Was there such a place?
2012-07-09 13:29:10, Stephanie Elder,, Kansas, 49,, no, no,

97. Very helpful Roman. Thank you so much.
2012-06-24 20:56:05, Kathie,, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, 58,, very little, yes,

98. Private message. Click here to view.
2012-06-09 13:27:35, john station,, calgary alberta canada, 79,, yes, yes,

99. Wish to return with my wife to the Kmelnytski region
2012-05-11 16:05:11, Ron Rosychuk,, sherwood park, alberta, canada, 66,, yes, yes,

100. Добрый день, Роман!
Спасибо за такую большу и прекрасную работу, создание этого сайта! Я готовлю презентацию об Украине для норвежского клуба, и приятно удивилась, найдя ваш сайт и столько полезной информации об Украине. Теперь могу рекомендовать всем моим знакомым!
Хороших вам успехов во всем, прекрасных дней, мыслей и настроения!
ПС. Все-таки жаль, что и ваши способности и потенциал реализуется не в Украине.
С дружеским приветом, Наталия
2012-04-28 14:00:46, Nataliya,, Porsgrunn, 50,, Ja, Ja,

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