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61. I like your spiritual videos on youtube. May God bless you. May Ukraine make it well through these difficult times. I am from Austria. Thank you!

Mir gefallen ihre geistlichen Videos auf YouTube. Mge Gott sie segnen, und mge die Ukraine gut durch diese schwierigen Zeiten kommen. Ich bin aus sterreich! Danke!

2014-04-15 13:06:44, Anonym, Oststerreich,, No,

62. Thank you for this website Roman. I don't know where to start but would like to find out more about our heritage as my father came from a town ( in what is now present day Ukraine ) called Monastyrzec, district of Zydaczow, county of Stanislawow, Poland.

His father was named Mikolaj and mother was Maria nee Romanow. Variant of Romanov.

If there is someone out there who can give us any info or pointer to find out more, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all.
2014-03-23 17:51:09, Denis Baran,, Leamington, Ontario Canada, 58,, No,

63. I am researching family names of Burak, Ilnicka, Miesiaczok (czek, czyk) in the Kalisz (Kalusz) area.
Very good info on this site.
2014-03-03 09:32:10, Stefan,, Canada, 74,, some and Polish,

64. Private message. Click here to view.
2014-02-25 09:25:55, Genia Matiasz West,, Hebron, CT, 48,, Yes,

65. Important Website for everybody who want UKRAINE THE BEST of the FUTURE.
2014-02-22 02:37:31, Roald Atle Furre,, Norge - Norwegia, 68,, no,

66. Private message. Click here to view.
2014-02-21 17:21:46, Kimberly Bulka Lepine,, Washington, DC, 31,, No,

67. Very Nice page :)
2014-02-21 06:53:05, Kristin,, Oslo, 38,, No,

68. An interesting site that gives some in site to the area that my dad grew up in. Thank you!
2014-02-03 10:26:50, M Bartkiw,, Barrie, Ont, 57,, Yes,

2014-01-28 17:42:21, lori gushulak,, ontario canada, 51,, no,

70. My Grandmother Ewa Iszczak, from Mother side was born 1890 -1976. Her siblings: Anna,Maria, Grzegoz, Alexander-before 2 WW emigrated to France. Where He died in mine accident
2014-01-19 23:31:54, Maria Szalinska -Molik,, USA , Oklahoma, 62,, a little,

71. I think my grandfather was from Buchach. Would like to find out factually one day.
2014-01-17 13:14:31, John Huzar,, Summerfield, NC, 63,, No,

72. Private message. Click here to view.
2014-01-16 23:18:17, 8mom,, arak, 28,, no,

73. - ' WOREL Skobelka. . : frannililk '' yahoo ' .'

I am looking for any information on the family named WOREL from Skobelka. Thank you. I can be reached at the following email: frannililk "at' yahoo "." ca e.g.
2014-01-08 07:53:32, Fran, frannililk at yahoo dot ca, Saskatchewan, Canada, 50s,, no,

74. Private message. Click here to view.
2014-01-04 19:42:50, Trygve Pedersen,, Tromsoe,Norway, 51,, nei,

75. I trying top help somebody to find the church records from a village called Liwcze in Galicia.
Can you help ? Thank you. Peter von Lipinsky
2013-12-28 16:37:26, Peter von Lipinsky,, Edmonton, AB. Canada, 78 years,, No,

76. seeking information of my mother; teresa malovana (phonetically)she was born in piznanka on december 13 1898.

2013-12-22 19:10:10, myroslaw pukowsky,, galloway new jersey, USA, 84,, very little,

77. I'm searching for any relatives of my mother born in Podwysokie in Ukraine last name Mielnik
2013-12-14 12:51:18, Pacura,, usa, 56,, no,

78. Takk for den fine introduksjonen til Ukraina!
La leve en suveren og uavhengig Ukraina!
2013-12-09 07:45:06, Bella jazwik,,,

79. Private message. Click here to view.
2013-11-30 01:15:12, Julien, Stuart, Australia, 76,, No,

80. I am looking for ancestors of my grandfather who was born in or near Kyiv Ukraine on 19 August 1924. His name was Osyp Statkewycz. He left Ukraine when he was 17 I believe. I know he had a few brothers.
2013-11-25 05:12:20, Anita,, England, 42,, No,

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