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3901. Tvij vebsajt - prosto super! Vpershe pobachila tsej sajt sjogodni i duzhe bula zdivovana. Duzhe spodobalos', a golovne, stho tse pershij takij sajt. Dobre, shtjo i norvezhtsi mozhut' takozh oznajomitis' z Ukrainoyu. Spodivayus na podal'she rozgortannya sajtu ta popovnennya slovnuka.
2004-11-15 05:35:12, Zhanna,, Norway (Ukraine, Alexandriya), 21,, yes, once,

3902. cool site
2004-11-12 18:36:31, avi,, Israel, 33,, no, yes,

3903. cool site
2004-11-12 18:35:25, yuri,, Jordan, 34,, no, yes,

3904. I.m doing business with the ukrainan Dnepr motorcycle parts. If anyone reading this want to search for them in Ukraina I would buy.
2004-11-12 16:29:59, Magnus,, Estonia, 35,, no, yes,

3905. Delightful site a touch of class i like your content,stand tall and strong shine on.Best regards,Danny Haszard Bangor Maine USA

2004-11-12 15:30:08, Danny Haszard,, Bangor Maine USA, 47,,

3906. , . , (), , . ? ,
2004-11-12 11:42:02, ,, Kyjiw, 26,, yes, yes, -

3907. I need any information on grandmother Anna Hawrilla from Galicia. She said she was from a village near Lviv. She is deceased. I want to know if there are any relatives still living.
2004-11-12 09:51:45, Joan Swanderski,, USA, 54,, no, no, none

3908. Private message. Click here to view.
2004-11-11 16:09:14, Brik Aryeh,, Israel, 52,, no; i speak polish, yes,

3909. Greta site. All I wanted to know
2004-11-11 08:53:20, Mike,, No, Yes,

3910. Hello again. Sorry, I didn't mean to make my initial message private and therefore inaccessible to others. Once again Romane, congratulations on the excellent site and resource, and thanks for your initiative and dedication. I'd be interested to obtain any information on Teofipilka (by Kozova, Ternopil region) and the Nahajlo and Zozuliak (my granmother's maiden name - she died when my father Wolodymyr was a small boy) families. I can trace as far back as my great grandfather Danylo Nahajlo who had five sons (several of whom were in the Sichovi Striltsi), one of whom was my grandfather Petro Nahajlo (who apparently died in the Kolyma death camps in 1948. But waht were Danylo's roots? Interestingly, I've come across Nahajlos who emigrated to the USA and identified hemselves as Poles. I'm also told that in the 30's a Nahajlo was a student in the Berezhany gymnasium and very active in the Ukrainian underground. Where can one get hold of the lists of students who attended this school? So, if anyone out there has already researched their roots in this area and can provide any further information or tips, I'll be very grateful. Thanks and best regards to all "zemliaky" retracing their ancestry of whatever ethnic origin.
2004-11-11 03:52:08, Bohdan Nahajlo,, Ferney-Voltaire, France,, Yes, Yes,

3911. Nazywausia Karlo Kociubynsky.Zyw u Buchach u 1940 do 1944 roku Shukau znakomych
2004-11-10 18:12:03, Carl Kociubynsky,, Canada, 75,, Yes, yes, 10490 sunridge pl.Delta.B.C.

3912. Private message. Click here to view.
2004-11-09 18:35:16, Bohdan Nahajlo,, Ferney-Voltaire, France,, Yes, Yes,

3913. I have a few Ukranian friends and will have to tell them about this site. I was just looking around for sites with guestbooks and those with good design. I especially like and I amazed by the number of visitors this site has had.
2004-11-09 18:05:42, Mary K,, California, USA,, No, No,

3914. My husbands father was from the ukrain his last name is STEZENKO it may have been spelled STIZENKO at one time we do not know for sure as his father has passed on. We are looking for anyone with this name we know alot of family was left behind and we are trying to find them.
2004-11-09 15:38:40, Karen Stezenko,, EASTGREENVILLE PENNA., 46,, some, not me personaly family may have been, n/a

3915. I've never been in Ukraine, but I met girls from there in Poland :D
2004-11-09 01:00:00, Sasha :), Poland, 24,, No, Never,

2004-11-08 13:59:25, giuseppe, oliveri, italy, 62,, no|, no,

3917. Witaj ! Bardzo interesujca strona. Trafiem na ni przygotowujc si do kolejnej wyprawy z przyjacimi. Dwa lata temu byem w Czerniowcach i Lwowie, wracajc z rumuskich Karpat. Teraz wybieramy si w ukraiskie pasma Karpat Wschodnich. Zawsze interesuje mnie oprcz widokowo-poznawczego, rwnie aspekt polityczno-spoeczny i historyczny. U Ciebie znajduj duo interesujcych informacji. ycz powodzenia przy rozbudowie strony.
Pozdrawiam !
2004-11-08 01:17:26, Tomek,, Szczecin, Polska, 28L,(1976),, Yes,


2004-11-08 00:26:19,,

3919. Wonderful site. I am trying to locate info on my granfather who grew up here. He can to America in 1913 then back to Poland to serve in Hallers Polish Army until 1920 - Michael Madura, his parents were Pawal Madura who married Mary Anne Krupnik from Porisk, Russia. Any help or information from anybody would be wonderful. I have not seen or spoken to anyone one my fathers side since his passing in 1985.
2004-11-07 18:28:56, Traci,, Las Vegas, 36,, No, No,

3920. thanks for the informative site. I am looking for my grandparent's parents. My father's birth certificate states that his parents were from Galicia. Ever heard of the Boyko family in Galicia?
2004-11-07 17:38:59, James Boyko,, florida, u.s.a., 49,, no, no, nonr

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