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3901. Your site is very interesting and useful for me!
Over thousands of oil-paintings for you to choose,
Welcome to <a href=""><br>
2003-11-18 01:30:52, gallery319,,,

3902. Thanks for very usefull page you created. I am very proud of you that you are trying to present Ukraine in the best way. The population of the world should know tha we are not Russians but we have our own culture, language and attitude. Thanks very much.
2003-11-17 20:53:47, Dina,, 45,, yes, yes, I would like to create but have no enough knowledge.

3903. Private message. Click here to view.
2003-11-17 00:49:09, Katherine Isaac,, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 32,, No, No,

3904. Nice layout you have here, I enjoyed my visit, I wish you all the best with it in the future. Whenever you have time, feel free to stop by my site to buy a gift for your loved ones. Until then keep up your good work.
2003-11-16 13:02:24, Melanie,, Los Angeles, USA, 23,, no, no,

3905. i love ukrain and i am dreaming to be there.
2003-11-16 07:27:08, pascal igbo,, mgbada, 45,, no, no,

3906. I am tracing the place that my grandparents came from. I think it is Horodyshche. Are there any maps or pictures of this area?
Thank you for any help that you can give me.
2003-11-15 23:34:06, Karen Zaborniak,, Canada,, no, no,

3907. Private message. Click here to view.
2003-11-14 10:13:36, Margalit Tal,, Cincinnati, Oh U.S.A., 54,, no, Polish and Russian, No.,

3908. hi great sight it was nice to show fiance were i come from
2003-11-12 07:48:58, yehen sopko,, england, 32,, yes, yes,

3909. Hi and greetings from Finland. Nice job you have done with this site.
2003-11-11 12:30:28, webmaster,, Finland, 35,, No, No,

3910. Ciekawe wiadomości. Urodziłem sie na Ukrainie i ciepło wspominam lata dzieciństwa, kolegów z szkoły - Ukraińców. Wieczorami (mieszkałem w Wasylkowcach (Wasylkiwci) pow. Husiatyn) Pamiętam jak wiele razy po zachodzie słońca,po żniwach siedzieliśmy na przyzbach w wieczornym chłodzie i słuchaliśmy dumek ukraińskich. Piękne śpiewy niosły sie połąkach i polach... Młode pokolenie obu naszch narodów winno robić znacznie więcej, miz to robi obecnie, by przybliżyć sobie nawzajem to wszystko co nas łączy. Zostawić historykom do badań i oceny co było złe między nami. Powinnismy żyć w przyjażni. Tak myślała moja mama, ojciec i tak mślę ja. Pozdrowienia.
2003-11-07 10:31:31, Kunicki,, polska, kujawsko-pomorskie, 72 lata,, czytam i mówię, urodziłem się na Ukrainie,

3911. Great Site
2003-11-07 09:12:17, Mathew Slack,, London, 13,, No, No,

3912. Very good!!! It is wonderfull idea to make maps with place names in as much languages. Only 3-4 bigger maps can help us to lokate small villages in whole Ukraina. I found here also small villges where lived in ~1840 to ~1920 my wifes ancesors: Jaworski,Jastrzebski.
Dictionaries in many languages are also big thing!!!!For me there should be one more: polish-swedish.

2003-11-05 15:05:00, Orszulak,, Warszawa Poland, 47,, No, No,

3913. Extremely well done, very useful site. I was able to locate the small village of Holoskiv, where my grandmother came from. I have ancestors named Tedoffsky. I am wondering if there is a connection with the village of Tetiivski, which I have yet to locate on a map. Do you know if it is near Holoskiv?
2003-11-05 11:37:16, James wechsler,, New York City, 40,, no, no,

3914. Any information about my Grandparants line: Anna Mishko or Misko married to John Uhrin and living in or near Cleveland, OHIO from around 1915 to 1960's. John Uhrin moved back to Poland or Slovania in 1950's. Anna lived my Uncle John Ocilka in Cleveland. Anna may be from Slovakia, Poland or Ukraine?

2003-11-05 11:17:25,,, California, 59,, no, no,

3915. Greetings from up north! :)
2003-11-03 08:07:38, takko,, sweden,, no, no,

3916. Very nice site
2003-11-02 11:06:53, sonnerie, Canada, 31,,

3917. ciekawa strona
2003-11-01 12:33:35, j.judzinski,, hamburg,germany, 39,, no, yes, -

Very nice site. Thanks for your hard work in this site. I'm glad I stopped by and will again, many times.
2003-10-31 15:35:44, Bruno,, UK, 29,,

3919. Private message. Click here to view.
2003-10-31 11:07:37, boris folkenfolk,, toronto, canada, 48,, no, no, none

3920. hello! this is a cool page!!!
2003-10-31 03:48:35, Silje, thirteen,, no, i speak norwegian, yes!,

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