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2002-05-13 14:26:59, Olga Fursova,, Oslo, 26,, nemnogo, da,

3902. I loved your site....just surfing nice one. if u get a chance let me know what you think of my attempt at html!!
I always have wanted to travel to day im sure... :)
2002-05-13 13:48:05, Paul geaf,, uk, 28,, no..! a little...learning, never :(,

3903. Great webiste. i'm learning ukranian from my friends
2002-05-12 13:37:38, Glenn, Ghoose, alabama, 34,, not yet, no,

3904. Hello! Congratulations for your site (which contains valuable information for ukrainians and descendents - my case.) My father, Jozef Wojtowicz, who was from the Galician region (Senkowieach - Rawa Ruska) came to Brazil in 1929. Id like to have some information about that region (maps too, if possible) where I intend to go to very soon. If youre interested, Im willing to provide any information necessary of Brazil. Thank you very much!
2002-05-12 12:37:50, Jose S. Wojtowicz,, Brazil, 56,, No, Not yet, None

3905. If there were a reason to believe, wouldn't you wish to learn of it?

2002-05-10 23:34:12, The Whyman,,,

3906. Procuro parentes de Paulo Dawybida e Cristian Dawybida, meu pai cahama se Sylwester Dawybida
2002-05-10 15:37:14, Joao Dawybida,, filho, 39 anos,, sim, oriental,

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2002-05-09 21:20:51, russell batyi,,,

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2002-05-09 21:16:02, russell batyi,, 42,, not yet, no,

3909. Greet job! It was nice to scroll the streets of my old town. I grow up there went to school, collage and remember every street and building from your pic. gallery . After a wile it's nice to refresh your memory.
Maybe you remember us Reshetylo family immigrated to US in 1979 . Thank a whole bunch

2002-05-09 08:30:45, stephan,, USA,, yes, yes,

3910. You've done perfect site. Why don't you try to make a chatroom. I think a lot of Bereezhanians and guests would be just On the 7th sky
2002-05-08 23:36:14, Andriy,, Toronto, 29,, Sure, I was born there,

3911. Yo this is a really cool webbie keep up the good work
2002-05-08 21:23:06, teela,, 321 ne 17ave, 17,, no, no,

3912. I bookmarked your site for internet wandering through my ancestral land. Excellent work on your part.
2002-05-08 21:17:31, George Dydynsky,, USA, 49,, yes, yes,

3913. interesting site....was just surfin'
2002-05-07 15:02:48, giga.nord,, ICELAND, 21,, no, no,

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2002-05-07 06:39:09, Liliya,, England, 19,, Zvychayno!, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3915. Hello!! I would like to know if you know of a place called Hulcze, Sokal, Ukraine. My grandfather, Emil Szpak, emigrated from there in 1927. He was born on August 21, 1905. My grandmother, (Emil's wife), Marja Radyk emigrated to Canada from Ternopil' in 1927. I can not find Hulcze anywhere. I think it is in the Sokal District. It may be a parish or church? Hulcze is listed on his baptism certificate of which I have a copy.
I am so sorry I do not speak Ukrainian!!

Yours thankfully, June Christy
2002-05-06 19:23:02, June Christy,, Canada, 44 years,, no, no, n/a

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I have found that my entry into this competition has brought many new viewers to my website, and I think it is an excellent venue for you because the entries are categorized and presented by geographical area.

Therefore I hope you will consider my invitation. We'll be privileged if you join us. The URL is
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Shelagh McKenna, BOTA Scout

2002-05-06 16:10:57, Shelagh McKenna,, Battle of the Ancients,,

3917. Congratulations on achieving such high rankings on the venerable!

2002-05-06 13:05:51, Gregory DeVictor,, USA, 44,, No, No,

3918. Thanks!
2002-05-06 11:32:50, Gregory DeVictor,, USA, 44,, No, No,

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2002-05-05 23:38:02, mbduke,,, flint

3920. great collection of links
2002-05-05 14:43:57, felixx, amsterdam,, nope,

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