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3901. Great site--it helped me alot in my studies of my ancestors who came from a jewish "mesteichko" called kozachina or lanovitz in borschev guberiniya. With your knowledge of english and jews and geneology, you should give tours cause there are many "galitzianers" or jews whose ancestors that came from halychina that want to tour the region. You should especially do so since the tour group called shtetlschleppers of is charging 5000 for one week! You can make a lot of money that way, even if you arrange a tour package for less money(especially since the US dollar gets you a lot in the former soviet union).

Spasibo bolshoye for the great information!

2002-02-01 21:40:15, Greg,, ny,, ya govoryu po russki, nyet,

3902. I really enjoyed your website. I have been trying to get some history on my family's last name and have been able to track it down to Galicia, Austria. My grandpa never did let anyone know where he came from. Thanks again.
2002-02-01 12:21:32, Leo Dylina,, Washington, State, 40,, no, no,

3903. This site is awesome
2002-02-01 02:54:44, O.H. LEE,, NY, 23,, no but I'd like to learn, not yet,

3904. Congratulations !!!! It would be nice to include
a Spanish-Ukrainian dictionary. There's a lot of
Ukrainians in Argentina who will appreciate it.
I know it's too much work, it´s just an idea.

2002-02-01 01:37:05, S.Wojtiuk, none, Argentina, 42,, Some few words, no, none

3905. I feel a strange aphiox coming on
2002-02-01 01:28:12, Relic,,

3906. My father and his twin brother were born in Lanowce.
I was told that this place was in Russia. How can
I find out something about my fathers' birthplace?
2002-01-31 20:09:50, Fran Merar,, United States, 56,, No, No,

3907. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-01-31 15:59:35, Stephen Messutta,, USA, 51,, No, No, N/A

3908. Thanks, I am doing a Geneology search for a family name of Belan, they left ukraine in the 1905-1905 era and village names seem to have changed since then,
2002-01-31 12:05:02, Peter Belan, Belan@Cyberbeach,net, Sudbury,Ont. Canada, 65,, no, no,

3909. my great grandparents were from kudrynce.i am trying to get as much info on the village as possible.your site was a great find.i have no e mail address.may we correspond by mail
2002-01-31 11:54:38, dr.robert padernacht, usa, 58,, no.ispeak englishn, no,but i would love to, none

2002-01-31 11:52:48, David P Swoboda,, USA, 62,, No, No,

3911. Hi! it is nice to try some information from my little city!!! I see you soon Rogatyn.......
2002-01-31 09:09:42, Maria,, Toscana,Italy, 29,, yes, yes,

3912. My family comes from Tarnopil in the XIXth century.
2002-01-31 04:39:15, Jurij Ternóczky,, 60,, No, Yes. In Lviv.,

2002-01-31 02:58:37, Ludmila Knapstad, erknap&online. no, norge, 33,, ja, ja,

3914. I am polish living in US. I found your site looking for Rohatyn. My grandmother lived there when she was young between the wars.
She was always telling me stories about it when I was a child. Her name was Anna Boruszewska, later Baczul. Maybe you came across it in your studies.
Anyway amazing site. Congratulation. When you write the book about this area I have to have it.

2002-01-30 18:40:23, Slawomir Tabaczynski,, Seattle, 43,, No, No,

3915. In Rome there are many honest ukrainian women come here to work to help their families. They work in families and send money to Ukraina. Their life here is not very easy becouse they are not regular workers. I wish to have informations, map and pictures of Vishnivets.
Greetins and thanks to everyone
Cataldo Caldara
2002-01-30 17:25:27, Cataldo,, Italy, 65,, no, no,

3916. I would like to thank you for this web site. It is very good.
2002-01-30 12:26:41, Glenn,, Germany, 55,, No, No,

3917. Hi yer! Just wanted to let you know that I had visited your website. Very interesting. Heard of sheshvesnko the AC Milan soccer player ? He's from Ukraine right ? Anyway, wish you good day !
2002-01-30 12:02:05, fauzi,, singapore, err ..,, nope, nope,

3918. I found your website by accident, but after browsing through it, I found it very interesting.
Nice. Good luck with your Medieval Studies.
2002-01-30 09:07:35, Yiannis,, London, UK, 25,, No, NO,

3919. Dear Sir, Thank you for an informative and BEAUTIFUL site! I hope that you can help me? Even with all the tools availible on the internet, I cannot find the origin or correct spelling of my surname: Matweyou or Matwiju or some like spellings. I am told it is Ukrainian, and others with similarly spelled names come from Galicia so I wonder if you might know? Thank you again!
2002-01-29 22:39:41, Michael,, USA, 34,, no, no, n/a

3920. COOL SITE :)
2002-01-29 15:50:25, Yigoto,, here, 18,, no, no,

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