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3901. I ama a Japanese male.@I studied Russian 40 years ago and almost forgot. Recently I happened to hear Ukrainian songs, and (I do not know the correct title and spelling of the songs, because they are translated into Japanese.)
The singer is a Ukrainian female, Natalya Gudziy who often comes to Japan and opens concerts in various places in Japan. She has producesd three CDs until now. All of three are dedicated to those who have been suffering from the pains caused by the disaster in Chernobyl.
I would like to know the meaning of the text written in Ukrainian and sing the songs in Ukrainian. And I look for good dictionariies, Engliosh-Ukrainian, Russo-Ukrainian, etc.
2004-08-06 21:59:55, Yoshinari MOTANI,, Japan, 59,, No, No,

3902. Link na Twoja strone dostalem z Bostonu w USA. Dziekuje Ci za te ciekawa strone. Masz racje nowe pokolenia Polaków i Rusinów musza szukac tego co nas laczy, a nie tego co dzieli. Czy 500 lat wspolnego panstwa nie bylo naszym wspolnym dobrem ? Zycze Ci wszelkiej pomyslnosci. Pozdrowienia z Krakowa ..Andrzej
2004-08-06 14:14:07, Andrzej,, Krakow, no,, no, no, no

3903. you have a great website..
2004-08-06 02:22:26, moh,, usa, 18,, no, no,

3904. Private message. Click here to view.
2004-08-04 10:49:21, borgar bratsberg,, sweden, 70+,, no, no,

3905. I am the grandson of Bartholomew (Bartko) Kulik (Kulyk) and Maria Makadonski who emigrated from Postoliwka in the Ukraine to Canada around 1906. Any Kulyks out there in the Ukraine related to me?
2004-08-04 10:46:23, Kulyk, Vernon,, Currently in Tanzania, 53,, a little bit, n0,

3906. My grandmother's name seems to be similar to a Ukranian Name. She came from Prszybyszowka near Rzeszow South east Poland and was born Aniela Smolenska. I would like to find out more about her family. She was married first to Gorgelec then on becoming a widow she married my grandfather Szymon Cybulski the Mayor of Tyczyn for 17 years. My father Edmund is 93 in October.
He escaped to Scotland in 1939.
2004-08-04 10:30:09, Anne Maria Cybulska,, Scotland, 53,, No, No, None

3907. Private message. Click here to view.
2004-08-04 01:51:32, helena wroblewski,, phoenix, 49,, some, can unerstand better, no,

3908. My grandmother Mary Maximovich was from Zbaraz She was born April 1909 in Lybyanka to Steve Maximovich Born Dec 21 - 1883/Pauline Takarchuk Born May15 -1889 . They came to Canada in 1914.Their was a brother Ostop and sister Maude to Steve.Their family is a mystery otherwise
2004-08-02 22:55:50, Ray Kerr,, Regina,Saskatchewan.Canada, 42,, a little, no,

3909. Hello,

My mother and her parents came to Canada around 1930 from Tarnapol. Their last name was Olezuck, not sure of the spelling as my mom was put in an orphanage in Canada and her name was changed. If anyone knows of a family in Tarnopol with the last name of Olezuck or soemthing like that it would be nice to correspond with them.

Thanks for your time.

2004-08-01 23:18:57, Charmaine,, Portland, Oregon, 45,, No, no,

3910. My dad was from the Ternopil area, born in 1916 and left to go to the USA in 1935. He is now 87 and is very interested in finding out about his home land as he never had the money to return to visit. He was actually from a small village about 15 miles west of Ternopil which when he left had a population of about 600 people. It was called something like Shalepka or Zerepkie. He tells me that there were two towns with that name one with the second name meaning small (which is the one he lived in) and the other with the second name meaning large. His mother's maiden name was Muzychka and she had three brothers and one sister. We have no idea what ever happened to them. They may be a neighbor of mine here in the USA or they may still be alive somewhere in Ukraine. I know I must have cousins somewhere. If anyone can figure out what the actual name of the village that my dad was from, please let me know. Also, if there are any Muzychka people out there I would love to hear from you. Thank you, Barbara Muzychka
2004-07-31 19:09:59, Barbara Muzychka,, Neptune, New Jersey USA, 55,, sadly, no, no,

3911. My father is 88 years old and came to the United States in 1934 from a small village about 20 miles west of Ternopil. He very much enjoyed seeing these pictures. Thank you for this site. I don't know how to spell his village but in English it is like Zarepkie preceded by Male (small). Thank you again.

2004-07-31 16:44:02, Vera Muzychka,, United States - Pennsylvania, 59,, no, no,

3912. I have a grandmother named Dora Demchuk from Galicia, probably from Kopychyntsi according to the website Moved to Winnipeg about 1917 and married Michael Mylnychuk. If you ever run into the name "Dora Demchuk" I would like to know about it.
2004-07-30 12:35:43, Tom Thomas,, Atlanta Georgia USA, 58,, no, no,

3913. I am the Project Coordinator for the Saskatchewan Ukrainian Historical Society in Canada. I did a general search of Ukr. historical and discovered your site. Wonderful!! I have found several towns from where some of my relatives came from. I will be visiting again.
2004-07-30 11:44:46, k pidskalny,, saskatoon, sk, Canada,, yes, yes, too long ago,

3914. Search the family Ewa HUBICKA from Stenica,
near Lisko in Poland, living in or near
Stary Sambir-Ukraine, Kind regards from Austrai
2004-07-28 06:06:21, Hubicka Franz,, A 5024 Salzburg, 60,, no, no, no

3915. The site looks good
2004-07-26 06:56:51, Softland,, Romania, 25,, NO, NO,


;-) ... :-) ... :-D

2004-07-25 17:03:19, Kornelia,,

3917. Niezła strona ;-)
2004-07-25 04:46:13, Valdi,, Polska, 30,, Trochę, Tak, -----

3918. Hi Roman. Love the website. Trying to locate my grandmother's family which was lost in the WW2. My grandmother is Paraska Smuk born in 1923, in Berezhany, to Wasyl Smuk & Anna Smuk (nee Pelepiuk). Brother Michael killed in war and sisters Maria, Tecla, Kateryna relocated after war to Zloty Potik in Poland. Trying to trace any members of family. Your advice as to how I could locate church addresses/emails, phones would be appreciate. Family was Greek Orthodox Catholic.
Many thanks Julia.
2004-07-24 02:52:07, Julia Phillips,, Australia,, No, No,

3919. I am looking for information on a village near Lviv possibly called Zvenyhorody or Dziwinogrod. Also any information on Teodor and Eudokia Kit (my great-grandparents) and their son Ivan Kit (my grandfather) who lived there.
2004-07-23 10:43:56, AK,, UK,, No, No,

3920. Best Greetings from Finland! My homepage is very useful and interesting..
2004-07-22 15:40:22, Kalevi Aho,, Finland, Espoo, 51,, No, Yes,

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