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3901. hello, do you have any info on the name danieluk, my father janek was taken by the germans and never saw his family again, he gave the name of buczacz as his place of birth
2002-03-28 20:05:54, peter danieluk,, australia, 47,, no, no, e-mail only

3902. actualy it is very nice web site
thank you for it.
2002-03-28 14:25:24, gamal,, kingdom of saudi arabia, 25,, yes, yes,

3903. Hello: I am Argentine, descending of ucranianos. My bis paternal grandfathers wine of the Ukraine coming from Lviv in 1889, my grandfathers had in that then 17 years. Very interesting east Web site that allows to see the place me of my ancestors. Thank you very much and greetings.
2002-03-28 05:43:34, Juan Claudio Romañuk,, Argentina, 52,, No, No,

3904. Hello, I am writing to you from the U.S.A.and am doing family history research.I have found names, dates,and places of residence as my ancestors left Galicia from 1900 thru 1912. I am trying to locate any living relative. The cities listed are Berechy,Jaworzc,Salkowcsyk,Taworzec,Lisko,Beregigorin,Rajokie, Dwernik, and Parkicz. Our last name was BUCHWAK. Any ideas or help would sure be appreciated ? Thank You John Bushwack
2002-03-26 20:37:49, John Bushwack,, U.S.A., 51,, No, No, Do not have one

3905. Hi - can you help me with a couple of Ukrainian words? One is bulova, though i don't think that's the correct spelling. It's a club, and I need the spelling and what its used for. The other word sounds like veronica, and its a food. Again, I need the correct spelling. Thanks!
2002-03-26 18:40:26, Jean Tennant,, Iowa, 40's,, no, no,

3906. Interesting site!
2002-03-25 12:02:56, Kristin,, USA, 20,, nope., nope.,

3907. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-03-25 11:24:20, mr. A. Kahanski,, The Netherlands, 45,, No, No, http://www.

3908. i do not speak Ukrainian,but are tracking my ancestors and came across your website. very informative! Ancestors were Czorny and Bachynsky, any info would help. Hailed from Babyntsi, left approx. 1898.Thank you...Wendy
2002-03-25 07:50:02, Wendy Chorney Millenbach,, Toledo, Ohio, 49,, no, no, none yet

3909. good work
2002-03-24 15:44:57, Joe,,

3910. Nice site. Thanks!!
2002-03-24 13:27:09, Dianne Johnson,, Vancouver, ?,, A little., Unfortunately, no.,

3911. nice site
2002-03-24 08:57:40, Jim,,

2002-03-23 22:21:50,,,, malwes@num,,,,

3913. dont speak any hungarian but i like the country. i was there in 1998

2002-03-23 12:08:32, greekman33,, Greece, 33,, no, yes,

3914. Just wondering if there is someone from 'Cyxocmab" ,Ukraine. This is a small village south of Ternopal.


2002-03-22 17:23:52, Zen Kozey,, Edmonton, 69,, yes, yes,

3915. Harno napesano. Bachu shcho di yakee slova ya kazhu eenakshe, na preklad 'to dream" menee bude "sniti". Ale move ye tseekavee.
2002-03-22 12:28:57, Irena, Pennsylvania,, yes, no,

3916. Great page i just love family pages
2002-03-22 07:58:39, Rasmus Bach Andersen, rasmus16@hotmail,com, Denmark, 17,, No,

3917. to jest wspaniaa strona
2002-03-22 05:47:02, gucwa,, tarnw , Polska, 63,, no, yes,

3918. Searching Ekiert and Kowalczuk roots
2002-03-20 20:57:53, Walter (Wladyslaw) Ekiert,, CANADA, 72,, No, No, No

2002-03-20 19:07:15, Daniel Szalawiga,, Ontario.Canada, 41,, y, n,

3920. Hi there!I'm Al from Cripple Bastards,I like your site!....directly to everybody:check out my web site and download our mp3z,also visit the official Cripple Bastards home page @:,bye bye bastards!!!

2002-03-20 18:51:49, Al Mazzotti,, Italy,,

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