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3901. My family came from Ternipol before the second world war. Don't really know there real surname. thank you for putting this website up. It's like going back in time.
2001-12-05 00:51:15, Melinda,, USA, 39,, sorry no, not yet,

3902. Hello,
I am looking for information about the Hutes Family from Zlotniki in Podhajce (Austria, East Galicia, Poland, now Ukraine).
Thank you,
2001-12-04 13:52:46, Stephen Hurtes,, 79 Cedar Drive WestA., 53,, no, no,

3903. pogo sticks not skateboards
2001-12-04 04:38:03, ben latheus, uk, 19,, yes, yes,

3904. Thanks for very good site. We are specielinterets from mitulin and gologory. We have some family thre from who comming to denmark in 1915. Name Aniela Smolenska. She mother name maria gologory and father name wincenty smolenski. Mother dard then aniela wa 4 year and father ded when aniela was 10 years.Aniela born in mitulin 1895 or 1896
if you have some picture from mitulin its very very nice. Niels and regitze
2001-12-03 15:20:21, Niels Hagenau,, 58,, no, no,

3905. Дорогий Роман!Я читав Твої сторінки про Вережани і околиці.Багато взнав ітересного про нашу місцевість,взнав за Краснопущу та Поморяни.В мене є маленька книжочка з відомостями про Розгадів та людей які там проживали.Чи ти бувби зацікавлений нею,чи міг би подати щось з неї на інтернет.Якщо ток то я мігби тобі її вислати. З повагою Євген з Канади
2001-12-03 14:43:35, Eugene Szmigielski,, Canada,, Yes, Yes,

2001-12-03 13:17:01, john kucirka, 63,, n, n,

3907. asfas
2001-12-02 01:58:34, asfas,, asf, 16,, asfg, asf,

3908. Private message. Click here to view.
2001-12-01 14:01:30, Sandra J.K.M. Feneley,, UK,, No, No,

3909. Hi. This is a really nice site!!! Lots of Information. Keep up the good work.
2001-12-01 06:44:38, Andrew,, yes, nope,

3910. Private message. Click here to view.
2001-12-01 06:25:13, Alex,,, YES, YES,

3911. Greetings Diakuju - I have been searching down my roots and belive I have found the very beginning. My last name was spelt Kozowan a century ago before my great grandfather came to the u.s. From stories passed down the generations I know my ancestors were part of the Galician Cossacks dating back around the 15th century. I have not found my surname in any records, but it has changed slightly many times.
2001-11-30 10:42:31, William Kossowan,, USA, 21,, No, No,

3912. Domains for sale:,, 18.VG,,,,,, Malaysia.XXX,,, Visit for more details now.
2001-11-30 05:17:57, pixelman,, World, 25,, No, No,

3913. My name is Stacy Alexander and I live in Cambridge, Ma, USA. and work as a screenwriter/casting agent for major motion pictures. I have traveled to the Ukrain twice and was fascinated by the quaint beauty and charm of
2001-11-30 02:11:36, Stacy Alexander,, USA, 39,, a little, yes,

3914. I have found in my genealogy efforts to locate my paternal grandparents that they were "ukrainians" who lived in the west of the present day Ukraine border. The town was Bolotjanky (now Balutianka, Poland).In further tracing I found that in 1854 my greatgrandparents gave birth to a child (my grandfather's brother) in Lenarto, Slovakia, and this greek parish register showed that the parents were from Ternopol, Ukraine. In the interests of locating my family line in Ukraine can you give me some idea of how I may obtain info about them from this location or refer someone familiar with ukrainian records that I might contact. This is the first lead that I have had showing any hint of family having been there tho I understand there is a Cyrka family there at present but I am extremely interested since my father always said that his father WAS Ukrainian. I was born in Ambridge, PA, among many Ukrainians,Rusyns,Russians Poles and Slovaks and will appreciate any help or guidance with my search (dilemna ?). Thank you in advane
2001-11-29 13:58:34, richard cirka (cyrka),, 70,, no, no, none


2001-11-29 13:14:14,,

3916. I am searching for the Koroch (Korroch) family. Some of them lived in the Urkaine, some in Odessa and in Kasachstan. Who can help me?
2001-11-29 09:25:05, Angelika Mette,, Germany, 44,, no, no,

3917. Interesting pictures and story!
2001-11-29 01:22:43, David,, Oslo, 26,, no, no, none

2001-11-28 19:37:15, bob,, los altos ca, 20,, no, no,

3919. You did a great job
2001-11-28 13:55:17, Miles Harris,, 51,, No, No,

3920. Very glad to find websites dealing with Ukrainian
language. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in a village (Solonka) near Lviv in the mid 1990's and hope to go back and visit next fall. My e-mail is tempoararily down due to service provider problems, but I will be visiting this site (and hopefully Ukraine) again!! soon
2001-11-28 00:06:55, Eugenia Jenson,, california, 41,, troshki, tak,

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