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2002-04-09 04:40:15, Pawelcze*,,

3902. Duze cikavo. Meni bulo prjemno podorozuvaty na storinkax Internetu po mojemu ridnomu misti, de ja narodyvsia.
o.Prokip Jourij Lototskyj, OSBM
2002-04-08 14:45:07, Lototskyj Jourij,, 28,, Yes, Yes,

3903. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-04-08 14:34:43, Sharron, 60+,, no, no,

2002-04-07 23:00:04, helen ozarko/mels eliuk,,, fisher branch manitoba, 56,, yes, no,

3905. I have really enjoyed learning about your village, and the other near by villages. My Husband and I were in South West Ukraine last year, my husband is going again this month to assist Evangelical Christian Missionaries. We are praying about moving there to a small village in Ukraine not to far from our friends, I raise sheep, goats, and have laying hens, we also do a lot of gardening here in Indiana in the USA. I would like to live in a house over there where I could also raise animals.
My name is Sarah, my husband is Joshua, we have 3 children under 3 years old. Here is some information about our friend's church:Calvary Chapel Dnepropetrovsk


84a Gagarina Street, Apt. 47
Dnepropetrovsk, 49050
Pastor: Mike Pratt
Phone: 0562-46-47-24
E-Mail: or

We are involved with Calvary Chapel
Are you still living in Ukraine?

Thank you,
& God Bless you

Sarah Brown
2002-04-07 21:07:30, Sarah Brown,, Indiana, 25,, no, South West,

3906. I was in Ternopil in 1991, then to Terebovla. My adopted dad came from a small village called Paperna. I have neglected to write to them for may years. This just reminded me again.
2002-04-07 20:10:28, Mike Szulikowski,, Alberta, Canada, 55,, Yes-the old western Ukraine type, yes,

3907. great site I enjoyed it :)
2002-04-07 19:46:33, Mike,, ca, us, 25,, not yet, not yet,

3908. Great website! I was trying to find a way to obtain my husband's birtg record.He was born in Buczacz. Any suggestions?? He came here after the war. Any idea would be appreciated.
2002-04-07 17:40:47, Marion Dawybida,, New Jersey,, A little, No,

3909. Wsim zemlakam priwet!
2002-04-07 09:25:17, Sergej,, Polska, 30,, yes, yes,

3910. Every time I visit this site it gets better and more informative. My grandfather came fom Helenkow and Kosovo. They were Polish. My aunt used to tell us that they came from Austria. I could never figure out how they got there. Now I know it was the Austrian Empire.
Thank you for a wonderful web site.
jim Zielinski
2002-04-06 21:38:37, James P Zielinski,, USA, 62,, no, no,

3911. Hi, looking for some information agout my grandfather. He was born in 1882 in Lopushna, and his name was Josef Galarowicz. Where would I look for his baptism records (catholic).
Thank you for any help that you could give me

Jim Galarowicz
2002-04-06 21:08:13, Jim Galarowicz,, Antigo WI USA, 56,, No, No, None

2002-04-06 18:21:35, Sylvia Hodge,, Montana, 64,,

3913. My grandfather was from L'vov and I have recently contacted relatives who still live in Sambor and some in Poland. I wish I could speak Ukrainian. My father never taught me because his father was ashamed that he was an immigrant. I would love to visit Ukraine some day if only I could afford the trip.
2002-04-06 13:52:05, Alida Spry,, USA, 27,, No, No,

3914. Absolutly great! Obviously lots of work done.
Would like information on towns Mlyniska and
Kobylowloki. South of Trembowla. Have 1917 map that
shows them, but not on any newer maps.Would like a
contact person in that area to do some research for me.
Am trying to arrange visit there later this summer.
Thank you.
2002-04-04 21:33:47, Al Grocholski,, Kindersley Sk. Canada, 60,, Very little, more Polish, No,

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2002-04-04 16:11:14,,,, 19,,,,

3916. takk for ei fin side! Jeg var i Ukraina for ei uke siden vi var nede med en hjelpesending med mat, penger, klær og div. Jeg er blitt glad i Ukraina!!!!
2002-04-04 05:37:40, Bjarne Ydstebø,, Kvitsøy, Norway, 16,, Yes i can some words, I have been in Ukraina, in Lutsk and Viliki Lutshky( Karpatene),

3917. Nicely done.Considering difficulty to be not biased on this matter rather objective, though would be nicer if more work on 1850-1920 period would be done. Specially on society's structure of this period. Please check my site at and try to eliminate some of the discrepancies of facts, existing as in my as in yours presentation.
2002-04-04 03:52:53,,,

2002-04-04 02:20:38, bin robin, homsebar@,,

3919. Finally a site where I could some info on patewrnal grandmother came from there..or so it says on her birth certificate.. there was only one problem though..I could not access the link for the link broken..and if so..can i access this info i want another way? also do You know if there is any way a person could retrieve info for genealogy? thanks..look forward to hearing from you..Joanne
2002-04-04 01:02:22, Joanne,, BC Canada, 47,, no, no,

3920. Nice to visit your homepage, I will come again.
So it wasn't THAT bad...
2002-04-03 17:28:52, M.S.,, no, no,

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