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3901. I'm trying to find out some information about my father's family. His name is Jerzy Pusiarski. He was born 7th of December 1928 in Lwow. If somebody of you have ever heared something please let me know -
2004-09-14 14:27:09, Jadwiga Puziarska,, Poland, 39,, No, No,

3902. Private message. Click here to view.
2004-09-14 11:49:49, Gustavo C. Rodríguez,, Rosario, 44,, No, No, only e-mails

3903. Thanks for keeping the website.
2004-09-14 10:28:04, Felipe Pait,, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Brookline, Mass., USA, 40,, no, no,

3904. I like this website. I will come again. Thiet ke web, quang ba web, quan tri noi dung, portal ma nguon mo

2004-09-14 03:01:16, Minh Bui,, Viet Nam, 34,, No, Yes,

3905. This is an excellent site. As an American Jew I am very touched by your photos and words.
2004-09-13 20:18:34, Robert Filmore,, News York State, 64,, No, No,

3906. congratulation for your excelent site but Iresearch all patroname zajaczuk zajaczk ect for GENEALOGY
2004-09-12 22:04:52, pautler,, vancouver, 53,, no, no,

3907. Hello, I've looked at. your map and haven't found
Tomashpil and tulchin
2004-09-12 07:29:21, Roman,, Israel, 17,, A Litlle, No, In Vinnica,

2004-09-11 19:51:07, jesse zajaczuk pautler, jeanclaudepautler@hot mail, vancouver, 53,, no, no,

3909. Thank you for the information on your page about Chortkiv. My daughter recently started writing to a pen pal there and we used your page to look up information, maps, and data about this place in the Ukraine. Thank you for taking the time to put this page together.

2004-09-11 13:47:52, Rita,, gaineville,Florida, 50,, no, no,

3910. My paternal grandfather Michael Maryniuk 1882-1853 and paternal grandmother Theresa Gumnieny 1887-1966 came to Canada in 1898 & 1899 from the village of Veekno (Okno) in the district of Ternopil in Western Ukraine. Is there anyone from there that I can communicate with?
2004-09-10 14:51:02, Margaret Axent,, Manitoba, Canada, 61,, no, no, send e-mail

3911. Thanks for the web page..!!
2004-09-09 19:27:27, istaq, ny, 26,, yes, no,

3912. Before I World War my family was lived in Busk but after this they moved near to Cracov so I never been in Ukraine. I think that this page is very good and your story about history of Lvov is also great. All the best and greeting from Poland.
2004-09-09 15:56:27, Michal,, Poland, Galicja, 19,, sorry, no, no, none

3913. Private message. Click here to view.
2004-09-09 00:00:04, olena,, chicago, 20,, tak, tak,

3914. Hello form Poland!
Pozdorowlaju wsih!
2004-09-08 09:22:14, Mirek,, Olsztyn,, Yes,

3915. interested in finding roots to my family.
slobodzian, mutz
2004-09-08 08:42:17, anna, hopfer, new york, 52,, no, no,

3916. Hi Roman-Congratulations for creating such an excellent web site. I'm starting research on my late grandmother past 'Ruthenian' past. She was born in 1891 in the village of Nanowa (Nanova) in western Ukraine/Galicia, I think near Dobromyl? 101 kilometers SW of Lviv. The coordinates are 49,26 N 22,44 E. Have you heard/know of this village? Does it still exist? Do you know anything about it and the surrounding areas history. I believe she was a member of the Greek Roman Church. She emigrated to the US in 1905 at the age of 16yrs. The place of origin written the ship's passenger manifest has Latorce, Austria. I have yet to ID where Latorce is today; Poland? Ukraine? Could 'Latorce' be a mispelling by the immigration official? Any advice you or anyone could offer would be most appreciated. Thank you!
2004-09-07 19:14:24, Robert Rosa,, Cambridge, MA., USA, 55,, no - a few words, no, none yet

3917. SHALOM

I ask you to read this letter till the end! Don't treat to my words
with indifferens. On Your understanding it will depend my fate and the
fate of my child!

I am Byalik Oleg , date of birth 1964 , pssport No ,313690364
repatriated to Israel in March 1999 with my family from Ukraine(Kiev).

However on 28 of September 2000 my wife
left me with with child and went to other man in Kiev.

She robbed me and my child , took money from personal savings , left
with our debts and went out Israel.

Ten years I have suffered from diabetes (diabetes mellitus type I) , I
three injection of insulin per day . After the endured stress I find
myself in hospital with diagnosis : diabetic ketoacidosis
I am 65% Physicaly Inable.

In situation , I found myself , I was never. We have no relatives and
friends in Israel.

I shall struggle for our with my child surviving till the last breth.
But at present moment I am not imagining how I and my child
can go out of this financial bankruptcy.

My money that I get from Bituah Leumi were cut to 1236 shekels
for month.Now it's even not enough to buy food and pay taxes.
Because of my Physical inability I can not work.
My son that is going to be an Israely soldier in a year can not be
hungry. We have nothing to pay for a room and us will expose on

Therfore I apply to you , asking to help as you can.

If you think that this is some kind of scam I can send you my
documents that can proof personal information with your request.

If you cant help, please send this to any people that you know that
can help me.

Contact telefon 972 546504203

Our adress is Israel, Haifa, 33136 Arlozorov 10a, Bialik family.

Whith respect Bialik Oleg
2004-09-07 07:17:51, oleg,, israel, 39,, yes,

3918. imagine our surprise on opening your web site and staring at the city hall picture...i am holding a postcard with the same picture and we have had in the family since 1938. my grandmother spoke of Buczacz but we don't know if they lived in town or in the country. Great grandfather John Ostrowski was a miller in the area. He married Amelia Schneider, had three daughters and two sons and came to USA early 1900s.
2004-09-06 13:57:08, mary schmelzer,, USA,, No, NO,

3919. wonderfool site-next year I want visit Ukraine[LVIV and Karpatian area[Mountains]
thank you
2004-09-04 18:58:39, mladen bosnjak,, Bosnia-Hercegovina, 38,, NO, YES, I have not web ad...

3920. I think my grand father came from 'Chortkova'
as he would say it. I am interested in visiting.
His name was Michael Lopuch or Lopuck. If there
is anything that you have that would give me
information on making travel arrangements I
would be appreciatative.
2004-09-01 20:49:53, Stephen Lopuck,, Los Angeles, California USA, 55,, not really, no,

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