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3901. Very helpful website, thanks guys!
2002-10-26 12:19:36, K. Pipitone,, USA, 22,, Some, Yes,

2002-10-26 04:06:59, Peter Marketing,, USA, 35,, yes, no,

3903. Ok
2002-10-26 02:16:07, Ryan, Johnson, California, 23,, No, Yes,

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2002-10-25 23:03:11, Vikt,, Dallas, 24,, YES, YES,

3905. What is your website about.
Check mine out and tell me what you all think?
2002-10-25 16:59:10, Iian,, USA, 45,, no, no,

3906. Like your website a lot
2002-10-25 16:53:26, peter,, USA, 27,, no, no,

3907. thumbs up
2002-10-25 15:28:17, Michael,, Philadelphia, 20,, no, no,

3908. Nice Site
2002-10-25 15:20:38, Baltic Heirlooms, USA,,

2002-10-25 14:39:30,,,

3910. Great Site!

2002-10-25 14:27:31, Ben Marino Jr.,, Blue Bell, PA, 25,, No, No,

3911. I tried to email you, but it came back. I recently discovered my grandfather was born in Rohatyn. I was thrilled to visit your site and learn so much. Thank you for your research!
2002-10-25 12:33:43, Carol,, Horsham, PA, USA, 56,, NO, NO,

3912. A granddaughter of Rohatyn thanks you for all the information!
2002-10-25 07:54:37, Carol,, Horsham, PA, USA, Too old.,, No, No -- would love to!,

3913. Wallpapers,Calendari,Formula Uno,Natura,Animali the BIG ALBUM!
2002-10-25 03:49:47, MondoinWeb,, Italy,,

3914. just checkin' out the site- thought i should drop you a line.
2002-10-24 19:17:15, chuck fucter,, philadelphia,,

3915. Hello everyone,

Please visit my site and join my organisation TEAM AGAINST RACISM. We can overcome if we work together! Thank you & God Bless.

Lois Bennett
TAR founder
2002-10-24 19:00:01, Lois Bennett,, United Kingdom, 18,, No., No.,

3916. :-)
2002-10-24 05:15:38, David,,,

3917. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-10-23 22:18:30, Jeannie Haskiewicz,, Winnipeg,Canada, 49,, yes, no,

3918. I'm looking for information on my Grandma. Her name was Sofika Skosh or Koch and she was born in Berezhany on January 16, 1894. She arrived in New York in January of 1910.
2002-10-23 21:27:17, Kenneth Javonovich,, U,S,A,, 52,, No, No,

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2002-10-23 12:42:35, john,,

2002-10-23 12:21:28, Elaine Robinson,, ny, 30,, no, no,

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