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3901. Witam!
Strona jest bardzo ciekawa, ale chciałbym wprowadzić kilka uwag, np. nie zawiera tłumaczenia na język polski, a poza tym, jeśli ma być obiektywna powinna zawierać nazwiska zasłużone dla każdego z narodów zamieszkujących to miasto. Nie uwzględnił Pan np: marszałka Polski Edwarda Rydza_Śmigłego.
Z pozdrowieniami Leszek
2003-03-01 10:11:07, Leszek,, Tczew, 31,, trochę, tak,

3902. Great Site!
2003-03-01 07:01:45, julia, UK,,

3903. Cool Site!
2003-02-28 21:20:09, Aura, Arizona USA,, NO, NO,

3904. Gerksnap Rules

3905. My goal is to sign all the guestbooks on the internet!
2003-02-28 13:20:27, Susan,, USA, 25,, A little, no, only east,

3906. Panie Romanie, niech sie Pan ze mna skontaktuje - bo jakos nie moge znalezc pana maila. Witam Lwowianina (albo prawie Lwowianina)a w kazdym razie Galicyjczyka w Norwegii. Trafilam na Pana strone szukajac materialow do referatu z badan, ktore prowadze z moimi studentami (polskimi i ukrainskimi) nad pamiecia miast, ktore po wojnie (ze tak powiem) "wymienily swoja krew". Narazie mamy wyniki ze Lwowa i Wroclawia, ale planuje badanie rozszerzyc. Mysle, ze wyniki moga Pana zainteresowac. NB tez siedze w tej chwili w Norwegii (Tromsř) - a gdzie Pan jest? Pozdrawiam, Maria Lewicka
2003-02-28 09:19:52, Maria Lewicka,, do 30.04 Tromsř, potem Warszawa, 52,, nie, ale dobrze rozumiem, oczywiscie!,

2003-02-28 08:17:42, berufsunfähigkeitsrente,,

3908. Hello,
I am looking on information on the village Wybodow / Vybudiv. What kind of a village is it today and does the family name of TERESZCZUK still exist there?
Hope somebody can help.
2003-02-28 02:05:25, Bicker,, Germany, 59,, no, no, none

3909. Hi! You have interesting web-site. I bookmark and try to come back some day. All the best for everyone there who visit your visit. See you all and take care;

» AnTraX «
2003-02-27 08:19:15, AnTraX,, belgium, 20,, nope, nope,

2003-02-26 19:45:25,,,

3911. Private message. Click here to view.
2003-02-26 17:41:10, Susan Ramseur,,,

3912. Private message. Click here to view.
2003-02-26 17:38:44, Susan Ramseur,,,

3913. thank you for such a web page. I have really enjoyed it. I think that the best about it is that you have so many cool links to other web sites about L'viv. Keep up the good work. I am from L'viv, Ukraine. Now I live in the USA.
2003-02-26 15:40:35, Mykola Edvarchuk,, USA, 26,, Yes, Yes,

3914. dear roman. you site is wonderful, as are your maps. i am hoping you can guide me with something. i have just located my great grandparents, and was told the immigrated from galicia. the town was written here in the united states as -orklawa- their last names were dabrowski and haliborzyk. does this town exist? i would love to hear from you, and see what i can find out. i have never known my heritage for 40 yrs, and am very interested in finding out. many thanks
2003-02-26 14:18:31, edward damer,, usa, 43,, no, no, none

3915. Trying to get info on my late father's family.
His name was Wolodymyr Sawczak(Savchak)
2003-02-25 23:11:42, Roman Sawczak,, United States, 43,, Yes, No,

3916. I am from America and I am trying to locate a city called Podgaets near Berezhany. I am trying to verify that a person graduated from a secondary school in that city. Is there or was there such a city in the Ukraine? The person indicated that they graduated from the school in 1978.
2003-02-24 07:38:41, Anne McDonald,, USA,, No,

3917. Hello Roman! are you still in Norway? Greetings from us in Finnsnes.
Aslak and family
2003-02-24 06:39:09, Aslak Sverre Furfjord,, Finnsnes,, yes, yes,

3918. Great site, I enjoyed visiting.
2003-02-23 23:46:57, Leigh Ann,, FL, 35,, NO, NO,

3919. Hi and priwet, nice to see this site !!! I love LVIV ! April 2002 I've been in LVIV, cause my girlfrind INNA lives and studied there before she moves to Germany (5Years ago).Maybe we want to get to LVIV when we're married! CIAO!
2003-02-23 17:13:24, Ralph,, Germany, 36,, 3 Words or more...?, only Lviv,

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