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3901. Wonderful work!
My aunt was born in Brezany. You have a lot of nice material on this town.

My mom was born in Monasterzyska. I would so very much like to see some pictures of this area and get a little bit of historical information.

I'm guessing that the name comes form "monastry".
Probably this would have been the beginings of this town, no?

2002-04-28 13:06:59, dorothy, dorothyd_angelo, canada, 53,, no, no,

3902. nice site!
2002-04-28 03:34:13, meeya,, USA, 32,, nope, nope,

3903. I am looking for any info I can regarding my
father Iwan Dmytiw who was born feb 7 1910 in Silce Brezany. His mothers name was Paranka, and I
hve no name for his father. Any info would be greatly appreciated. He had atleast 1 1/2 sibbling Josef Kowalski. Please help me locate
other relatives if you can. My father came to canada in 1949 and married my mom Antonina Kaszlak. Later via the red cross he was told that
his wife and 5 children were still alive and
had survived the bombing of his town. I've never
been able to locate my 1/2 brothers and sisters
of which I am told are 5.
2002-04-27 22:50:18, Ann Dmytriw,, canada, 41.5,, very little, no,

3904. Thanks so much for providing so much information!I am investigating my maternal grandparents and know they came from Galicia, having emigrated to the United States around 1912. My sister has my grandmother's passenger ship receipt, which shows that she was traveling from Ternopil. We cannot find her records with Ellis Island, but did find my grandfather's -- Jakob Hucal, who is listed as from Borkiwiclka, Galicia, and of Ruthenian ethnicity.

Anyway, I would love to visit this area some day... though I speak no Ukranian (my mother did though she never taught us kids; my father had very little fluency in Ukranian).


Mary Petrosky
2002-04-27 17:13:36, Mary Petrosky,,, no, no,

3905. I was amazed to find a website covering some of the history of Urman. My grandfather was captured by the Germans in the later years of WWII and emigrated to Carnegie, Pennsylvania some years after the war. I love finding history about my heritage. Thank you for this site
2002-04-26 22:23:48, Lauren Kohut,, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19,, No, my grandparents still speak it and my father can remember some from his childhood, Yes, last summer my family and I (including my grandparents) visited Ternopil', L'viv, and Urm,

3906. like your site
2002-04-26 09:48:50, Dee Mesker,, Amsterdam, 42,, no, no, unfortunately not,

3907. You have a great site!!! Have a friend whose father came to Canada from Monastyryska, so am waiting for that site to be back. We visited Ukraine in 2000, found family in Sniatyn and Volsvyn, had a wonderful time in Odessa, Kiev, Lviv & Ivano-Frankivsk and plan on going back in a couple of years.
2002-04-26 01:24:45, Donna Mazur,, Canada, 59,, No, Yes,

3908. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-04-25 21:46:54, Orysya,, Canada, ----------,, ----------------------, -------------------------, ----------------------

3909. How are you Roman ? You doing great job.
The Pivisoke pictures reminded me my chilhood , hope I will visit Pidvisoke again.
2002-04-25 21:16:58, Victor,, Yes, Yes,

3910. Privet! :) questo sito è davvero interessante, il mio hobby principale è appendere nuove lingue, quindi ti ringrazio moltissimo, anche a nome delle mie amiche ukraine. Spero un giorno di visitare il tuo paese. ciao brat moi.
2002-04-25 18:34:50, Pinobit,, Italy, 31,, No, but understand,

3911. Thank you for your helpful website. My grandfather Jan Drechsler came from Laszki Krolewskie in the early 1900s and for years I have been trying to find this place. My grandmother Maria Ozarkow came from Zurowa. Now I will try to find a map showing his birthplace. Some day I'd like to visit. Thanks again.
2002-04-25 12:15:04, Ann Bainbridge,,,

3912. Ettersom du studerer i Oslo, har du vel også lært deg litt norsk?!
Jeg kom over dine flotte sider da jeg søkte i "Google" etter en russisk by ved navn "Pukow".
I mitt atlas er det kun en Pukow - og den ligger i Kina, og det blir "litt" feil!!
Nå var ikke "din" Pukow den rette heller, men kanskje du kan gi meg et hint...... Den skal ligge i nåværende russland.
Min svoger er der nå med en busslast med barneklær, og det hadde vært gøy å vite hvor han er.... Med vennlig hilsen RuFo
2002-04-24 16:56:52, Rune Fosberg,, Tomter, Norway, 46,, No, sorry!, No, but Romania, Bulgaria, Polen, (old) East-Germany,

3913. Hey you should check this site if you need web hosting WebHostXL offers great hosting. Starting at $2/mo.!
2002-04-23 17:24:31, Alex,, PA, 34,, no, not yet,

3914. Great effort & works.
2002-04-23 16:04:59, Bohdan,, Australia, 39,, Yes, Yes,

3915. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-04-23 14:07:42, Jackie Musyt,, Seattle Washington USA, 54,, No, No, None

3916. Un impegno morale: più ucraine sui marciapiedi di Valletta!!!
2002-04-23 03:50:22, Pampu,, valletta,, no, sì,

3917. Great Pages. I really enjoy reading about the area.
2002-04-22 23:14:18, Jon Phillips,, 39,, No, No,

3918. Hello Roman. My Grandfather'name was Roman and his wife was Mary. My father came over to Canada in 1928.They spelt his name Kerelchuk, It should ( I have been told) to have spelt to Kyrylchuk. His name was John . He was the oldest of the family. He was the only one that left Ukraine from his family as far as I know. Check your heritage. My father has died a lomng time ago. Contact me if you think we may be related.
2002-04-22 21:29:38, John Kerelchuk,, Canada,, Not since I was a kid., no,

3919. I am trying get information about Janina Spinner Mehlberg, who lived in Lwow during World War II. She was a Polish Jew (probably disliked Ukrainians as much as Germans) and worked in the underground, posing as a Polish countess in Lublin. She was called the Heroine of Majdanik for her work with those confined there.
2002-04-22 17:20:05, Arthur L. Funk,, USA, 80,, No, No,

3920. i hope to visit ukraine this summer,and i try to get as mutsh information as possible before i go so thanks for the help
2002-04-22 14:19:32, øystein.johansen,, norway, 35,, no sorry, no,

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