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3901. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-08-12 08:52:01, MirekS,, Sweden, 55,, malo, yes, -

3902. Hi! I am Ihor.I am an exchange student.I live in Peremyshlyany ,near Maria shop,but now I am in the USA,in Texas.This is my third day of being here.That was really interesting to watch these pictures of my native home,which am missing now.Thank you.Please,write me.
2002-08-12 03:02:26, IHOR,, 16,, Af course I do!,

3903. Dears
I would like to find out my family tree in Lviv. My grand father Rudolph Dietrich was born in "Lemberg, Austria" about 1890. He was sun of Joahann and Sofia. Got married my "austrian" grand mother Francisca Skleniarsz in Brazil.
We don't know anithing else about, because the two world wars. Actualy I was born in a citi which 70% of its inhabitants are descendents of Ukranians families (Parana State).
Do you know where could I find out my grandfhater's documents in Lviv? Still, do you know how can I meet my grandefather's relatives in this citi ?
Thanks a lot.
J. Dietrich
2002-08-11 17:20:19, Juarez Dietrich,, brasil, 47,, no, at the border, in Hungary,

3904. sorry to read the hatered some of these enteriesshow towards Jews ,how much hatered does the world need to show ,live and let live life is much too short ,for such thoughts ,s why ww11 started one stupid evil little man ,who done the only correct thing in his life when he killed himself ,I have no connection with Jewish people ,but the hatered is not needed ,
2002-08-11 13:17:08, just jints, justjints@aol.comI cant be bothered with people like that,,

3905. Ale solidniak !!!
2002-08-11 13:08:46, vovo,, Warszawa,,

3906. I would like to know about my ancestor, my family told me that they come from Spain. My last name is Bezares please if you know something about that name write me.
2002-08-11 12:18:43, frances bezares,, puerto rico, 21,, no, no,

3907. Searching for Bilinski Family from Sambor-Galicia. Ignatius Bilinski, Steve Bilinski, Antonette Bilinski... Came to the U.S. in 1910. Do you have any information, or help that you can provide me? Thank you for your time!
Heather Bilinski
2002-08-11 12:14:33, Heather Bilinski,, PA, USA, 25,, No, No, N/A

3908. complimenti per il tuo sito e per il bel "quaderno" di viaggi !
2002-08-11 06:51:13, sandra,, italia, 52,, no, no,

3909. Nice job!
2002-08-10 22:10:04, Manuel A. Rodriguez,,, no, no,

3910. hi i am looking for asattelit image
2002-08-10 19:56:45, rada valentin,, romania arad bloc714 sc b ap 12, 16,, no, no,

3911. How interesting that you stop at WWI. I am not surprised, however, for what could you say of WWII - that the lovely people and clergy cooperated with the Germans as best as they possibly could; that whenever possible, they turned in the Jewish population to the Gestapo, and cooperated (quite joyfully, I have read, countless times) in their slaughter. And I "love" your little footnote at the very bottom of your site, about the Jews of bygone days. What a romantic and pretty euphimism for the reality of it all; the willfull and joyous extermination of the despised Jews of Poland who after many hundred of years of Pogroms (inspired by the clergy) were finally annilated. A pretty euphimism for the end of a universe. The extraordinary civilization of brilliant and humanistic Jews, whoin just a few years were wiped off the face of the earth. The Poles consider themselves great; what a sick joke! To see greatness is to view "Civilization and the Jews," a four part series aired on Public Television. To see that is to truly see a great people! And what would your beloved yid Jesus say about Rohatyn and all of Poland (and most of Europe)? He would say, "What have you done to my beloved people?" He would curse you to hell for all eternity. All those crazy church buildings - what good are they? You speak of Jesus as the Prince of Peace, yet you preach hate from your pulpits. If those churches did not harbor the hunted, and preach out against their extermination,than they are simply a misuse of wood, brick and morter. "We had no choice," is always the weak and whiney reply. But that reminds me, I have to start getting ready to catch some Christian children to drain their blood for the Passover Matza. Is that not what the priests riled against every passover, so that the darling local yokels would start another pogram and kill some gentle scholar and his family, etc. Between the Jews, the saying goes, "among the gentiles, there area none worse than the Poles and the Ukranians." Be proud of your great and glorious past (and present) - I know you are! All that remains of the Jews of darling Rohatyn is a water pump. Nothing to mark that the People of the Book dwelt in that accoursed land and contributed so much in so many ways. Just a bunch of smug Poles walkng around as though nothing so evil happened there, that there are no words to describe it's magnitude. "Jesus- Yeshua, son of Miryam and Yosef - you who prayed in Hebrew and was a yid just like the ones the Poles and all of Eastern Europe wiped out so willingly, would you go to a chuch in Rohatyn, to any church in the world? But can you put in a few Yiddish words into your answer, Jesus dear? For that is what the yids of Poland, etc., spoke." "Would I go to a church. Oy Gevalt! What a question. I should live so long. Where is the nearest Shul, synagague? I want to be with my landsman - my people. The last thing I need in this life is to sit with that mishuganah bunch of goyim!"
2002-08-10 12:49:23, Adrienne,,,

3912. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-08-10 09:30:11, Cathy,,, no, no,

3913. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-08-10 07:21:38, ROWENCZYK, JPROWENCZYK@HOTMAIL.COM, PARIS, 52,, no, no,

3914. My entire family is from Rohatyn. In fact,I was named for my great grandmother, Yitta Krieger. Yitta, along with her husband, 8 children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., etc., were tortured and then forced to dig a mass grave and stand there knowing that they and their loved ones were going to be shot within moments - and of course, they were. They were buried in a mass grave just outside of Rohatyn, the beautiful litle town you love so much. And the priests and the other clergy, and the church edifices you describe so lovingly - they stood silent - for were not these the Christ Killers the church so loves to vilify and to murder. Did the priests speak up and ask the gentiles of Rohatyn to give shelter and refuge to these haunted human beings. Of course not. It's nice you are so proud of your home town and of all your gentile friends and relatives. Well, you would be - you are of their stock.
2002-08-10 04:49:08, Adrienne "Yitta" Kohn,, Los Angeles, 59,, No, and never want to, No, but my sister was, and she said the ugly and stupid peasants knew they were Jews and spit,

3915. looking for infor on Anton Tomchyshyn and Dora(honorka)Danik possibly from Mszaniec
2002-08-09 20:27:56, Ron Evans,, winnipeg,manitoba, 50,, no, no, none

3916. Bardzo ciekawe opisy tych stron Europy
Dobrze wiedziec historje z wszystkich stron
2002-08-09 19:33:52, Stanislaw Kiryczuk,, Edmonton, Canada, 54,, I understand more than speak, No,but my grandfather comes from Uscilug, Wolyn,

3917. howdy..................................... i luv ICP wikkit klownz fo' life, jiccah!
2002-08-09 17:36:23, layzdogg, outside your window, 190,, do i fix what?, have i touched a wut?, phones ringing

3918. Very imformative site !
2002-08-09 11:30:07, Simon,,,

3919. Pozdrowienia od krajana !
2002-08-09 07:15:07, Adam,, 70,, no more, yes in 1945 year,

3920. Your website is fantastic-thank you. I have just started searching my ancestory (surname "Chomik") who came from the Galicia region so your site has been helpful. Any suggestions on starting my search?? thanks
2002-08-08 15:54:18, Steve Chomik,, Dallas, Texas, 41,, no - I wish I did!, no, do not have one

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