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3901. Recently found out my grandparents were from Galacia. And I trying to locate information about them. Maryanna and Joseph Slawinski (Slevenski).
Came to American around the 1900's.
2002-03-13 22:06:10, Theresa Wiley,, usa, 41,, no, no,

2002-03-13 21:09:11, Dariusz Raczek,, USA, 35,, NO, NO, NO WEBSITE

3903. I went to high school with a great Ukrainian woman who taught me a lot about your country.
Now I love the Ukraine.
Sorry for the last post. the autofill went crazy.
2002-03-13 12:29:31, Noel Pittman,, Palm Springs California. USA, 39,, No, No,

3904. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-03-13 07:28:45,,

3905. The competition is held on a flat surface, within a circle, with a diameter of 7 meters. There are two lines of one metre length each in the circle, with a space of two metres between them. The 'cheibi' stick is 2 to 2.5 feet in length, and the shield is 1 metre in diameter.

2002-03-12 17:16:32, akira toriyama,, arizona bay, 22,, a little, not yet,

3906. The best Ukrainian site I have found. WE are planning a trip to Ukraine this year. Any good Hotels?
2002-03-12 15:52:52, Bob Christofano,, PA,USA, 46,, no, NO,

3907. I loved your site.
2002-03-12 15:50:28, ZEUS,, USA, 16,, no, no,

2002-03-12 15:48:42, rapunzel,, USA, 32,, Nein, No,

3909. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-03-12 11:37:09, Osvaldo,, 39,, No, No,

3910. Terrific site. I believe that the author, Andriy Kohut of the "Sotry of Village of Urman" was my uncle. I visited Urman with his daughter, Lydia. It was a fantastic experience. My uncle and his family represent the true Ukrainian soul. You have done an excellent job of bringing this village, its history and people to the forefront of today's electronic highway. Thanks for your excellent work.
Luba Zuk Levy
2002-03-12 05:27:03, Luba Zuk Levy,, USA,, Yes, Yes,

3911. Hey ladies! Visit my web site and IM me some time!

AIM: freefall2244
2002-03-11 17:29:26, Kim,, MN, old enough,, No, sorry., Nope.,

3912. Cool site! Enjoyed the pictures!
2002-03-10 19:47:19, Danny,, United States, 23,, NO, NO,

3913. Hello Roman:
Excellent site. Are you aware of any videos that might be available of Buchach (Buczacz)
and of a small village called Kurdwanowka? My grandmothe was Ukranian and lived there
before moving to the USA.
Thanks, Thaddeus J. Holynski
2002-03-10 18:14:48, T. Holynski,, Syracuse, NY (USA), 48,, No, Yes,

3914. great site
2002-03-10 13:13:02, Greg,,

2002-03-08 09:54:33, Thor Petersen, 68,,

3916. Poszukuje osob, ktore moglyby znac kogos o nazwisku Sendecki. Moja rodzina pochodzi z Tyszowiec - miasteczko kolo Zamoscia (w Polsce).
Moj ojciec - miał nazywal sie Dominik Sendecki (ur. 1918), Dziadek nazywal sie Michal Sendecki, pradziadek - Szymon Sendecki, a pra-pradziadek - Filip. Wczesniejszych Sendeckich - nie pamietam.
Wiem, ze wsrod przyjaciol mojego ojca bylo wielu Ukraincow - prosze o kontakt.
Rodzina Sendeckich przed II Wojna Swiatowa mieszkala w Niesuchojezach - nad Turia (niedaleko Włodzimierza Wlodzinskiego). Moj dziadek mial tam mlyn i bardzo dobrze zyl z Ukraincami.
2002-03-07 08:49:44, Eugeniusz Sendecki,, Tyszowce, 31,, niestety, slabo, tak,

3917. What a great website!! There is so much information in here. You have obviously spent a great deal of time and effort in putting this web site together. Good work!!
2002-03-07 07:04:09, E J, USA,, No, No,

3918. Dear Roman,

I'm happy to see that you still keep and update your webpage! Your page is the oldest among the CEU student webpages and the one which is the most comprehensive and always kept up to date. I use your example to my present student to show how to utilize their page the most. Congratulations!

2002-03-07 06:51:59, Aniko Balogh,, Budapest, 30,,

3919. Hello, I'm from Dorado Puerto Rico
2002-03-06 20:52:44, Pedro Merced,, Dorado, Puerto RIco, 46,, No, No,

3920. just surfed in.. Good site !
2002-03-06 10:44:36, shibu,, in, 24,, no, no,

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