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3901. good work
2002-03-24 15:44:57, Joe,,

3902. Nice site. Thanks!!
2002-03-24 13:27:09, Dianne Johnson,, Vancouver, ?,, A little., Unfortunately, no.,

3903. nice site
2002-03-24 08:57:40, Jim,,

2002-03-23 22:21:50,,,, malwes@num,,,,

3905. dont speak any hungarian but i like the country. i was there in 1998

2002-03-23 12:08:32, greekman33,, Greece, 33,, no, yes,

3906. Just wondering if there is someone from 'Cyxocmab" ,Ukraine. This is a small village south of Ternopal.


2002-03-22 17:23:52, Zen Kozey,, Edmonton, 69,, yes, yes,

3907. Harno napesano. Bachu shcho di yakee slova ya kazhu eenakshe, na preklad 'to dream" menee bude "sniti". Ale move ye tseekavee.
2002-03-22 12:28:57, Irena, Pennsylvania,, yes, no,

3908. Great page i just love family pages
2002-03-22 07:58:39, Rasmus Bach Andersen, rasmus16@hotmail,com, Denmark, 17,, No,

3909. to jest wspaniała strona
2002-03-22 05:47:02, gucwa,, tarnów , Polska, 63,, no, yes,

3910. Searching Ekiert and Kowalczuk roots
2002-03-20 20:57:53, Walter (Wladyslaw) Ekiert,, CANADA, 72,, No, No, No

2002-03-20 19:07:15, Daniel Szalawiga,, Ontario.Canada, 41,, y, n,

3912. Hi there!I'm Al from Cripple Bastards,I like your site!....directly to everybody:check out my web site and download our mp3z,also visit the official Cripple Bastards home page @:,bye bye bastards!!!

2002-03-20 18:51:49, Al Mazzotti,, Italy,,

3913. Looking for info on Francesca (Slipyj)Dychkovskyj or dyczkowski.She was the sister of Cardinal Josef (Kobernytsky)Slipyj.She is my great grandmother.Francesca Dychkovskyj's son was Nichola Dychkovskyj.He was a paster of a greek orthidox in Perechinsko and Vilshivka,Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Galicia,Ukraine.They were big land owners.They were Ukrainian descent,but were of Polish Nobility.They lost most of there lands after World war one.
2002-03-19 23:44:43, Michael(dychkovskyj) Dike,, U.S.A, 44,, no, no, google

3914. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-03-19 15:46:40, Suli Braunshtein,, Canada, 59,, Yes, Yes,

3915. greetings from turkey and thank you for your dictionary.

2002-03-19 09:04:41, Suer EKER,, Ankara, 38,, one day, ę hope,
Roman Zakharii: I have been to Ankara in January (Ulus, Kizilay, bus station, citadel and other areas...). But snow was causing much trouble to move around then and it was very cold there. View from citadel and old town hill isquite impressive. Have got some photos from Ankara. I liked Ankara very much. From Ankara I went to Antkaya and then returned to Istanbul.

3916. j
2002-03-19 03:46:14, gabi,, de, 31,, yes, yes,

3917. Ukrainian is an excellent language.Unfortunately we don't speak it. BUT We translate your personal , professional, business, marketing or technical documents from English to Sinhalese and Sinhalese to English maintaining the accuracy that reflects the originality of your document. Our Desktop Publishers are specialists in creating multilingual projects using all of the major publication software. They are committed to providing you with a final document that consistently and accurately mirrors the original project.
2002-03-18 18:20:38, Sinhalese Translation Agency,, ., 46,, Would like to learn, not as yet.,

3918. I am looking for Natalia Pylypenko last known to
be in Towson, Maryland formerly from Corvallis
Oregon, My name is Larry Leslie Please contact me

Thank you
2002-03-18 01:47:06, Lawrence Leslie,, Arizona, 53,, no, no, none

3919. well done

2002-03-17 15:25:56, jz,,

3920. I search urgent a map ( at best in 1:100 000 scale)or something else-
in the vinicity of a small town Lopatin, between Brody and Radekhiv.
( to locate villages on this region).
As well,I search every info about surname RAFINSKI- living family at the turn of the XIX/XX century.
Best regards and thanks.
2002-03-17 11:25:00, Rafinski,, Poland, 60,, no, no, probably.,

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