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3901. PLEASE can some1 tell me the where abouts of my babys father and former fiancee... PAVLO LYCHAK.. who is either staying in CHORTKIV- TERNOPIL with his family.. or SARATOV- RUSSIA with his brother.
we are lost with out any knowlage of his safety.

i am scared my baby has no father as he never called us from his arrival to KIEV airport on 31st july 2002..

plz if some one knows him plz ask him to call his baby and baby's mother in AUSTRALIA reverse charge..
2002-09-01 01:55:16, JOANNE BOYD,, Australia, 33,, no, no,

3902. this is baron von puddinheimergrad, saying go to for the best Ukrainian cuisine, like puddin!
2002-08-31 17:08:33, Dr. Puddintime,, Uranus, 69,, in my sleep, yes, but the polish nobles made me go,

3903. Great Job- as usual-
I visited before your other web sites regarding
Brzezany- my families home town—
2002-08-31 13:57:46, bill T,, california usa, 49,, no, no,

3904. hi . nice pages you have . i have lookt at your norwegian page also . nice and full og nice information , ivisited donetsk in juli . hard when
no one talk english and i get troble on the marked near the train station 6-guards , shit , they did`nt lwt me go . *s* i had a camera . they did`nt like that :)
2002-08-31 13:36:25, Rune,, norway, 30,, no.only a few words *a*, only donetsk,

3905. The new Fromage Bleu website is up and running! If you haven't heard about this spectacular four-woman band, you're missing out! They're a fresh talent like nothing else on the American market. Get to know the gifts of Farina (a refuge from Gondor), El-Lon (an ex-Spanish diva), BenWa (a fashionable British struggling artist), and Lost Color Kid (an immigrant from the tyranny of Rainbow Land.) has much to offer. Learn the latest from the band, along with lyrics, bios, our story and more. We look forward to hearing from you!
2002-08-31 13:03:09, Lost Color Kid,, USA,, no, I'm sorry, no, but it sounds cool,

2002-08-31 11:10:23, Nicola Quadraro,, Luxemburg, 62,, No, No,

3907. Good site
2002-08-31 03:56:48, Martin Bell,, UK, 33,, Yes, No,

3908. It´s a beautifull website you have with a lot on information. Thank you for putting it on the internet. So many people are searching for answers. Mary Werbner
2002-08-31 03:29:39, Mary Werbner,, Holland, 61,, no, no,

3909. Pryvet Zakharii! Molodetz!Klasnyy site.
2002-08-30 23:22:57, Mihai Marina,, Romania, 27,, Tak!, Tak!,

2002-08-30 22:34:34, Matt,, USA,, n, n,

3911. The sites are great but I may need mor help with Ukrainian language. I am just starting to learn and the sites do not have enough words for me. If you can help please e-mail. Thanks.
2002-08-30 13:04:13, J.C.,,,

3912. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-08-30 12:44:37, LEW KUSTIN, LKLABEL@AOL.COM, BROOKLYN NY, 65,,

3913. Great!
2002-08-30 07:49:39, Dave,,

3914. Hello! I live in Toronto and am dating a GREAT Ukrainian guy... I was hoping I would be able to surprise him by learning how to speak (a little at first)Ukrainian. Do you know of contacts where a "Limey" could learn to speak Ukrainian? Perhaps even phonetically by swapping emails at first? Look forward to receiving your reply, Tracey - Eager to learn!Email:
2002-08-30 07:22:45, Tracey,, Toronto, 32,, Hope to!, Not yet!,

3915. please help me to translate this ukraine language to english and send it immediately to my mail box thanksty menya zadral u menya ih netu !!!!!!! ya tebe ne bank !!!!!!! ishchi kogo nibud` drugogo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2002-08-30 03:33:10, ken charles,, Nigeria, 25,, no, no,

3916. greetings
2002-08-28 12:10:58, steve, usa,,

3917. Roman,
This is such a informativce & broad web-site, the best one I have ever seen so far. It includes everything someone might be looking for and a great job on your family side, wow. It was interesting to read about Berezhany, I have never been there, nice city. Also what made me REALLY happy were the links about Lviv, the most beautiful city in Ukraine since I was born and grew up there. Keep up the good work.
Best of luck.

2002-08-28 10:31:00, Marta,, USA, 23,, YES, YES,

3918. Dobri Den!
Just found your website-very interesting! Am Ukrainian on my
mother`s side. Trying to search for
family in USA and Ukraine. Grandfather`s name was Michael Polosky
(several different spellings in family
records) from village of Nanowa.
Grandmother`s name was Rose
Stasczyczyn, from village of
Ustianowa. Any info on these towns
would be appreciated. Diakuju!
2002-08-28 06:08:35, Wayne Joseph Golob,, USA, 49,, nyet!, nyet!, N/A

2002-08-28 01:49:51, bilal,, ds, 17,, no, no, www.geocities.cim/bilalsweet2000

3920. Hallo. I wrily love Lviv.
2002-08-26 10:31:24, Taras, Pylypiv, 17,, no, Yes,

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