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3901. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-04-23 14:07:42, Jackie Musyt,, Seattle Washington USA, 54,, No, No, None

3902. Un impegno morale: pių ucraine sui marciapiedi di Valletta!!!
2002-04-23 03:50:22, Pampu,, valletta,, no, sė,

3903. Great Pages. I really enjoy reading about the area.
2002-04-22 23:14:18, Jon Phillips,, 39,, No, No,

3904. Hello Roman. My Grandfather'name was Roman and his wife was Mary. My father came over to Canada in 1928.They spelt his name Kerelchuk, It should ( I have been told) to have spelt to Kyrylchuk. His name was John . He was the oldest of the family. He was the only one that left Ukraine from his family as far as I know. Check your heritage. My father has died a lomng time ago. Contact me if you think we may be related.
2002-04-22 21:29:38, John Kerelchuk,, Canada,, Not since I was a kid., no,

3905. I am trying get information about Janina Spinner Mehlberg, who lived in Lwow during World War II. She was a Polish Jew (probably disliked Ukrainians as much as Germans) and worked in the underground, posing as a Polish countess in Lublin. She was called the Heroine of Majdanik for her work with those confined there.
2002-04-22 17:20:05, Arthur L. Funk,, USA, 80,, No, No,

3906. i hope to visit ukraine this summer,and i try to get as mutsh information as possible before i go so thanks for the help
2002-04-22 14:19:32, øystein.johansen,, norway, 35,, no sorry, no,

3907. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-04-22 12:58:00, Diana Cherniawski,,, no, no,

3908. Dear Sir.

I'm looking for details about my family history. The family was living in Stryi and most of them were killed during the holocost. My grandmather and her sister were the only servivers and we could not get lot of info from them when they were alive. The only detail I have is the parents names (Fiega of the family Kmph and her husbend Moshe Spinrad.

They were living in 5 Rejpana st. near Rinek (speling ..) square

2002-04-22 10:02:49, Haim Avnieli,, Ezer, Israel, 37,, No, No,

3909. I found your Buczacz web page.
   My grandfather Morris/Moses Albin left Buczacz in 1898 for New York and then California, where he met my grandmother. Morris's parents were Israel Lieb Albin and Rebecca (unknown) Albin. I am still searching for records of their life. Morris is my only Jewish ancestor; the rest of my family is Italian, Portuguese, or American/English.
2002-04-21 19:47:27, Bill Principe,, 58,, no, no,

3910. Still looking for some details on Mszaniec. can anyone help.
2002-04-21 17:54:05, Patrick Guran,, Toronto, Canada, 50,, Very little, No,

2002-04-21 11:52:21, teed,,,

3912. Come to my website you won't regret it
2002-04-21 07:35:13, Chris Smith, 22,, No, No, http//

3913. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-04-21 04:04:44, Bronislaw Yurkowski,, New Zealand, 58,, No, No,

2002-04-21 03:42:28,,,

3915. God bless you all my friend out there,
This realy a nice site indeed.
2002-04-20 19:54:40, plato owulezi,, 30,, no, once,

3916. Thanks for this great site keep it up.
2002-04-20 19:46:56, plato owulezi,, Nigeria Imo State., 30,, know, once,

3917. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-04-19 14:04:10, dan mockinick,, usa, 66,, no, no, grier city,pa-usa

3918. Hi looking for a great e-pal?
Mail me and I will mail back as soon as possible!! Greetings from Sylvia, mail me at:
2002-04-19 06:43:27, Sylvia,,

3919. I love your country!!!!
2002-04-18 23:52:18, Ellen,, Norway, 20,, Litt, Yes,

3920. Nice site!! I was just wondering if you had any information on Jezeirzany (now called Ozeryany) my Great-Grandfather was born there in 1884 and immigrated into Canada in 1901, I would like to get as much information about this town as possible. Thank you for you time.
2002-04-18 20:42:54, Lorne Bilinski,, Canada, 20,, only a couple of words, unfortunately not,

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