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3901. Ciekawa strona, choc bardzo osobista.
Niewielkie bledy jezykowe dodaja jej klimatu.
Moi dziadkowie pochodz╣ spod Lwowa (Milczyce), zawsze z duzym sentymentem wspominaja to piekne miasto i okolice o unikalnym charakterze.

Zalaczam pozdrowienia.
2002-05-20 12:51:20, Lukasz,, Poland, 24,, very poor, never yet,

3902. Dear Roman:

One more note. This is in regards to your mention of the town "...Helenky, Gelenky (Helenky, Helenki / Gelenki) - 3 km north of Kozova (from name Helena)..."

I tracked down, as I mentioned in my e-mail to you, microfilms of the Catholic indices for this town for the mid-1800's to the mid-1900's. The LDS has made certain of these records available.

It is repeatedly spelled "Helenkˇw," which is its same spelling on my great-grandfather's passenger ship list (1907), as well as several other ship lists ľ covering several years ľ which show up on the Ellis Island site (although here it is spelled "Helenkow," without the "ˇ" diacritical, which may have been unfamiliar to the people preparing the lists). Thought you might want to add this relatively common spelling to your roster.

Thanks again for all your hard work. The updates are GREAT!! :)

- jEz
2002-05-20 11:13:13, Jim Zielinski, the younger,, USA, 40,, no, no, not applicable

2002-05-19 19:17:57, Howard Miller,, 641 Timber Hill Road, 68 years,, no, no, none

3904. This was realy nice.I tried to print out the dictionary but 52 pages is a little to much for my printer.I am generaly interested in slavic languages.
2002-05-19 15:21:42, Trond Johnsen,, Norway, 40+,, No, No, --

3905. Roman,

Thanks for info on the region. My surname (Werschler) comes from Bavaria. In the 1750s one branch of the family went west to America and ended up in Pennsylvania and Ohio in the USA. Another branch (Werschler, Werszler) went east to Galicia and cities like Berezhany, Lwow, Landestreu, and Kolomyja. You've given me a lot of background.
2002-05-19 11:29:30, John Warstler,, USA,,

3906. Hi Roman,
You have done an outstanding job creating this web site.
For your reference the original spelling of my surname was "╬├▓đ╬╩". My father and his family came from Mikulince to the USA in 1910.
2002-05-19 00:46:23, Ted O'Hirok,, USA, 70,, No, No, N/A

3907. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-05-18 23:07:41, zoshie,, canada,, some what, no,

3908. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-05-18 09:32:15, howard,, Saginaw, Mi. USA, 69,, no, no,

3909. Wonderful website. Thank you. My family came to NYC from STratyn and Wolica - is Wolica nearby - I cannot find it on the maps. Their names were HAndsman, STeinberg and Gabel
2002-05-17 19:07:57, DAva Gerard,, Amaillo Tx,, no, Would like to,

3910. great site..I'm going to ternopil at the end of may to help mentor tv-4...I'm a news anchor in evansville, indiana, usa..and our delegation includes our station manager and production manager...looking forward to meeting the nice people of the oblast. sincerely, david james
2002-05-16 21:20:00, david james,, evansville, 53,, no, no,

3911. My daughter who lives in Kingwood, Tx sent me information she got when she went on the computer about Ellis Island since she was trying to find out some information about her grandparents. I was so glad she told me what she got also your page.
2002-05-15 15:53:51, Anna Holyat Tucker,, Kingsville, Tx, 80,, Not any more, No,

3912. Do you have any knowledge of the towns: Lutvza, Galecy and Damaradz, Austria? Both my grandmother and her sister came to America the turn of the century in 1908 and 1914. Their names are Jozefa Bober and Zofia Bober. I believe there are still relatives living with that name. In marriage, my grandmother's married name became Swierk. I have no record found on her husband Bartholamew Swierk who may have come from a coal mining town in that region. Any pertainent information you can find would be helpful to finding my roots of ancestry. Thank you, Wendy Brooks E-Mail:
2002-05-15 10:36:51, Wendy A. Brooks,, USA, 46,, no, no, 974 Tecemseh Road Erma Park Cape May, NJ 08204

3913. Great work! I have been in West Ukraine many times and your site is the best I have seen so far about this region. (Om du fortfarande bor i Oslo bor jag bara 170 km s÷der om dig.)
2002-05-14 16:46:21, Hans Gustavsson, 36,, No, Yes,

3914. It was nice to see taht page. thanks a lot. Just few days ago I visited Lwow( when my grand parents were born) and it is realy wonderful town. Nice people, but... For shure I will be back one day.
2002-05-14 09:28:11, Ewa,, Poland, 38,, no, yes,

3915. My wife's grandmother and grandfather came from
Galicia. They emigrated to New York City, USA in
the early 1900s. Their names were Piren and
Tynetski (As we know them). My wife and I are
interested in the Galicia area and might consider
a trip there. You have a very nice site.
Thank you.
2002-05-14 07:40:11, Donald Gray,, USA, 60,, No, No,

3916. Hi there. nice website....
2002-05-14 06:43:31, Kim J°rgen SŠtran,, Norway, 17,, no i dont :), no =),

3917. Greetings. Where would I find the village of Perecseny, from which my grandfather (Andras Bakesz) emigrated in 1912, to the USA. We believe we are Slovak, but his immigration papers mark him as Hungarian.
2002-05-13 19:36:08, Christopher J. Bakes,, Palo Alto, California, 45,, No, No,

3918. Cool site..Check out mine
2002-05-13 17:04:36, mike jacobs,, usa,,

3919. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-05-13 14:26:59, Olga Fursova,, Oslo, 26,, nemnogo, da,

3920. I loved your site....just surfing nice one. if u get a chance let me know what you think of my attempt at html!!
I always have wanted to travel to day im sure... :)
2002-05-13 13:48:05, Paul geaf,, uk, 28,, no..! a little...learning, never :(,

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