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3901. Very cool
2001-11-23 20:12:33, Peter,, USA, 19,, no, yes,

3902. I have a Ukranian Friend
2001-11-22 16:06:59, Russ,, USA, 18,, nope, nope,

3903. Hello. I like your webpage very much, It has lots
of useful information, wonderful job.
I wanted to ask, do you know how can I find town
Kozova, that is not far from Berezhany. If you could
help me, I would appreciate that.
Thank you.
2001-11-22 12:52:03, Marianna,,, yes, i live there,

3904. Seeking correspondence with ukrainian women
2001-11-21 20:01:40, Ivan,, winnipeg manitoba Can., 45,, tak, hi,

3905. I really liked your pages about Ukraine and Language.I am from Ukraine, and really miss it,but i foud the pictures of native where i spend the best years of my life. I was happy to see those pictures and my parents too, i will keep them. THank You so much.
2001-11-21 13:23:11,,

3906. I was amaissed how little I knew about my native town. Thank you, I think it's great peace of work.
2001-11-21 12:23:22, Zoe,, UK, 23,, Yes,

3907. I would like to see a pictures of Ternopil.
2001-11-21 11:40:07, Ruslan Horyn,, Maple Lake, MN, 16,, yes, I'm living in Ternopil, I don't have

2001-11-21 09:32:00, taras, chortkiv,,

3909. Private message. Click here to view.
2001-11-20 12:30:09, Karl AAge Strand,, Norway, 40,, NO, NO,

3910. This is a great site! I have been searching for information like this for a long time. My grandfather came to America around 1900 from Narayiv. His last name was Sendecki, which matched a name on the Narayiv martyrs list. Thank You for creating this website.
2001-11-20 11:42:03, Don Sendecke,, Florida - USA, 41,, No, No,


2001-11-19 16:47:34, PANACHE,, qc, 42,, no, no, no

3912. Hello,

You have a very nice page on the internet.
It was very nice to read something of Tjernobil.
That's the way we write it in Holland.

Can you tell me a little bit more by email?
How cold it is in winter and so on???
How is the roadcondition, cause we will be going there shortly to unload. I've heard temperatures can drop -/-35 C in winter at night. Brrr... that's very cold!!! I never have been in such cold.

2001-11-19 07:34:00, Angelique,, Haarlem, hm ...,, No, Not yet,

3913. Private message. Click here to view.
2001-11-18 23:07:11, Roman Hrytsak,, CANADA, 60,, Somewhat, no,

3914. It was wonderful
2001-11-18 15:57:36, Carl,, Canada, 33,, No, No, Http://

3915. Amazing
2001-11-18 15:55:20, Craig,, South Africa, 23,, No, No,

3916. I have just started to look at your Homeland Page, but so far find it very fascinating. I am 1/2 Ukrainian on my father's side and all my relatives came from Western Ukraine from places like Borshchiv, Ternopil, L'viv, and Chernivtsy (around 1900). I also love history, specifically Ukrainian history, I hope to visit Ukraine someday, thanks.
2001-11-18 14:19:51, Peter A. Kordonowy,, USA, 31,, No, No,

2001-11-18 03:06:50, bob,, ca, old,, sasf, afasf,

3918. How wonderful it was for me to find information on Galicia. My mother was born in monasterzyska. One of her sisters was born Brezany. It was very difficult to understand/visualize where they were from. I could not find any material in the past that would help me understand. You did a great job.It was good to see some photos.
2001-11-17 22:10:37, christina Lange,, Canada,, no, no,

3919. I enjoyed your website. I was looking for
information on Ternopil for my mother who is considering
joining on a medical mission trip schedule there in
early 2002. I especially enjoyed reading about your
family, you do them great honor.
2001-11-16 09:41:35, A. McClung,, USA, 40,, NO, NO,

3920. Great Web Site. My grandfather was born in a village( Zwinyhorod ??) just north of Buczac in 1883 and he came to Canada in 1908. His brother came to Canada in 1911.My great grand father also seems to have lived in the same area.
2001-11-15 17:59:21, Robert Spokowski,, 55,, No, No, Under Construction

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