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3901. prywit, some time ago somebody want contact with family Garbal, Bukaj or Starozuk. I am here :)
2004-04-07 10:07:36, Lukasz Garbal,,, yes,

3902. Hi all, I am looking for a Girl by the name of Tanya, she has a painting of mine, and I need to photograph it. The painting consists of a beach with the moon and 2 roses in the foreground. If you know of this painting or have seen it please contact me!
2004-04-06 16:06:25, Kiska, TORREYOMAHABEACH@AOL.COM, Wisconsin, 30,, No, No, Nill

3903. Private message. Click here to view.
2004-04-06 15:05:29, Miles Tepper,, NewJersey, USA, 58,, No, No, but I would like to go there soon, N/A

3904. very interesting but i would like to have more details and pictures abot boryslaw and truskawiec i left this region many yers ago and i am thinking about a visit
2004-04-06 04:57:05, nard, nard@bezeq int net il, israel, 70,, no, 2,

3905. I have some new friends from Ukraine and now I feel I have a deeper bond with them, thanks!
2004-04-06 03:33:42, James,, USA, 25,, no, no,

3906. I was searching the internet to learn about my family history and discovered your site. My family name is Lisowski from noble polish family, and I would be interested in recieving any information I can get about my relatives or ancestry. I'm trying to find my grandfather's relatives. Can I obtain birth certificates from Lisowski from Sambir(1600) and LISOWSKI from Zborów (1800) town hall for my grand, grand grandfather's relatives. Some LISOWSKI was born in year 1620 in Sudkowice. Could you send me some informations about town Zborów? You have a very wonderful homepage that requires a lot of work and dedication. I have had a wonderful experience learning what you have shared on this website. I’m ready to cover all your expences. Thank you a lot! Could we talk polish?
Best to you,
Thaddaus Lison Lisowski

2004-04-05 17:50:12, Thaddaus Lison Lisowski,, Frankfurt, 65,, no, no,

3907. Hi Roman
This summer my sister, dad and me are travelling for Ukraine. We are from Denmark but my fathers family came from Toky (Toki). We want to see if we can learn more about our family and mayby find some relatives. Just to see the area will be great. We will visit the Ternopil area in about 14 days and we need someone that can translate for us. Ukraine-English(danish). I don´t think we can find anybody there speaking danish, but english would be nice. Can you help me in any way ? Thought you mayby knew someone that could be interrested in helping us. Offcourse we find a price for the work. Hope to hear from You Roman.
2004-04-05 10:33:26, Emil Jřrgensen,, Denmark, 26,, No, No,

3908. I am looking for my mother's family. Her father's name was Iwan Iwanciw, Her mother's name was Justina, and she had a sister Mary and a brother Vasili. There are more names but my mother is dead and I can't ask her. They lived in what is now called Ottynia, Ukraine. My mother was born in 1924 and suvived being taken away to Germany as slave labor. I would like to find anyone who knew my mother's family. Also, I would like to know if any Triszczuks still live in Krivotuli Ukraine or if there are any relatives of the Triszczuks or Iwanciws living in the United States or elsewhere who would communicate with me. My mother had stories about this this area which should not be forgotten. I would like to write a history for my grandkids so their history is not lost. I wish I had paid closer attention when I was younger and not worried about being from a place that was behind the iron curtain and worried about being put down for this. Now I am sorry I didn't ask more questions. PLease write if you have any information. This site may be the only place I could find some answers.
2004-04-03 16:36:37, Stefka (Iwanciw,Triszczuk) White,, Craig, Colorado, USA, 58,, YES, But somewhat RUSTY as my parents are dead, Yes in 1968, I was in Lviw and Uzhgorod,

3909. Hello, I saw your site on the web, and i was surprised. My Mother (Name: ISKRA) is born in trembowla. I will have some pictures from this town, can you help me? My mother has birthday this month (19 april), and i will make a picture board as present. Thank you very much!!
2004-04-02 03:14:41, Marcin Jedryczka, Mulheim (germany), 27,, no, no, but i will,

3910. Family historically from western Ukraine, villages of Komancha and Radocich near Sanok and San river. Land currently part of SE Poland. Would love to visit the area some day. Tom Harhai
2004-03-31 13:54:59, tom Harhai,, York Pennsylvania, USA, 52,, nyet, nyet,

3911. Looking for anybody with the last name Buchwak!!!
2004-03-27 20:38:13,, Chicago, 34,, Yes, No,

3912. What a fantastic site i stumbled across trying to find my father`s village. Unfortunately I had no luck & Wondered if you have heard of a town or village called Wysockonigne (that`s the spelling on my birth certificate)
2004-03-27 03:45:41, Peter Nyskohus,, Australia, 50,, little, no,

3913. My grandmother was born in chorochoryn near Torczyn. Now it´s west Ukranie. i would like to have information on this town.
2004-03-26 18:08:02,,

3914. Hi my name is Vasil. I was born in Berezhany. I graduated from Berezhany High School #3 in 1985. Looking for classmates or friends who know me. Please e-mail me.
2004-03-24 20:08:53, Vasil Fentsor,, Syracuse, NY,, yes, yes,

3915. Good day
I found this site in my evening search for family.
my Granparents emigrated to the US in 1914
My available records show they were from:
Kusevichi Province, Rydku,Halychyna,Galicia,Western Ukraine

Could you help me with my search please as names alphabet and language gets in the way.
Iwould like to know my roots and visit one day
Richard Kolodrubetz
gradpa was: Wasyl Kolodrubitz aka Kolodrybetz, aka Kolodziebitz,aka Kologziebe
Grandma's maiden name:Ksenia Czajka aka Xenia, aka Kainia Czaka, aka Ksenia Czayka,

thanks so much
2004-03-23 21:41:00, Richard Kolodrubetz,, Maryland,USA, 47,, no, no,

3916. Just was looking for information on my grandfather's hometown of Kolomyya, enjoyed your family's photos
2004-03-23 00:28:06, lesley,, 52,, no but my friends do,

3917. heeey, I love LVIV too.. I'm from Ukraine but I live in USA right now, my hometown is Zhydachiv. LVIV keep it up! We love you!!! Wanna go back to my native country so bad.. Mother Ukraine.. mmwaaa!
2004-03-19 18:47:52, Vika,, Philadelphia, 16,, zvuchaino ;), I was born there :)),

3918. I am trying to find the village from where my grandmother was from; a ship's manifest noted that she was from Plotycza, Galicia, and that she was Austria, Ruthenian. I found your website and noticed that you have a town listed with a similar name....could this be the same place? Her last name was Jarema, Marya was her first.
Thank you,

Diana Dryish
2004-03-19 15:18:51, Diana,, Mesa, Arizona USA, 55,, no, no,

3919. Thank you for producing such a facinating Website. I have connections with Poland,Jews from Cracow (1939) and with part of Poland before it became the Ukraine.
2004-03-16 17:20:27, Roger Harrison,, England, 59,, no, Not yet,

3920. Private message. Click here to view.
2004-03-15 06:00:53, Lilia Smereczanska,, Poland,, Yes, yes,

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