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3901. My grandfather George Lysenko is said to have
lived in or near this town. I am one of his grandchildren.
He did not tell us about his past.
2002-06-07 12:42:08, Rod Lysenko, lysenko@edgewood,edu, Madison Wisconsin USA, 49,, No, No,

3902. Wystarczy jedno slowo: imponujace a Twoja polszczyzna dokonala i warte polecenia na polskiLwow discussion group.
2002-06-07 11:42:25, stanislaw Szybalski,, Florida, USA, 74,, nie, tak,

3903. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-06-06 16:18:33, Larry Roberts, larry-roberts@sbcglobal. net, USA, 65,, no, no,

3904. Hi Roman, I've been trying to get some information on the town where my father was born(Staryi Samir). I am wondering if any of my relations still live there.My fathers name on his passport is: Peter Newenglowski.
2002-06-06 15:36:47, Peter Nevenglosky,, America, 69,, Some, No,

3905. Great site, visit mine,
2002-06-05 17:59:22, Mally,,, no, no,

3906. This summer I will wisit Ukraina with my wife
from Poland. I like to learn a little about
Ukraina first, and I need to find out if visum
is nessesary (norwegian zitisen).
Greetings from Kjetil Magnus
2002-06-05 07:05:26, Kjetil Magnus Bjørklund,, East Norway, 61,, no, no,

3907. Dear Roman,

Thank you for this impressive and highly informative site. I have been looking for something up to date like this in print, but failed to find anything as useful let alone briliiantly-designed as this. Well done!
I am a doctoral student at Brasenose College, University of Oxford. My DPhil thesis (which I hope to complete DV in the next academic year, is dedicated to the 5th century Byzantine church historian Sozomenus. However, I am deeply interested in the history of Glaicia (as well as in Ukrainian history of all periods). I am originaly from Jerusalem, Israel.My late father was born in Drohobycz in 1924 (d. 1972, Tel Aviv, Israel) and lived there until 1941. He managed to flee to Russia 24 hours before the invading German troopes had reached Drohobycz. He lived there on Ul. Swietego Jura 5 and attended the local gymnasium. His name was Leon (Leonid) Zukerberg (in Russia he adopted his mother's grand father's surname:Rebisz, and was known as Rebishov). His father's name was Sender (Oleksander) Zukerberg. My father spoke fluent Ukrainian and had many Ukraiian friends in town and in the villages around it. He went back to Drohobych (by than under Soviet rule) only once shortly after the end of the war, but found neither family nor friends. He went on to Poland and left in 1947 for Paris where he studied electric engineering. I would love to hear from you and find out more about my Galician roots. I know very little about it. My father died when I was ten and there were no survivors of his family. I speek Polish and Russian and can understand some Ukrainian. I prefer to write in English though. Writing in Polish would have taken me a long time !

Best regards.

Yours cordially,

Eran Argov (formerly: Rebisz)

Brasenose College

Oxford OX1 4AJ

England, UK


2002-06-05 06:55:52, Eran ARGOV,, Brasenose College, 39,, I can understand quite a bit, Not yet. Would like to visit.,

3908. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-06-05 02:30:13, Egil Jørgen Lund,, Norway, 56,, No, Yes,

2002-06-04 23:03:27, chad,,

3910. I am glad to find you. I am looking for my lost family. My mother was born in Tarnopol to Michael and Maria Michalsky (or Michalski). She died many years ago and leave me virtualy with no information about my family. Is there someone who can tell me about them.
2002-06-04 16:18:44, Anna, Catherina Kurina,, Ontario Canada,, NO, NO, NO

2002-06-03 10:20:45, DAVID PICKLO, DPICKHI@AOL.COM, 60,, NO, NO,

3912. Our web site is a Grassroots Political Journal of Global Perspective. We cover news about the Bush Regime, Environment, Religion, the celebration of cultural diversity and the Performing Arts around the world. We also feature Progressive International News Headlines and more.
2002-06-02 17:57:10, Dean & Justin’s Political Journal,, US, 2Y,, NO, NO,

3913. I am thrilled to have found your website. I will
read and explore it first opportunity. Of course
I am searching for my roots and it appears that you
have a lot of information that will help. Wonderful
site - will write more later. (My mother was Ukrainian
her parents came from Chortkiv - Ternopil, Kosiw,
still trying to put this together. Regards,
2002-06-02 16:50:01, Evelyn Dota,, 58,, Unfortunately NO, Not yet, n/a

2002-06-02 14:16:51, Stephen Pura,, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, 83,, Yes, No, None

3915. God bless the people of planet earth
2002-06-02 12:03:08, C. Jeff Dyrek,, USA, 47,, no, no,

3916. Ya vchuvsya v gimnazii vberezhanax chomy tu nichogo ne rozkazyesh pro nei .Ya vzhe davno ne byv v Berezhanax no xotiv bu chos pochytu pro vse yak tam. Day znatu .ny davay vidpushu.
2002-06-01 23:06:20, slavik,, usa, 22,, sure, i was born in Urmani, i dont have it

3917. I was checking out your country, city of Ternopil and came across your home page. You have a very interesting country. I am of Polish desent. South Texas Polish settlers came from Poland in mid 1800's. History and ancestory is a facinating thing to behold.
2002-06-01 22:49:42, Edward J. Pawlik,, United States, 54,, No, No,

3918. Sicuramente uno dei servizi guestbook + interessanti del web!
2002-05-31 18:45:43, Cyclops, mail@mail, Italy, 27,, sorry!, no but i'd like,

3919. Looking for my greatgrandparents. Grandfather Nicolaus Myron - believe born in Bazar - His father was the mayor. Grandmother Michalina Delawska - believe born in Danelos. Her family was quite wealthy. I know there is still family in the Ukraine and my brother and I would like to meet them. Any help would be appreciated.
2002-05-31 14:12:46, Lynn Hosegood,,,

3920. Private message. Click here to view.
2002-05-30 12:28:56, Robert Setterbo,, U.S.A., 39,, No, no, don't have one at this time

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