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2015-07-04 18:56:09,,, usa, 56,, yes,

2. Private message. Click here to view.
2015-05-27 03:21:41, John B Naradzay,, silver spring, 66,, no,

3. Very informative and interesting. I enjoyed browsing your work.
2015-05-15 12:03:50, Don Hutsul,, Thunder Bay, Canada, 70,, yes,

4. Looking for anyone named Keryk. My father was Stephan from Starmycyna (spelled wrong I'm sure). Came to the USA around 1910. My email is
2015-05-13 12:36:15, Francis J, Keryk,, Sunnyvale Ca., 91,, No,

5. Thank you for this page - my family - the Nahaylo's are from Teofipilka originally and many moved to Berezhany. I was just there 3 weeks ago.
2015-05-07 12:10:30, Emma Nahaylo,, Saskatoon, Canada, 28,, No - very little ,

6. Private message. Click here to view.
2015-05-01 02:31:43, Zuzanna, Wrocław,, En, Ru, Es,

7. Hello! I loved your page, and loved reading all of the meanings. You seem very knowledgeable, maybe you can help me with my last name. Its spelled "Wyrshyhora". But I have seen it spelled 2 other ways on my great grandpas papers, but all 3 spellings could be wrong, when he immigrated to the US the names always got spelled wrong. Anyways he had always told me our last name means large/big mountain/hill. And not long ago I had a Doctor apt, whos name was Vladimir, and he knew the language. Do you know if theres any truth to this?
2015-04-27 04:29:23, Amy,, NY - USA, 29,, no,

8. My parents were Ukrainian immigrants in the very early 1900's. They were wed in Buffalo and lived in Lockport, NY.
2015-04-10 18:14:58, Francis J. Keryk,, Sunnyvale, Ca., 91,, No,

9. Private message. Click here to view.
2015-04-04 11:39:59,,,

10. Greetings! Grandparent Anna Ilnicki from this area. Possibly grandfather Vasily Havrilyak. Immigrated around 1900. I was born as Susan Marie Havrilyak in Michigan
to Michael Havrilyak and Gertrude Storrs. Thank- for your info on Zalishchyky!
2015-03-11 23:12:46, Susan Dykgraaf,, michigan, 61,, no,

11. Wonderfully constructed site, full of lost facts and memories, most helpful to descendants of forefathers. Thank you for the huge tour of my past.
2015-03-04 05:17:36, Michael James Fedeczko,, United Kingdom, 62,, No, sadly,

12. My father was from Berezhany. It's nice to see these photos
2015-02-24 18:06:09, Vera Farrer,, Edinburgh Scotland, 55,, Yes,

13. Was there a village by the name of Losachiw in the area? My grandfather came from there and he did come from this province.
2015-02-20 07:48:10, Gerald Mechor,, United States, 60,, No,

14. Enjoyed your site. I'm looking for ancestry information about the Chemerys, Zabrowarna, Petryk or Kondraton families.
2015-02-07 12:06:46, Mary (Chemerys) DePaul,, Glenside, PA USA, 55,, No,

2015-01-29 10:57:42, Jarosław , jakubowski , poland, 25,, ne,

16. Trembowla is my ancestral village on my mothers side. The family name was Marud. They left Trembowla for Canada in 1927-9, although not all at once.. My mother was born there. I still have the immigration papers and steamship passage documents and some birth certificates. Would like to continue dialogue with you and others. I am an architect.
2015-01-24 08:26:05, Garry Tomporowski,, Kelokna B.C. canada, 65,, no,

17. Private message. Click here to view.
2015-01-19 06:44:32, Karen korolevich Phillips,, Arlington tx USA, 71,, I don't know! Zoutrz zoutrz Nya SHA hudna Ville bushka havarut. What is that?,

18. My grandfather, wilhelm wolfensohn was from tarnopol-ternopil and so were his parents. where could i find some info about the wolfensohn family?
2014-12-27 12:58:07, daniel,, sao paulo, 57,, no, only german,

19. I love all your pictures!!!! Apparently my grandfather, Johann Brennenstuhl was a meister church builder in the area (Catholic, Lutheran...) He died when my dad, Karl was 10. My dad is also dead otherwise he would have been able to correspond with you in Ukranian, Polish, Russian, German..) I am trying to find, if possible some of the churches (wooden) that he built; that is if they are still there.
2014-12-27 10:00:11, Karen,, Canada, 56,, No,

2014-12-16 11:39:59, LINN GALANT,, canada,, no,

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