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VVA Chapter 421

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1. Hmmm, i dot't think this is true
2018-12-21 09:47:05, Elephantx10crone,, Denmark, Playing cards, Resources

2. membership # is 1114927,

2017-11-10 08:52:23, Anthony Sgro,, 6/1966/1967/ 3-1968, DanangChuLaiKhaSanh, Marines, Mass-2 Mass3
Webmaster: Welcome Home brother. Please do visit our site often.

3. My comment is to the master behind the Chapter web page. Frank Russo you have out done yourself...This is by far the best site I've seen to date. My Cav hat is off to you!
2017-10-25 13:06:25, Bill Jennings,, 68-69, Mekong Delta, Army+AIR CAV, B Trp 3/17 Air Cav 1st Avn Bde
Webmaster: I thank you for your kind words. My reward is my association with members of this Chapter and the comradeship with my brother-in-arms and you my friend are both.

4. Gene: Thank you and your Members for supporting the placement of the Memorial Plaque at Cardinal Hayes High School in memory of Christopher Meagher and the other Hayesmen we have so far found to also have been Killed in Action in Vietnam. I look forward to December 5th and a solemn day of remembrance.
John Shea
1LT, Infantry
9th Infantry Division 68/69
2017-10-23 14:13:15, John Shea,, 1968/1969, 9th Division Mekong Delta, Army Infantry, 4/39

5. I took some photos of the Memorial Ceremony.
Would you like to have them to post to the website?
2017-06-17 13:51:29, Robert Cavaliere,, 1965 -71, Army, 577th Engineer Battalion
Webmaster: Responded via email

6. Was at a community meeting & noticed someone wearing jacket with your logo.
Have never joined any veterans originations but would like some information on joining VVA
2017-05-03 16:45:17, Robert Burnett,, 1968-1969, Hue-Phu Bai, US Army, 18th MP Brigade, 504th MP's
Webmaster: Bob - Please check your email for more information on joining our organization. Welcome Home brother.

7. Was at a community meeting & noticed someone wearing jacket with your logo.
Have never joined any veterans originations but would like some information on joining VVA
2017-05-03 16:42:05,

8. Frank Russo, please do not change a thing on the Main page of web site. Great site, easy to Navigate....well done
2017-03-07 15:29:16, Sully,,
Webmaster: You and many others have been heard. Thank you for your feed back. The website will remain as is!

9. nice site i will investigate further. thanks and welcome home!
2016-12-13 10:15:54, louis a nieves,, 1970-1971, tan son nhut ab, usaf, 377 csg.
Webmaster: Thank you - Welcome home brother - visit our site often.

10. I stopped by to see if the brick had been laid for my husband but the gate was locked
2016-03-10 05:03:05, Leslie Langworthy,,
Webmaster: 11/18/2016 - The Memorial is currently closed until further notice while Phase II of our renovations takes place. Normally the Memorial is open on the weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun) 9am - Dark. The Memorial is not opened during icy or unsafe weather conditions.

11. Could you please add my husband's name to your Memorial Section? His name was Gary W. Johnson. He was a lifelong Staten Islander who served in Vietnam. He died in 2014
2016-02-16 03:10:31, Leslie M. Langworthy,,
Webmaster: Gary W. Johnson has been added to our memorial section.

12. Great Page
2016-01-28 08:03:12, Bill Welsh,, 6 months, Viet Nam, Navy, DD-852
Webmaster: Thank You

13. I am the wife of Gary Johnson,Esq., a Vietnam Veteran who died November 19, 2014.
2015-10-28 07:43:31, Leslie Langworthy,,

14. Frank, thanks for keeping up the web of ALL updates. I have been missing from meetings for the last 2 yrs. and this site helps to be informed of ALL EVENTS & HAPPENINGS. I will be attending next meeting on Monday the 7/27. Again Thanks to you and ALL my Brothers & Sisters of VVA Chapter 421 for encouragement & prayers during my absence.
2015-07-14 09:59:58, Sully,,
Webmaster: Thank you brother. God Bless.

15. Info that Was Not in The Veteran Magazine May/June 2015 Issue Please Forward to Delagates

WELCOME HOME NAM VETS. Bill Kiefer At-Large Candidate - Florissant, Missouri

My Main focus as an At-Large Delegate will be to conduct a Survey of ALL the Chapters to
Determine what YOU, the Veteran want from the VVA. My ideas may not be what YOU want,
so tell me, so I can work for YOU.

We need to Communicate better not only with National but also State to State. We can all Help
each other and our Communities by using the time we all have left to create a Legacy that will
NOT be forgotten.

Let’s create an environment where after we are gone, our Families, Friends and other Veterans
will continue Our ”In Service to America”. Let’s create an (Associate) AVVA that will continue
the Good we do well into the next Century. I am a (Life) VVA Member and AVVA Member.

I serve as VP Chapter 794 of Florissant, MO and as The State Chair working to increase
Membership with all the MO Chapters.

I worked with the City of Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO to bring The WALL in 2004.
I also serve on the New POW-MIA Museum being established at Historic Jefferson Barracks in
Missouri. This is the 1st Museum of this type that deals with the MIA, which to the VVA is critical.

Please learn more by going to This can be a part of our History and carry
on the VVA Good Name into the future. (Memorial Brick Program)

To my Marines “Semper Fi” To Nam Vets “Welcome Home” Thank You to ALL Services

GOD Bless AMERICA - Call or email me. Bill Kiefer 314/395-2788 Home CELL Phone for National Convention 314/363-8707

7 July 1965 Boot Camp USMC – 50 Years Later Still Above Ground 7 July 2015

2015-07-09 07:39:31, BILL KIEFER,, 68-69, MACV, USMC, DMA
Webmaster: Thank you for the info.

16. Dear Sir,I would like at give you my info as we discussed today @ the memorial ceremony. The address is 234 Kingsley Ave. 10314. phone is 347 855 2580. I am not a veteran myself but please include me in your mailing list if that's possible. If not please know that I have a great deal of respect for what you are doing.
2015-06-14 17:53:45, Kevin Mahoney,,

17. I am happy that I belong to a wonderfull chapter with all my [Brothers&Sisters MayAll our Brothers$Sisters comeHome , Iwill never forget them.
2015-05-23 11:47:50, Herman Nagora Jr,, 1967-1971, chu lai, Army, 196th light inf&1st air cav
Webmaster: Welcome Home brother

18. very good
2015-04-27 08:26:47, joe,, 1, long bien, army, engineers
Webmaster: Thank You - Welcome Home

19. Congratulations you two! Glad to see you didn't rush into anything!.love and happiness to you!
2015-04-17 16:46:00, Jim & Hedy Manger ,, 1969, US ARMY ,

20. Wonderful job on this site...very informative. Will look forward to future updates.
2015-04-16 11:03:29, KevinJ. Mooney,, 69 - 70, Phan Rahn, US Army - SGT, 630th MP Co.
Webmaster: Thank you.

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