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1. Interesting books ... !!!
2017-11-06 22:42:39, Jim,, California, 60,

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3. very interesting knowlege
2015-12-02 08:44:36, sheraz,, pakistan, 21, 03024495187

4. Nice webpages!
2015-01-02 13:23:16, Wild Gardener Jim, Planet Earth,

5. wtf???
2013-11-08 16:00:12, hero,

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7. I am printing off the information contained on your page showing the Lincoln/Shipley connection for my 89 yo mother, Rosalene Ringland Campbell. Her Mother, Gladys Shipley Ringland, was from the south eastern part of Iowa, Albia and Otumwa, and after she married Karl Ringland they moved to Des Moines where they resided until their demise. Our Shipley lineage is through the Shipley's of Ohio. Mom, Rosalene, has done extensive genealogy and has proven her lineage twice and has received DAR recognition twice, 2 lines. All this before the internet and all of the easy research tools that we have today, lots of handwritten correspondence and vacation trips researching ancestors. Before Mom's declining health we, the family, used to help preserve and maintain 5 or 6 small cemeteries in Iowa where many of the Shipleys and Hixenbaughs are buried. Mom just learned that a book written by Ida Tarbell, "He Knew Lincoln", has a brief mention of the Shipley connection and I am purchasing it from Amazon for her today. Thank you.
2011-12-28 09:24:30, Stephen Campbell,, Winfield, Ks, 64,

8. A great site, though I'm not a fan of angelfire, myself!
I'll need a lot of time to read all you have collected here.
Meantime I'm very interested in investing in ASfrica.
If you know of any reputable charites or other projects, please write me at
2011-06-25 03:46:42, Juana Barroco,, Spain, 48,

9. Private message. Click here to view.
2011-06-01 19:03:14, Rudy Okker,, Beaconsfield, QC, 66,

10. Thank you for your sound judgement on smoking pot. I was researching this subject on line and was horrified to find many "christians" whole heartedly supporting leagalizing pot. My spirit does not bare witness to this as truth. But it does bare witness to degenerated thinking. Thank you for your honest and sincere commentary on this subject
2010-04-22 14:39:01, Jackie,, Florida,

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