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1. Nice to see this information on line about Ross Carriers. My father Carlton Williams worked for the Benton Harbor plant after the war. He also worked for Clark Equipment for some years after Ross was purchased by Clark.
2018-04-12 10:03:28, Ken Williams,, Old Hickory TN

2. do you have parts for saddles
2018-03-02 10:33:55, Darrin,, az

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2018-02-19 05:54:59, Debbie Magnon,, 352 South Main Street. Manchester, NH

4. got two shotguns one is a stevens model 235 the otheris a marlin pump with hammer receiver#35953 barrel is #37474F
2018-02-09 21:58:10, carel whisenhunt,, lubbock tx

5. I have an old 1940s bear trap saddle for sale
2017-08-21 22:15:06, Bruce Packard,,

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2017-06-09 17:06:08, Doyle Cowell ,, Dickens, IA 51333

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2017-06-08 16:10:01, Donna McLean,, Wimberley, TX United States

2017-04-24 18:27:24, sinsajo33, harripoter2010@hotmail.comn, puelbla dezaragosa

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2017-04-09 16:59:27, Roberta,, Washington State

10. I have one of the Rowell saddled that was made in the 1950s it's in real good shape I was wondering what it is worth no
2017-03-07 22:42:09, Shari Hallen,, Chico, Calif.

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