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1. Hi my name is Ray Perkins I am a member of the ex serviceman's fishing club. we are looking for a water of our own. dose anyone know who owns the water now. please contact me on many thanks Ray
2016-10-15 15:45:39, Ray Perkins,, Bicester, 55,

2. Just a quick note to say have grateful Max, Tom and I were for all the kind help from J & D on 21/09/08 in getting us started with a tryout at the Pool.

Loads of good tips, so we even caught 10-12lb of carp - not bad for beginners!

Stalking is a must and it's a great hideaway for the day, so we'll be back....

Gavin, Max and Tom Yeulet
2008-09-29 12:30:34, Gavin Yeulet,, Buckingham,

3. I thought the guest book was for positive comments. The club have always been helpful to me and my son and trowpool was a great lake for him to learn the skills he has now. Yes it can get weedy but criticism like the club have taken from some anglers I feel was out of order after all if you don't like what you see i'm sure no one would mind if they fished elsewhere!! So come on anglers, less of the mindless criticism and more praise.
2008-08-28 19:26:44, Charlie Beale,, bicester, 39,

4. Hi. Just thought I'd say what a difference a few weeks has made and the weed clear up is great! I've been there a couple of times since and had great fun, even a couple of decent fish (6lb & 8lb).

I did appreciate that the Bicester permit gives you other waters too, but my point was that there is only one water in bicester and it was in a sorry state. 365 days or not it was still not good.

Great work though to whoever is responsible for the clean up. I for one think it's great again now!

Cheers, Lee
2008-08-27 23:09:01, Lee,, Bicester, 29,

5. went up to the lake for the first time .it is amazing .
2008-08-13 19:52:48, caroline,, oxford, 35,

6. Lee

Let me just confirm that £15 a year allows you to fish Trow Pool for 365 days a year thatís 4p a day and youíll not beat this value anywhere. In addition to this, youíre allowed to fish ODAA waters NOT only Trow Pool and your permit lists the waters or alternatively theyíre on our website. Itís not just one piece of water!

Iíve your details for any clean ups but currently for safety reasons we are not allowed to enter the water. To this end, the cleaning of the weed is being organised by others whom we have no control over but it will be cleaned up.

Trow Pool is weedy but still very fishable. However, I appreciate that youíre a novice and if you would like some free tutoring in fishing Trow Pool with weed and all the challenges then we can arrange this. If the trying is easy then there is no reward in succeeding!

2008-08-04 19:23:53, James (Secretary BDAA), Bicester,

7. Hi. I thought I'd take up fishing again and headed straight for Trow for the first time since I was 15 (13yrs ago!). I also roped my friend into it. Unfortunately I have to say I'm extremely disappointed and was almost embarrassed to take my friend along after building the place up so much. I'm sure you can guess the reason.....THE WEED!

Having read the comments and a bit of this website, I do understand the problems faced. But surely something HAS to be done? The place is almost unfishable for a novice like myself, and surely only really fishable on the surface? And we walked around the whole lake and really only found 1 or 2 locations that could even be considered. Needless to say we ended up leaving and heading to Somerton Canal.

I really feel like i want my money back on the permit. £15 seemed like great value but when you consider the Bicester permit only covers one piece of water, and that is almost unfishable, you wonder what we're paying for?

I'd definitely be intersted in helping out on a proper clean up operation if it could be organised. It seems such a shame and I have such great memories of the place.

Thanks, Lee
2008-08-04 14:23:42, Lee Godber,, Bicester, 28,

8. Ady, glad you enjoyed the lake and I reply to the comments you made... yes we used to have clean up days where all the club members (or should I say interested club members) used to attend, we laid on a barbeque and fishing afterwards was limited to those who helped. Yes it was organised, yes we had bank walkers who kept an eye on those working in the water.... Ahhh those were the days. Are we happy with the result of this years 'weeding'... no!! Clean up days will still go on, however, we are limited to working on the bankside only. There is no objection to anglers clearing swims with rakes from the bankside... on the other hand, Trow isn't too weedy to fish, the weed works in your favour especially if you're freelining with bread on the surface... The committee are always available to show you the tricks and give advice on fishing Trow.
2008-07-17 17:37:23, Diann (Treasurer BDAA), Bicester,

9. had a wander down the lakes today, very impressed with what i was nice to see fish swimming past as it was so clear,my only niggle was weed,i did speak to a couple of anglers who did both stress that the cherwell council have basically wash their hand on keeping the lake clear,(health and saftey reasons).as i understand i was also told that the club members used to clear it them selfs,but again stopped (health and saftey)if we all stood and looked at whats going on around us nothing in this country would ever get done ,because (you guessed it ) health and saftey.. well in my eyes we should gather around and do it ourselves ,with lots of people watching each others my fello fisher people make a date ,let everyone know and get the lake its a prime location to take young and old alike for a nice peacefull day out ..adrian horner.
2008-07-16 21:58:42, adrian (ady),, abingdon, 41,

10. Percy, You can fish with up to two rods on one environment rod licence, if you fish with three rods then you must have two licences.
2008-05-07 21:10:00, Dr Carp,

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