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2012-12-13 01:59:34,

2. It's shameful how the Australian Army are treating its loyal soldiers. The most senior officers should be above reproach, instead they are behaving shamefully.
2012-06-16 10:18:47, G Friend, Melbourne, Australia,

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2009-12-18 03:20:01, Ted, [email protected],
Gunman: Thank You. This is very interesting. One of the same antagonists for both of us. Very high ranks with treatment that would be expected in a Gulag not the Australian Army. If there's any thing I can do to help ...

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2007-12-10 05:06:59, Lobo,

5. I have also been exposed to this type of treatment within the ADF. With 12 years in service never a problem till I was posted to 7 CSSB in Brisbane. I had also lost my home and family to the bullshit that goes on 7 CSSB. What did our old defence minister do? Nothing, he just ignored it and hoped it would go away. I have spent my life savings on court battles and I finally had a win this year. I also had support with the new labour government. The outcome in court? Yes I had a win with the discharge being overtuned. So yes I have had mail sent to my home with my rank on it. It is also so funny that LTCOL Chris Whitting, CAPT Tannis Loskill and the RSM WO1 Garret have all put there discharges in. Wonder why??? For anyone else going through this feel free to contact me via email and I can point you in the right direction with legal staff who can fight this for you. Also to the owner of this website feel free to put my judgement on this website for others to read. I just wonder if the 7 CSSB is still sending it`s soldiers to the nut doctor to try and discharge them? I also wonder if they are still harrising PTE Berry and others they do not seem to like?
2007-12-08 11:32:42, Anthony Martincevic, Brisbane,
Gunman: Good on ya with the win - man management with a psychologists biro is a disgusting perversion. "Integrity is doing what's right when nobody is watching" Mate, I hope that you don't mind but I've edited a small section out of this. I think that it is in your best interest.

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2007-11-15 17:57:04, anon,
Gunman: Let me know a contact number

7. Hey gunny, just checking in on you to say hello! Great to see you are holding up the flag of justice for all of us, and that there are dudes out there who live their lives in a fishbowl. Looks great! and keep up the good work.

major (retired) RAE
2007-09-01 13:59:24, maryann martinek, Melbourne,
Gunman: G'Day. What a surprise - At my job it's a condition of my employment that I falsify documents so that ADF members can remain 'in the money'. Would you believe that I am expected to ignore firearms safety breaches - which puts me in the position of seeing people, who will eventually shoot themselves or others, submit a falsified 'pass' a couple of days before they depart for Iraq or Afghanistan

8. At last, I can now say I am not going crazy, that there are others out there that have been down the Show Cause road and "lets make a lie up about it".

I got both sides of the sticks.

I was a APS member working for the Airforce, where I was told all you APS staff are f***** useless because I refused to do a Supervisor Board. I was employed as a worker not a supervisor. I had no problems being a supervisor, however as a civvie I wanted to be paid fairly. From that moment on my APS career was doomed. Also in the same unit there was enlisted members going on stress leave etc. It was even in the NT News. So after extreme pressure and finally loosing my clearances I got pushed out.

I was also a serving member of a army unit (please no ARES comments). I was very dedicated and came in on my own time during weekends to program unit radios, fix HF radios etc.

After the instances at my civvie job I quit and went overseas for a while, the SATCO at the RAAF base contacted the CO of my army unit. When I return to Oz and went to my unit I was told I am not a member of the Defence Force and never was? I showed my ID etc etc. That was taken away from me. Several weeks later I was told that I was a member, but soon wouldn't be. I was then given a show cause. All down hill from there.

I loved the Army was totally committed to it and wouldv'e done anything for my unit.
Now my ASIO file is marked, my Army and APS files are marked.
In my line of work it did, for a while, restrict what work I could do.
However I have moved on and am now are a Operations Manager for company.
So sad that Army can't see the waste of these old values and bastardisation of its people.

Sorry for the ramble and bad spelling/grammer.

Keep it up
2007-06-30 17:15:07, Lobo, Brisbane,
Gunman: G'Day, Sorry to hear about it - unfortunately we have to make sure more people hear about it all before the 'system' will change. 'Bullying' is a cornerstone of Australian society and 'Fair Go' is a myth.

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2007-04-12 04:20:49, Anthony Martincevic, Brisbane,
Gunman: Another soldier who says he is being discharged with Falsified Psychological Documents. Update: 29th April 2007 - He's out of the Army now. Crims win again.

10. Gunman,
I don't know the facts of your particular case, therefore, it would be silly for me to comment on. However, as a current serving member I do take offence to your site, in particular your reference to the so called Army motto being "Bullshit baffles brains" and the amount of negative news articles your site includes. We both know that is a basic slang term used in many organisations. It was basically a cheap shot, written out of frustration and anger I suspect. All your news articles are negative and critical of Defence as they always are I guess, as that's what apparently makes headlines. It would seem you are attempting to discredit and attack the Army as a whole, based on the alleged actions of a few members you seemed to have had the displeasure of working with. By reading some of your website it would appear you approached your problem in the wrong way raising way too many ROG's etc and your compensation claim of $80 million dollars was ludicrous, even if you did it to annoy people. You're negative comments in relation to spelling mistakes or typos in the documentation you possess is quite petty. Are you telling me in your whole Army career you didn't make one spelling error. Spelling errors do not mean people are incompetent at their jobs, people make mistakes. I noticed on the FSB website you were critical of a person who left comments in your guest book using a Defence computer? You even went to the trouble of finding out the ISP address of the person and commented on why they are using a Defence computer to view your site? isn't that what you are trying to achieve?
By no means is the ADF perfect, however, we are not the only organisation that has problems. I think its time to move on and put the Army behind you as it would seem you will never win...
2007-01-18 12:41:15, Dave, Melbourne,
Gunman: A reasonable and considered reply, Dave (as bias as my site). Had I ever made a 'spelling mistake' that destroyed two careers and cost them $1.7million I would have undone the damage. It wasn't a 'spelling mistake' it is proof that the person lied to achieve my discharge. The secondary purpose of my site is to help protect 'diggers'. You'll need to read the whole site (75 pages) then you'll learn that I was told to submit ROG or be discharged and told if I did I'd be discharged. Making that claim was as unrealistic as expecting an ROG to be handled, processed or investigated correctly. 23 years and I can identify three good officers, not 'a few members' - institutionalized. If you'll destroy $1.7million of your property and supply proof, then I'll be able to move on. It is an offence to use Defence property for ones own gain - can't discharge me by breaking the law and comment on my website (that comment was propaganda mate, meant to be deceptive). People at FSB - predudicial comments towards officers are a crime, they fail to meet the condition of the AIRN therefore have no right to be a member and commit fraud each fortnight, and they censor my posts, sound familiar. Conditions of my current employment - falsify documents so that officers can remain in the service. I watch them as they disadvantage the 'diggers' and take care of themselves. I will never win while "take care of your mates' and 'we'll watch your six' are just propaganda tools. Have you complained that a Sergeant was unlawfully discharged or do you fail to meet the conditions of the AIRN as well. Wear a medal and you can be 'done' in an instant. When they can't get at you easily - they get their mates in the Police Force to help them out

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