toby's book

1. It is lovely to see an "oldie" looking so happy and alert! A credit to you. Thank you for sharing with us
2011-08-21 09:48:03, Christine,, CT, Too old!,

2. Lovely site and beautiful photos
Best Wishes
Brian m

2011-06-24 07:56:30, BRIAN MURTAGH,, Prenton Cheshire, 42,

3. Poor Toby
2009-09-20 16:07:51, K. Grant, Known to owner, Bo,Ness, Over 21, Don'd kno

4. hiya uncle Jim nice to see ciara again
2009-09-17 03:58:19, Karen,, Livingston, ??,

5. U are wonderful dedicating this to ur dogs! I have 3 cavies and could never imagine my life without them! Well done on a wonderful and poignant site and thank you for sharing ur love and happiness with us
2009-02-11 09:51:59, Jo,, Elgin,

6. Lovely photos and video of a very handsome boy - he was obviously much loved and had a wonderful life with you.
The Spaniel Trust - Spaniel Rescue

2008-12-29 15:25:49, Nicki,, Sutherland, 41,

7. Hi Jim, Hi Toby. WOOF!! lol
2008-11-06 12:48:28, Buster,, Stirling, 41,

8. Please can I take toby for a holiday
if you want a few days away
2008-05-02 13:39:06, Jane Brechin,, Falkirk, not known,

9. Nice Cavvy
2006-08-24 07:50:13, Jackie Hunter, Bucks,

10. Hello from the twinklies in 199
2006-06-30 11:17:50, Gladys Stephenson,, Home, too old, ????

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