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1. very nice site :)
S.Glassco, https://stickfiguresincollege.neocities.org/

2. hey u fart, its me! mr wac. since u beg i hav return, ples show interest im ded
wac, https://wac.neocities.org/

3. helo! its the guy from wac! i have returned, my absence was due to the lack of interest from other people and me not knowing what to do to my page, if you have suggestions please contact me via discord or the guestbook, ty!

4. ur campaign and pillow pet collections are super cool!
lucy, http://gloomgirl.neocities.org

5. Thanks for your comment on my site! I enjoyed looking through your site + ur beanie collection! :)
yupthatsme, yupthatsme.neocities.org/

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