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100. That Hurd Park, Dover holding cell (aka: mental cage) was typical of the time and has no doubt been scrapped since it was already missing pieces when you visited it. However, there is an identical cell in excellent condition which you can visit at Sandy Hook, NJ. It is located in the old fort museum near the end of the hook at the Gateway National Recreation Area. It is EXACTLY the same as the scrapped one from Dover only missing no parts, and probably built anywhere between 1850 and 1911.
2011-11-29 17:19:59, Ron,, Woodbridge Clay Pit,

99. I love your site! I really enjoy all the pics you took. I hope you continue with these haunted adventures!
2011-10-08 19:48:59, Allie, Long Island, NY, intrigued

98. Trujillo.. :) Hmm.
2011-08-15 15:38:36, Eve,, Arizona, Mellow

97. where have you been?? are you on facebook? i think you are so gorgeous!!!
2011-04-16 06:36:28, brandon pierce,, maryland, doin good

96. Shady, been a fan for years. REALLY hoping to see some new Lost Destinations soon. I miss hearing about your adventures, admiring your photography *cemeteries*, and would like to be able to get another "Urban explorers do it with abandon" shirt. Lucky to have gotten one (and the "Ghosthunters do it with spirit") years ago. Love what you do and who you are *the 'shady' bright spot on the internet.
2010-10-03 13:19:21, Alex Watson,, PDX, hopeful

95. Great Lair, looking forward to Lost Destinations updates, hope all is going well, LD fan Termite (Sarah)
2010-09-11 15:03:10, Sarah &Jim,, NJ, Exploring!

94. It's been awhile since I visited the virtual lair, but lostdestinations, I've frequented plenty over the years. Whenever I'm browsing and digging the galleries it's like a nostalgia rush. Something about barren, desolate places just invokes thoughts of listening to the Misfits with friends in the middle of a field with cameras and cigarettes. I hope to see LD come back one of these days. This spot is still so cool. Thanks for all these awesome creations. Ciao!
2010-09-02 22:19:36, Zac,, FL, reflective

93. dear ms. shady. i have been looking through your website lost destinations. it is very cool. i like the pictures and the stories. i think you are very talented and hope that you keep doing what you are doing. you go girl!!!
2010-07-30 09:41:38, kim,, fremont, ohio, pregnant

92. Thank u 4 sending me a reply. Very happy 2 read youre alright. If ever in Riv. Ca. feel free to find me on cellufun. {STONR}#1
2010-05-26 15:34:19, SmokieMcpot9,, Casa Blanca, Riverside., STONED

91. loved your moon poem. you have a real way with words. it really keeps my attention when reading LD
2010-05-06 04:01:13, SmokieMcpot9,, Riveside,ca, STONEY

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