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1. some auction prices
2012-10-04 11:43:30, theo,

2. i love it!!!!!!
2012-03-22 07:04:53,

3. I'm sorry, but how stupid is a Victorian era, cast iron, coal burning steam powered robot??? Duh.

OK, so it's fanciful imagination - except it didn't exist, not even in fiction, until this retard theme we now hear being called steam-punk.

What a stupid name/term to begin with. Punk? Utterly pathetic. A bunch of posers acting like they're "in" to something. The whole concept is twice removed from any form of reality or fiction, as no "steam pussies/punks" ever existed. Ahhh, but they should have, right retards?

I am sure the "movie" will be a smash hit - when it flops at the box office it will smash to the ground and hit hard, HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I just lurve all those old-style photo shopped pictures of what is probably one of the dumbest looking robots ever imagined. I'd rather collect Rudy robots!

There's also some idiot stealing the idea to write his own book about it, duh. Alphadoper, of course...

How stupid some collectors are. I hope they all stop collecting toy robots though.... Yes, go collect "boiler plate", and Bad Robot Marquette and while yer at it, collect Barbies and GI Joes.

Leave the robot collectors to those that understand and stop posing, losers.
2011-06-06 17:52:16,

4. If the Boilerplate movie comes to pass and is a big hit, that little dollar store creation could be today's bargain.
2011-06-04 22:16:39, Keith Palmer, Zionsville, Indiana,

5. the unpainted $59 r-1 + the head from a $59 sinister creep = $10K

omg rotf lmfao

and what is that other sad and ugly piece of shi* some dollar store refugee andybot or eaglebot?
2011-06-03 23:51:05,

6. OK, let's try and make sense of the "stuff" posted recently below.

First, use of the name, logo and other copyrighted material such as "Lost in Space", shamelessly copied directly from Irwin Allen productions of the show with the same name is strictly prohibited in a for profit use. So, when jay uses the "Lost in Space" logo to sell his tired old "creation", it's not a problem cuz he aint makin' any profit on that pathetic attempt at knock-off capitalism. It is however comical, pathetic and typical of jay to try and capitalize on the work of others.

Next, what I think the others are buzzing about is that recent phenomena we've all noticed where toys sold at auction houses reach new heights in "bids", only to really be sold later on ebay at far lower prices - the old buy it high and sell low tactic. This might seem odd to some, but perhaps these items were never really "won" at auction, or not paid for, etc, and now must be sold at realistic prices on eBay. Whatever.

The important news this week is that the gals at alpodrome are donning their drag queen garments and heading to the queen bee's hut to celebrate their lost masculinity and gay pride!

DrAtomica's just jumped the broom with some slick young tweenkie and they'll be strutting their stuff to the delight of all in attendance! Fineass-the-fat-cow-whoopie will as usually be "don"ning her typical butch style rock-n-roll t-shirts in black, in a customary "mid driff" style she's become so famous for. There's going to be a twinkie stuffing contest with her exposed belly button. The girl who can suck out the most twinkies from Don's orifice (belly button, you naughty pervs) wins a date with the old hag and hostess with the mostess, Mistress Riggs!!!

The typical NY junkie crew promises to be as boring as ever, with Steve nodding out in the corner and passing out. Need a robot and she'll wake up to broker the deal.

The "gals on a budget" crew will include the usual Kunntzel plus pet, MilwaukeeMachineWoman, Patty Careless, Andmanny, and the oldest gal in drag, Phyllis!

The surprise show of the gala will be Josephine jumping out of the cake with that tart little SpaceToy67!!! Have yer cameras ready girls!!!

2011-05-31 01:08:12,

7. And I always thought the idea was to buy low and sell higher. At least that was the model I was taught in school, but then again that was a long time ago. Things must have changed since then. If this is what classifies as thievery these days, then Iím a happy crook.
2011-05-27 02:09:19, 88 fingers Louie,

8. Buying in one market and selling at the same time in another for profit is arbitrage, not thievery. I don't know many people who don't enjoy engaging in it whenever possible.
2011-05-27 01:29:03, Keith Palmer, Zionsville, Indiana,

9. Newbie collector here....I like the fact the posts here help to monitor the Ebay thieves. I notice the current auctions for tulip and commando being offered on Ebay were recently purchased on a MOrphy auction and have been jacked up in price over 800 on BIN...check out Live Auctioneers for realized prices.
2011-05-26 10:40:28, robot watchdog,

10. This doesn't seem like especially reliable scuttlebutt in light of the fact that this toy remains available for sale on the Robot Island site. Further, $3.8 million seems a rather ridiculous amount of money to claim for damages, as if damages could be determined in the first place. This toy looks more like a piece of artistic interpretation and thus something original, along the lines of something I'd make.
2011-05-21 16:06:23, Mr. Cwanxton,, Cardboard Box,

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