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2018-01-26 21:10:12, Betty Weir, bettylweir@yahoo.com, Riyadh, 60,

2. I recall in the '60s reading in the Gleaner And Star the death of Jamaicans who died in Vietnam. I wanted to enlist but joined the Jamaica Regiment instead. Currently watching on PBS the series on the Vietnam War by Ken Burns. This prompted me to search online and I came across your site. Thanks for sharing your story. Regards, Dennis Fletcher
2017-09-26 19:23:35, Dennis Fletcher, dennis9241@gmail.com, Grand Island, FL 32735, 76,

3. I was listening to the Jimmy Cliff song "Vietnam" and wondered if any Jamaicans were Vietnam Vets. So I Googled and came upon your site.
2017-07-25 15:33:02, Dave Watts, United States, 62,

4. Thank you for taking time out and signing my Guest Book.
2016-05-21 06:54:39,

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