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2017-04-26 10:51:53, April Aitken , , Arlington,Alabama

2. great site: I am in winnipeg, manitoba and looking forward to translate the German guy from Switzerland who wrote a reminiscing book about his Wyoming origins.
Hope you have a great day.
Hios name is Linus Reichlin.
2017-03-10 10:53:39, charles reesink,, Canada

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2017-01-25 06:28:53,,, India

4. I love the site!
2016-11-01 23:09:19, Hunter,, Tallahassee, FL

2016-10-27 16:50:00, Katherine Mattix,, 132 Hickery RD.

6. excellent site heart sharing stories.... nu'pa is my native name.... I am from rosebud rez SD and half irish.....married the love of my life he is Navajo from shiprock rez
2016-09-12 15:07:38, nu'pa johnsom,, maine

2016-08-21 12:37:22, Jeff Scarlett,, 71073

2016-07-15 19:27:00, Ramona,, Chemehuevi Indian Reservation, California

2016-05-31 20:06:37, Melinda B, , North Georgia

10. Love your page ~ please send me your letter ~TY~
2016-03-04 15:07:32, Eyota C. Hinun,, Texas

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