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1. September 11, 2011

Dear all in Parangipettai Portonovo, AA.

Around two years back; my daughter passed away on Wednesday, Shawwal 11, 1430 ah corresponding to Gregorian date, September 30, 2009, at the age of 19 years only.
ALLAH does, whatever is best for HIS slaves.
May HE have mercy on my daughter & make her eternal place, in Jannat-ul-Firdous, Aameen!
Only those can imagine a fatherís feelings for a daughter, who have been bestowed upon by the ALMIGHTY with this special blessing.

I would like to request all of you to remember my daughter in your prayers, always.

Jazaa-Ku-Mul-Laa-Hu Khai-Run, Thank you.
Regards, AKT Ansari
(F/o Aaliya Ansari)
(Student of BBA, DOB: July 7, 1990, DOD: September 30, 2009)
2011-09-11 06:02:41, AKT ANSARI,, DAMMAM, 43,

2011-06-26 14:06:30,

2011-06-26 14:03:44,

4. yen update panno villay
2011-05-23 08:37:45, mohamed,

2011-05-01 09:41:17,

6. Need to use chat Room
2011-04-27 12:33:48, Baker,

7. sipcotkku yethavathu naam seythey aagey vendum
2011-04-16 13:50:45,

8. ungal aunti virus yenakku rombo payan ullathaagey irunthathu nanri portonovo nanban
2011-04-16 13:26:21, Raja,, abudhabi, 26,

9. இஸ்லாமிக் ஆடியோ மிகவும் அருமை ......இன்னும் நிறையே இஸ்லாமிக் videos ஐ எதிர் பார்க்கிறோம்
2011-04-16 13:23:40, Meera Shahib,, Athiraampattinam, 31,

10. மிகவும் அருமையான மொழி மரைக்கான் தமிழ் போர்டோநோவோ மொழி அழியாமல் பார்த்து கொள்வதற்கு இந்தே முயற்சிக்கி பாராட்டு நன்றி
2011-04-16 13:20:42, Sultan Abbas,, Singapore, 27,

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