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1. Would love to see more wargaming stuff on here or on youtube. Love the website and the channel :)
2018-05-23 16:12:27, Louis, Wales

2018-05-15 00:01:20, D. L. McIntire, Dallas, TX

3. Long time fan of the eclectic eccentricities of Lloyd. I am eternally appreciative of his work in educating the lesser knowing masses of the world. I certainly didn't know as much when I started watching, and I feel quite the learned man.
2018-05-14 18:58:39, Jared BÝ, Massachusetts

4. Want to know what really annoys me? Fantasy maps, and more of, why do people stab a knife in them? That was a nice map you twat! Think of how long it took to make the map, AND now the table underneath has a giant hole in it! Properly made wooden tables are expensive! Now that one twat made me go out and get a new map AND a new table! Really? C'mon!
2018-05-13 10:46:49, Samuel Fisher, Minnesota

5. I found this website really useful and I enjoyed reading though it. Good job
2018-05-12 23:10:05, Cameron Wales, Kingston upon Hull

6. Entertainment abounds...continue, think deep thoughts--dismiss them, and continue blogging. Your Op Crossfire was inspirational...Long may you meander
2018-05-05 16:10:19, Craig Johnson, Gunbarrel, Colorado

7. I enjoy your YouTube channel. Fan of in depth middle ages tech talk and the history of battles and archeological finds
2018-05-02 19:53:12, Clinton Ransom II, Michigan, USA

8. Nikolas! The French must have invaded your website because on mobile phone it is not possible to click the Wargaming and Trevor pages in the menu when the screen is a bit on the small side of things.
2018-04-28 10:13:56, SVO, The Netherlands

9. RE Scottish Parliament Building. Agree with your views. This building is almost on a par with Portsmouth's NCP Tricorn Centre (thankfully now condemned and taken down.) Still, let's hope it serves Scottish Nationalism very badly indeed.
2018-04-22 20:46:52, John Lamond, Hong Kong

10. You make great content, great job. Nice job with the Tapestry, some of the highlights of the borders were very nice, as otherwise they would've gone unnoticed. It was very entertaining, as all of your content is.
2018-04-22 20:37:35, Gabriel, Wisconsin, USA

11. My comment directly relates to the video you created and posted to YouTube over the Bayeux Tapestry. I am a college teacher, and I found this video on YouTube last week. I watched just a very short, one minute section, and decided to share it with my humanities students today. Well, we only got about four minutes in before the filthiness in the video became so bad that I had to turn it off. I have gone my whole life without having to be exposed to what was in your video. This video is pornography, plain and simple. You are obviously a talented filmmaker, and this could have been a neat, fun little film that brought the tapestry alive and helped students to understand it in a creative way. Instead, this video turns a priceless artifact into nothing more than a filthy 954-year-old piece of cloth, and that is really too bad.
2018-04-16 14:49:51, United States

12. This is an amazing website containing a plethora of astoundingly interesting subjects. The diverse range of Lloyd's ideas and interests testify to a wise and magnanimous brain, likely classically educated and quite possibly mad (which is brilliant). I highly recommend all modern-day Renaissance men and toast farmers to view this website, engage with it, and enjoy the refreshing feeling of delving into the mind of a fellow "madman."
2018-04-10 12:26:58, Niklas Webb, Hildale, Utah (United States of America)

13. Lloyd you are a living legend, I love this site and your videos because they remind me of the quirkiness us Brits hold so dear. A true reminder to everyone to keep it quirky and never let the bastards grind you down.
2018-04-02 23:44:42, Jack, Wagga Wagga, Australia

14. Fantastic Stuff. Although I have followed you on youtube for some time I had never stumbled upon this site. I was particularly fascinated by the opinions section, a few of the articles (although admittedly after long internal arguments) definitely changed my opinions. Very nice photography too
2018-04-02 11:44:23, Tom, Derbyshire

2018-03-31 19:30:34, Stratton , Kansas, USA

16. Dawn is breaking.
2018-03-30 16:05:00, Camron Mankar, Cyrodil

17. I wiped my feet on the carpet and it's no longer beige. Sorry.
2018-03-30 04:05:23, India

18. you have so many interests in such a wide variety it makes me feel like i'm wasting my life
2018-03-29 17:34:10, christina, california

19. hey Lloyd
2018-03-29 14:05:47, D. Michael Kronk, Beacon, New York

20. At least the Scottish parliament building will be somewhat able to hold off an attack... Right?
2018-03-26 13:27:28, Neirial, 'murica

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