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 Please feel free to write what you want. My site is somewhat diverse, so I'd like people to make it clear to which bit their contributions refer.
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2018-09-22 18:56:49, Site feedback,

2. By Jove, man...
2018-09-22 18:36:15, Joshua C. , Los Angeles

3. I found it astonishing that you have an infinity for Celia Johnson. My daughters and I, as well as my wife thoroughly enjoy her acting very enjoyable. Our favorite movie from her works is Brief Encounter.
2018-09-19 18:48:40, Scott Asbell, Utah, United States

4. One meant...
"Despite the lack of "Boots the Chemist" lending library.

And to English man who doesn't drink indeed a dammed Frenchmen...
2018-09-19 04:55:03, Graham Howard, Hertfordshire

5. Hail beige one.
So hard for a minor character like myself to track through the under and overgrowth of all this.
Love the Celia Johnson section incidentally.
Earlier I'd read about the aeons before today...I believe it was a section called 1200..
But can I locate it again ? No.
In fact one can't really find ones way through this at all.

Perhaps your assistance on tracking in this wilderness would help.

However, my original intention was to respond to your British latitude assumption that summer days are longer than winter days.

Maybe that's true for up here so far north...but even considering my alternate home in San Francisco ( which admittedly is not just a little bit up the A1, beyond the Black Cat roundabout to be sure ) be true the seasonal days variations just don't really occur.

It is a huge surprise to such softer Californians to discover August light evenings in England.

One wonders thus if the 12 equal daytime hours is so much more "average" in Rome than Rotherham? can I relocate this nice missive on the last millenia. ..

It might make a nice (?) Video set..

Happy 21st century to you...when you chose to join us here.

And...yes one simply loves Celia Johnson. ..if only she had gorn to South Africa with the love of her satisfactory...she could have sent for her children later?...and the veld is such a jolly environment to bring up ones children.

Depot the lack of the "Boots the Chemist" lending library...sigh.
2018-09-19 04:51:21, Graham Howard, Hertfordshire

6. Great work. Thanks.
2018-09-16 10:20:42, Mason Alexander, Charlotte, NC

7. Dear Mr. Beige

An Englishman who does not drink tea, is called a Frenchman!

Yours in thorough bewilderment and consternation
2018-09-16 08:35:54, Arne Saknussemm, Iceland

8. I always use your channel for reference.
2018-09-14 17:20:26, Kelly Tuck, Tyler, Texas

9. Dear Lloyd,
Every time I watch a video of yours, I am reminded of how wonderful of a channel you have. I just want to thank you for being so eccentrically amazing.
2018-09-14 09:58:23, Dehlsaev, USA

10. You should pay more attention to this site Mr Beige!
2018-09-14 02:19:30, Alex, New Zealand

11. Lloyd, I enjoy both your Youtube videos and your website, which looks rather stylish after your update. However, there seem to be a couple problems with it. The first is that your menu for the website does not work particularly well on mobile devices. I am unable to access the lower links such as those to the page on Trevor and the one on wargaming. They're a bit difficult to find on a laptop as well. The biggest issue so far is that all of the apostrophes and quotation marks on the new version of the website have somehow morphed into weirdly accented letters from other languages, which removes clarity and makes it difficult to read some of the text.
2018-09-13 21:53:33, Nicole, America

12. Lloyd or Lindy or mr beige or whichever you prefer.
I have been an enormous fan of your channel for a few months now as someone who interested in history.
I just thought Id leave this comment saying keep up the good work ole chap.
2018-09-13 19:06:19, Jake , Suffolk uk

13. Great stuff! Like all here signing the guest book I really enjoy your videos and as a Patreon do get some vicarious pleasure at supporting a genuine talent! Per ardua ad astra!
2018-09-13 11:33:06, Mark Persad, UK

14. This comment was made to correct the location data of the last comment made by me. By the end of this comment, you will remember nothing but the change I have made in the location data...*tick-tick-tick*
2018-09-13 08:55:39, David N. Le'Von-Bell, Boot of the USA, relatively just above the Ankle

15. I'm just glad to have been the 55,285th visitor; The site seems a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the last one...although I'm wondering if this hue really counts as True Beige...
2018-09-13 08:51:19, David N. Le'Von-Bell, The Boot of America, probably just above the ankle

16. Love your work Lloyd 😊
2018-09-09 17:09:20, Max, Essex, England

17. I have just discovered your youtubes. Well done, very well done. As for the Scottish Parliament building... It is anti-architecture, the sort of thing you build if you are sick of architecture.
2018-09-06 07:15:09, Steve Skinner, Oak Flats NSW Australia

18. You are extremely entertaining and brilliantly rational. Keep working hard, we all appreciate it.
2018-09-03 06:55:32, Declan Barrett, Australia

19. Bad characters in : Mr Tony Blair and his “New Labour” government. Guessing they should be quotation marks Agree with the piece apart from restrictions on freedom, Foxes are becoming a menace. Also amazed at the rubbish in your you tube video comments section. Love the videos
2018-09-01 08:23:36, John Williams, Chester

20. Your videos on youtube are great,got to know lots of stuffs from there.thanks.
2018-08-31 13:17:11, Aniket kanungo, Kolkata(calcutta)

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