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1. Hi, I was here.
2017-12-13 20:52:09, Riley, On second thought, I am not here.

2. indeed.
2017-12-12 10:48:51, Nick Yale, New York, NY

3. I love watching your videos... If you find time please talk about defensive buildings of ancient Greece
2017-12-09 03:56:05, Harshith, India

4. I just have to say that you are amazing. Your videos are amazing. I agree with so much that you so. It is a delight that there still rational, thoughtful and knowledgeable people in this world. Keep the good work and thank you.

I am English, by the way, but I live in Denmark.
2017-12-08 02:52:17, David Curtis, Denmark

5. Lloyd,

First off, I love your videos. They are amazing.

Onto my point about the website, it seems that the website linked to in your page about scenery modeling (Terragenesis) is no longer a scenery website, but a clothing site. Either the link is broken, or Terragenesis has been bought out.

Keep up the amazing work though!
2017-12-06 12:43:31, Josh S., Texas, United States

6. Dear Lindey, I discovered your channel a few days ago and have more or less fallen in love with it. I have spent a lot of hours listening to it since. I haven't been very well recently and seeing you being interested and enthusing is doing me a power of good. Thank you very much. With love and respect, "Nounismisation" as is on YT. PS (even more thanks)
2017-12-05 20:30:35, Wills, Saffron Walden

7. Dear Lloyd, I wanted to say thank you for the numerous videos you have posted over the years, they have really been a bit of sunshine in my life. A little over a year ago I moved to China to study, and I have found that one of the things I really miss is watching your videos, be it Lindy Hop, history, or a rant, I have found most of your content quite enjoyable over the years. Thank you very much for what you have made. I wish you safety and happiness(祝你幸福平安!)
-汐博文(Xi Bo Wen), Michael C. Papp
2017-12-04 02:41:03, Michael C. Papp, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

8. The Scottish Parliament building looks as if it was constructed by the builders of Stonehenge while they were on acid. No offense to the Stonehenge folks intended.
Keep up the good work, Lindy.

2017-12-03 11:13:19, Betelnut, U S of A

9. It would be an honour to have you with me on my historical podcast!
2017-12-03 09:56:42, Finley, Greater Manchester

10. Brilliant stuff from a brilliant mind! I thoroughly enjoy your work
2017-12-03 08:19:47, Samuel Lee, Australia

11. Love you Lindy! Keep doing what you’re doing! I particularly like your essays on evolution/evolutionary psychology.
2017-12-02 23:28:35, Amanda, Los Angeles, California

2017-12-01 12:17:30, Andrew Melville, Hammersmith

13. Keep up the great work Lloyd, I do hope messages of encouragement like my own here bring you the encouragement that drives a mind like yours forward!
2017-12-01 10:05:40, James Coady, Hereford, Herefordshire

14. Lindybeige I think you are an absolutely amazing video maker and have a keen understanding in how to construct and present the topics you speak about. You make your videos in one take, WOW that takes tremendous skill and I admire you for it. Regarding people viewing the video itself I think the photos added and cleaver editing brings alot of value to the videos as it makes it more entertaining and so i dont need to google a pic of what youre talking about which would bring me away from viewing your video. I understand people who only listen to your content and I think I got a good idea for you!! Keep up the visuals on your normal videos dont tone them down but for those audio listeners(and everyone) make an audio only series! I listen to many PodCasts because i dont always have time to consume media from a screen, and I think with your amazing mind put towards long episodes diving deep into topics like past wars&battles, weapons&their history, and other things it would be very successful. Thanks for the amazing content Lindy, keep it up! <3
2017-12-01 03:02:59, Pavlyck Smith, Ontario, Canada

15. you have a faith in human goodness that most gamers and game designers vehemently contest. there is no inherent 'dark side' to humans that requires a healthy outlet. i would love to hear your thoughts on a hostility mechanic for an open world video game where combat is possible but best avoided, in terms of ways even evil pirate kings might attempt to avoid outright engagement, how slipping during combat and being embarrassed might result in a non-lethal victory for one side, and how a routing mechanic could be used to prevent the player from having to put every npc in the game to death just to enjoy a nice cup of tea in peace. thank you for the body of work you have done so far, and keep it up. :D
2017-11-30 09:57:21, pinky, swimming to a tropical open world

16. Hello!
2017-11-28 15:39:51, Tõnis Titov, Tallinn, Estonia

17. Hello loydd. I am writing this message in 2017 and I do wonder wether you still use this page because it is very interesting despite its aged state. Good look getting though the questions book, henry
2017-11-28 12:22:33, Henry, England

18. I found your videos in my suggested section on youtube as I'm quite interested in medieval history (particularly nordic) and I can't stop watching. Your subversive/contrarian views are extremely thought provoking and your insight is very unique.
2017-11-27 21:17:12, Sam Martin S., Brookline, MA, USA

19. Long-time fan of your videos. Lindybeige!
2017-11-25 20:31:52, Ethan H., Louisiana, USA

20. I enjoyed your Global Warming videos and most of the rest.
Keep up the good work.
2017-11-25 03:31:58, Alan Hill, Chalgrove

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