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1. House of Lords members cut ties to all political parties.
Canada's equivalent is the Senate. It might interest you to know Justin Trudeau disbanded the Liberal caucus and freed all senators from party allegiance. The Conservative party has not followed.

Trudeau also wants more ordinary people with noteworthy achievements nominated to the Senate and invites nominations from the whole population.

Vincent Poirier
2017-08-17 20:02:30, Vincent Poirier, Quebec City, Canada

2. Having now listened to several of your Youtube clips on the Punic and Trojan Wars, Rhetoric etc., Extremely impressive. And my Mum, who has spent her life studying the Ancient World, says your clips should be required reading for every schoolchild. Your work shows brains, and it shows morality. A rare combination. Keep up the good work. Perhaps Jeremy should appoint you his Education Minister.
2017-08-15 05:10:16, KLH Kanter, Paris

3. Great YouTube videos!
2017-08-14 18:15:23, Zen, Brighton UK

4. I love you as much as I love Drake
2017-08-13 19:23:09, DJ Akademiks, My momma's basement

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2017-08-13 02:03:45, Amazagii, US

6. Great stuff on modelling and much more.
I still think the metric system is a good idea.
2017-08-12 07:17:04, Hugh Holfeld, South Australia

7. I love the videos the logical thinking; and interest in different academic subjects is very interesting
2017-08-10 19:25:50, Harvey, UK

8. Very interesting video published August 10th. Sent a full email response to you about it. Hope you reply!
2017-08-10 07:40:42, Breanna L, Massachusetts, USA

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10. you are an amazing youtuber and you make such great content
oh, and you should totally do a video when you read this guest book
it would be cool
thanks for the videos, Lloyd
2017-08-06 08:33:11, Mohawk , USA

11. I got that beige swag
2017-08-06 03:12:58, Jonathan Trachtenberg, NYC

12. I was here.
2017-08-05 14:06:07, Silvio, West Virginia

13. Здравствуйте! Понравился ваш сайт
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2017-08-03 00:42:22, RichardAGIGO, Россия

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2017-07-31 17:00:53, Merlijn, bavaria

15. I would be very interested in seeing patterns or advice for making authenti-shoes, perhaps in a similar format to your video on the cuirass.
2017-07-31 12:04:34, Jacob Sprafka, Rochester, Minnesota

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19. Hey Lloyd! I love your show on youtube and I have been an avid watcher for some time now! I just now discovered your website! You're a true gentleman scholar!
2017-07-27 04:36:54, Caleb Tackett, Clovis, California, USA

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На Каскад Кубанских ГЭС прибыло новое КРУЭ-110 кВ для ГЭС-2
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Новости политики, Россия США Украина Белоруссия Новороссия Донбасс ЛНР ДНР
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2017-07-26 10:33:31, Patrickfah, Россия

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