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1. Lindybeige is amazing at history-telling and has a great passion for combat and tactics. Which is why I listened to him talk about boobs for half an hour. Interesting
2020-01-11 13:42:04, Lee, Aiden, Calgary, Canada

2. Great channel
2020-01-10 13:26:47, Jack, Falklands

3. Having discovered your youtube channel and website I say bravo! Continue the good work, inspiring stuff.
2020-01-07 13:31:18, Jamie, Leamington Spa

4. Entertaining and odd. Both good things to be.
2020-01-07 10:47:28, Michael, Pennsylvania

5. Thank you for relaying history in such a fascinating way. Iíve waited for you forever
2020-01-02 17:28:06, Judy, California

6. Cathartic vitriol!
2020-01-02 15:36:19, J Hudson, Newcastle upon Tyne

7. I discovered Lloyd via YouTube and have watched every video he has published. Some many times. I once had the pleasure of meeting him at the Bovington Tank Museum during Tankfest a few years ago. He was every bit the gentleman you would expect him to be and he graciously allowed me to have a picture taken with him. Several in fact. It was a great honour for me. He is a legend.
2019-12-28 06:52:57, Steve Costello , Cheshire

8. Your essays are fair.
2019-12-24 23:14:47, Alexander Krmzyan, Pasadena, California

9. A man who really knows where his towel is ...
2019-12-22 12:14:53, Drew, Home

10. Love what you with history
2019-12-21 17:29:44, Gabe, New Jersey

11. Interesting to see this website is still up, feels like I'm looking through a portal.
2019-12-21 06:11:12, Joshua McDowell, Huddersfield, W Yorkshire

12. Just recently came across your YouTube channel and subsequently, this website. As a (former) teacher I've been really enjoying your work and video's, so much so, that I allready watched most of what you up/downloaded on YT !
2019-12-21 04:43:35, Antoon van Maris, Hillegom, Nederland

2019-12-17 09:50:13, Marcus Khoo, Singapore

14. really love your videos!

Greetings from Austria
2019-12-16 23:58:04, Baron Torheit, Vienna, Austria

15. Enjoy your videos greatly.
2019-12-13 17:12:56, Don, South Central Pennsylvania USA

16. I feel honored
2019-12-13 14:56:28, Benjamin Lapointe, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

2019-12-08 14:03:15, Julianis vatinius , The earth

18. Neat website Mr. Lloyd.
2019-11-26 20:57:45, Sam, Richland, Washington, USA

19. Excellent site, visited it many times but not signed this before, always enjoy looking at the various topics on here and your YouTube videos are excellent
2019-11-26 07:59:32, Peter Bell, Eastbourne

20. Been binging Lindybeige recently and thought Iíd pop over and say. Good show chap. Love the content. Was wondering if thereís some hobby that you donít have...?
2019-11-25 17:57:49, Andrew McCormick, Canada

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