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1. Re. your Lindybeige video "British officers don't duck" I thought you might be interested a comment on the subject by a Polish officer called Vladimir Peniakoff in his book "Private Army". Describing an incident in which he and some members of his unit visited a front-line position in Italy he wrote: "Mortar shells were peppering the stony hillside, uncomfortable close. At first we sat up in our trench, then, observing the behaviour of the others, we hugged the earth. There is an etiquette for visitors to positions under fire, and it is seemly to be neither more nor less cautious than your hosts." (In case you haven't heard of Peniakoff, he commanded a unit known as "Popski's Private Army" which operated in North Africa and Italy and fulfilled a similar role to the LRDG and SAS.)
2019-01-13 13:28:35, Charles S., UK

2. I find your decidedly English humor funny. I won't hold the fact your on the other side of the pond against you..😋 I love tanks!
2019-01-13 13:05:54, Charles Wade,

3. Hello people!
2019-01-12 09:13:51, Not Andrew, Train

4. Awesome content! I discovered 'Crossfire' due to one of your YouTube videos.... Only thing is I am not sure where to buy it. Our mutual love of tanks with guns and tracks and grunt is in the same vein!
2019-01-11 18:22:36, Jeff Marriott, AUSTRALIA

5. Always a highlight of my day - sitting down, glass of red in hand and LindyBeige...ah!
2019-01-10 20:45:54, Bill Worthy, New Zealand

6. Well done Sir
2019-01-09 07:13:03, Jakub, Gdynia

7. It took me ages to visit this site, despite watching every Lindybeige video ever. I'm glad I did however, because now I can enjoy it with far more insight into its creator. The man who should be Prime Minister. Thanks Mr Beige for hours of entertainment.
2019-01-08 17:00:08, Andy Pips, South Yorks.

8. Dearest Man in Beige,

From your Youtube channel, you thought me many things better then school ever did. You peaked my interest in matters that I wasn't even aware of before hearing you ramble about them.

You also sparked the armor making / LARP costume making back to life. It was a hobby I had in high school - not so, yet now so long ago - and I am now looking for the proper tools to start that back up.

From the Great White North,
With appreciation,
2019-01-07 11:54:23, Robin Chayer, Ontario, Canada

9. Your content it's really interesting, congratulations.
2019-01-05 23:35:41, Carlos Hermosillo, Guadalajara, México

10. Inspiring and amusing, splendidly done to express your ideas.
2019-01-05 05:42:28, R. Weiss, East Indies Islands

11. toast farming intrigue and its unknown Google history
2019-01-04 08:37:34, Luap, Lee on thw Solent

12. Great youtube Videos! I was suggested you by a friend online that knew i was a history nut and i checked you out and then watched a ton of your videos! Please keep it up! Also try and cover some American Revolutionary war topics! Im a reenactor and would love to hear more from your prospective!
2019-01-03 20:28:30, Douglas Coley, USA NC

13. I want a properly beige coffee mug at work and in the forge. Where's the merch? :-) Loving your videos. Being a US Marine Corps vet, engineering student, blacksmithing enthusiast, gamer, I am a very nerdy fan
2019-01-03 18:16:53, Ross A Vertein, Tucson, Arizona USA

14. I just want to tell you that i love your videos.
2019-01-01 14:03:22, Petrus , Riihimäki, Finland 1.1.2019 23:33

15. I take particular interest in your old scripts, and I especially liked 'I Can't Believe It's Not Murder', 'In and Out of Character' and 'Stoke Mandeville: Astronaut and Gentleman'. However, I'm slightly disappointed that at least excerpts of the former two scripts weren't available... Nontheless, I enjoyed the summary and I'm more disappointed that they were deemed 'rubbish' and disliked by producers.
2019-01-01 05:50:44, -Taiyius,

16. Lindy I was just re-watching your video on Trasimene, in which you comment in your advertisement that one can listen to audio books while one is "chopping the wood or grinding your millet" or whatever we do while listening to audio books, and I thought you might appreciate that while listening to you I was whittling away trying to properly fit a spare buttstock to my Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1 sporter so I could mock it up as a (T) variant (or perhaps an L42A1 if I decide on the Falklands) for reenacting.

2018-12-30 13:49:10, John I. Boland, Baltimore, USA

17. Hello there
2018-12-30 13:04:26, Matthew Huff, South Carolina

18. Fell asleep at the computer one night while watching a youtube video on tanks. I woke up to your voice talking about an white headhunter. I have not stopped listening since. Love your wit and knowledge and find you very entertaining. Recommended you to all my friends, or should I say friend and many imaginary friends on various social media sites. Thanks for bringing some knowledge and humor into the world.
2018-12-30 08:04:38, Vail Kelly, Salt Lake City, Utah USA

19. Came from your YouTube channel to here, I spent three hours discovering how much of a renaissance man you are. It was such a surreal experience going through all of it and learning about the minutiae of your life. Thank you for being you!
2018-12-28 09:59:04, Stefano, Philippines

20. Anglos have weird teeth.
2018-12-23 10:14:24, Gabriel Frye, AMERICA

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