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1. Found your YouTube feed entertaining, bought CrossFire, found your 1:1 CF house rules, and am generally entertained.

On miniatures: I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on selecting miniatures so they can be readily used for CF at 1:1 using the platoon structure you describe (separate LMG and rifle fire teams) and also at the standard CF scale. Which miniature lines you like for WW2 1/72 too, I can't get enough of that kind of thing.

On cloaks, torches, rope, arched ceilings, etc: fantastic material for RPGs. This may lead to a renaissance of gaming.

On beards: Excellent Muttonchops, old chap. I might suggest you include the "Jamie Hyneman", "Van Dyke", "Goatee", and "Soul Patch" series of removal.
2017-02-27 00:03:16, Hamilton, NM, USA

2. I just checked the map and I'm the only recent visitor from my country and the only ever from my city, don't know if I should feel special or lonely
2017-02-26 14:26:39, Tudor, Romania, GypsyLand according to half of the globe

3. .

2017-02-25 19:49:06, Norway

4. Brilliant Facebookpage and even more brilliant YouTube channel. Educational and funny. Carry on old boy. Very good.
2017-02-25 07:38:48, Antoine de Haer, The Netherlands

5. I made one of Lloyd's shirts and let me tell you. Women dig these shirts. Tops to this man and tops to his abilities. Thanks for the brilliant ideas, mate.
2017-02-22 23:06:44, John Keating, Wyoming, U.S.A

6. Firstly, I am very happy you have this guestbook, I likely would not have mustered up the courage to write my appreciation otherwise. Your channel has entertained and educated me. You truly teach a different way of thinking. The unapologetic expression of thought and opinion I see in every video and article, coupled with a sprinkle of self-deprecating humor strikes a balance that any logical person can appreciate. Your channel as introduced me to many new hobbies, ideas, and places. Your effort is very much appreciated, thank you for your time.
2017-02-22 19:00:30, Alejandro, Miami, Florida, United States

7. An odd but very interesting website about a man although equally odd it seems but much more fascinating. From scripts to points about ancient and medieval beds, you present them with a rather infectious enthusiasm, solid arguments and very amusing sense of humour. Always a pleasure to watch.
2017-02-20 16:00:48, Nicholas Devriesere , The Netherlands

2017-02-20 12:44:49, Coral, Poland

2017-02-19 19:27:41, David MacKay, Chicago, USA

10. Lots of things I agree with one here, many of which also gave me quite a chuckle (25 facts about you)! I've read most of the stuff in here. I particularly like the part about forcefeeding vegetarians lard, and your views on religion
2017-02-19 15:57:17, Whistling Maniac, Denmark

11. Just found the site and am going to spend more time browsing. I'm already intrigued and anticipate great things
2017-02-19 09:43:21, Stu, Northamptonshire

12. Hello and greetings from Canada! I watched your video on Muzzle Brakes, and since then I've watched dozens of your videos in the past couple of weeks. I very much enjoy your style and mannerisms, and your speech makes me immediately think of Jon Cleese. I will continue to watch your videos!
2017-02-18 20:17:00, Jon Stevens, Moncton, NB Canada

13. This is plain lovely, But only one shade of beige, unacceptable!
2017-02-18 18:05:55, Joshua, New Brunswick Canada

14. Actually got here from youtube, because of my interest in swords (FEDERSCHWERT!!!) then all kinds of other interesting stuff... Kung fu. #22.
2017-02-17 22:34:32, Chakaal, Virginia, USA

15. The accuracy in which you deliver your videos is stupendous. Would love to see more videos on weaponry of WW1 and Perhaps Roman wars
2017-02-17 14:49:56, Tj Whidden, Warwick, New York

16. Lindybeige is one of the best channels I have ever found on the internet, and this website is amazing. Now, off to polish my Spandau with a Katana Bayonet and make some fire arrows!
2017-02-17 08:11:34, Conor Rathbone, Hull, UK

17. Um, Hi.
2017-02-17 08:07:17, Craig, Bitchville

18. Yes, "Eclectic" is certainly a good name for the site. But seriously, take some time off and look up some tutorials for CSS and Javascript they would go a LONG way.
2017-02-16 19:58:30, Jacob, Tennessee

19. I found your channel over a year ago, and I have loved every minute watching your videos. I found your website not long after I found your channel, and, even though I may not share the same opinions, or I don't share quite the same interests, I have loved scouring your website. Keep it up, Lloyd!
2017-02-16 15:01:01, Andrew Gilchrist,

20. I love absolutely everything you make. I seriously consider you one of the greatest persons on Earth.
2017-02-16 09:17:00, Augusto Lauande Rodrigues, Rio de Janeiro

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