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1. Well done sir.
2017-10-21 04:21:52, Christopher J. Dwyer, Connecticut, United States

2. Brilliant work Sir, I very much enjoy your enthusiasm and choice of subjects.
I have purchased the Hannibal graphic novel, do you have an approximate release date? Jan/Feb or possibly later?
2017-10-20 17:49:46, Maximus Vaughnus, Leeds

3. You are one of the most intelligent people I have had the pleasure of listening to.
[in reference to]
2017-10-19 00:05:10, Ryn, Sydney, Australia

4. Just felt I needed to leave my mark. LINDYBEIGE!
2017-10-18 03:38:48, Jesse Watt, Townsville, Australia

5. Just a comment on the Spandau Bren gun video which I just saw. As you probably know Brazil sent a infantry division to the Italian front and it saw action under the command of General Clark in 1944-1945. The Brazilian "pracinhas" (our equivalent to GI or Tommy ) had a nickname for the Spandau it was "lurdinha". What does it mean? Nothing much, it is just a woman's name. Does of us who are married can understand why.
2017-10-17 15:36:43, Claudio Barros, Brazil

6. This refers to a better world

All levels of government and other public funded organisations need to demonstrate good management

I suggest some type of independent management accreditation system to achieve this

Thank you
2017-10-17 11:44:52, Mr R W Ebley, South Wales GB

7. "and weīre absolutley certain that they did have wood after the second Punic War...donīt! donīt! thatīs filth, donīt! clear your mind, clear your mind" -Lioyd, 15.06.2016
2017-10-14 14:57:45, Ben, Freiburg

8. Sandra calls me Lloyd.
2017-10-14 03:06:24, Wolfgang, Vienna

9. I love titties
2017-10-09 19:37:05, Bill Nye, Vagina

10. I enjoy your channel very much. I would like if you did more posts related to non-military history and philosophy. Keep up the great work!
2017-10-09 10:35:17, Isaiah, New York

11. Lloyd, I love your channel. It is so pleasantleyl informative, and I just love everything you talk about on your channel. Can't wait for new content! Also I have a question, did you make your website yourself, or did someone create it for you?
2017-10-05 14:58:47, Daniel Ribchinski, United States

12. Hello. I have been an avid watcher of the YouTube channel, and for an odd reason only just came across your website. Keep up the great work and loving the website too.
2017-10-02 09:28:01, Daniel Thompson , Newport South Wales

13. I am referring to your wargaming nd miniature [terrain ] page: All your remarks and all your posts are so helpful and inspirational. I also like very much your skirmish rules. Your wargaming concept is fantastic
2017-10-02 01:43:43, miltiades, Athens Greece

14. Hey Lloyd! Please make more longer videos about politics(your opinion and suggested policy) and history(roman, greece, world history, etc). People don't seem to mind your rants, we would even love to have more of them! Please make long, controversial rants again!
2017-09-28 21:09:44, Matthew Nikholai, Indonesia

15. You have inspired me to study archeology!
2017-09-28 04:28:55, David, Netherlands

16. You sir are the definition of a true gentleman.

Good Day
2017-09-23 23:46:34, Admiral Horatio Nelson, Trafalgar Square

17. A truly timeless website
2017-09-21 09:52:10, NJL, Virginia USA

18. this has got to be the most beige website there is. nice!
2017-09-19 18:05:12, tyler, Philadelphia PA, USA

19. It's nice to come across someone with as eclectic a mind as my own. You have a narrower a scope but are much more detail oriented than I am. I like your interest in tanks but my interest is more in the way of blade weapons. Maybe you could go into more depth of sappers or as I think of them as wartime engineers. Keep up the site and I'll come back.
2017-09-18 15:43:40, Vester Stevens, Dallastown, Pa.

20. Hi Lloyd,

I LOVE your channel and would love to have your opinion on model builing.
2017-09-18 10:08:41, Loz, Cambridgeshire, UK

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