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1. Simply put, Lindybeige is the best youtuber there ever was or will be. A hybrid of Monty Pythonesque buffoonery and scholarly discussion, Lindybeige is a lifeboat of wisdom in the sea of ignorance.
2020-08-09 13:37:20, Majid Wahid, Halifax

2. I agree that the Scottish parliament building is totally crap. makes me glad I left Scotland in 97.
2020-08-08 14:16:50, Will, Oregon

3. God help Scotland and itís lack of taste...
2020-08-06 10:10:09, Patricia McGowan, London

4. Er, make that 1956. Ahem.
2020-08-05 21:53:41, Sean, United States

5. I'm responsible for entry 1954 in this guestbook. I think I sound like a bit of a prick there, but that's ten years for you. Just thought you'd like to hear that you've got fans sticking around that long. Looks like you found that envelope, eh? You must have an exceptionally paper-efficient handwriting technique.
2020-08-05 21:51:50, Sean, United States

6. Hi nick ;) love your vids think you should do smaller vids to tide us over like 3 - 5 minutes reviews of stuff
2020-08-04 07:33:18, Ceoofuk, Tiktok

7. Dearest Nikolas,
I have only recently discovered your endeavors through your Youtube channel.
Your variety of interests and your genuine enthusiasm towards them have captivated me immensely. Your diversity makes you a real example, it was inspiring to know you exist.
Kindest regards and may your endeavors be ever great.
2020-08-03 17:56:16, Pedro F. A., Brazil

8. All of your YouTube videos are incredibly interesting and keep me entertained for far longer than I would expect at first. Great work!
2020-07-31 08:30:37, Noa, Netherlands

9. Ah yes, I smell beige
2020-07-30 17:49:37, Trent, Manitoba, Canada

10. I like your videos very much, I started watching for the WW-2 history videos, but I have branched out into your other topic areas with some interest. Please do keep at it.
2020-07-30 05:01:43, Stuart T Williams, Fair Oaks, CA

11. Love ya Lloyd
2020-07-29 09:24:30, Nathan, USA

12. Your boarding school videos are very accurate - Trust me I know having just finished at a very similar school! Keep up the good work
2020-07-29 06:18:27, Harry, London

13. Your boarding school video is very accurate - having just left one i would know! Keep up the good work
2020-07-29 06:16:52, Harry, London

14. I'm a big fan of your content in general, but since it really seems like you scammed a whole lot of people (not me) out of money on kickstarter (I really hope to be wrong here in the long run) and keep putting up stuff elsewhere before keeping your promise to them... I'm kind of disappointed.
2020-07-28 10:17:56, Kickstarter, Germany

15. An absolutely top-notch production. You taught me how to tie a bow tie, and Iíll never wear a neck tie again!
2020-07-27 20:25:24, John Hajdo, Virginia, USA

16. Great channel mate. I love your videos and have been watching for years.

All the best
2020-07-27 19:05:51, Daniel Amaral, S„o Paulo, Brazil

17. Love your youtube videos!
2020-07-27 16:35:01, Gilbert McCray, United States

18. I wish I had professors like you! In my country, education is not good and the role of teaching is more like the role of ignoring. Keep it up!
2020-07-27 13:13:12, Cesar, Mexico

19. I love your YouTube channel. Im a major WW1 @ 2 history fiend. partial to medieval history as well.

Hell from AUS.

P.S Best plane ever in my opinion was the Spitfire or the F-18
2020-07-20 23:55:16, Daniel Werfel, Country, South Australia

20. new to your community, really enjoy the content.
2020-07-20 14:31:44, Mike Saunders, Texas, USA

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