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1. hard because the instruction is some what quizzical "Comments" my god have i really got time to talk about all of it, i haven't even started yet, was lead hear by an ancient video obviously recorded on some analogue video device. well Ancient in modern term like ADH... oh look a cow!
2019-08-24 04:30:29, Harry Brown, in electronic exile

2. More South African videos!
2019-08-21 23:49:10, Tyler Standen, Washington state

3. I like your videos. It’s about time to have a...


I’m sorry.
2019-08-21 22:35:06, Joe Flanner, Somewhere in America

4. Great sport!
2019-08-20 08:09:42, Matthew, Texas

5. Reeeeeally love your channel and its content. keep up the good work.
2019-08-19 16:21:43, Carljohan, Sweden

6. Beautiful guestbook you have.
2019-08-19 15:23:28, Josef Sábl, Plzeň, Czechia

7. I like your Youtube videos.
2019-08-17 10:00:56, Captain Adams , South Essex

8. What shampoo do you use?
2019-08-17 01:43:36, Rob, Hawai’i

9. I've been browsing through your video content on youtube for quite a while now and I must say it's very interesting to say the least. I'm especially a fan of ancient roman history and your videos have given me a lot of new perspective on the subject. I would just like to say thank you for all the great work your doing and to keep at it!
2019-08-14 09:04:50, Henry, Finland

10. You are clearly out of touch with motives of most modern vegetarians.
2019-08-14 05:50:16, Jimbo, Oxfordshire

11. saxons did lots of stuff but glass making was NOT one of them as a glass historian I get annoyed at idiots talking about saxon glass - there is no such thing. Roman glass great then dark ages 12th century glass was introduced into northern europe for the building of Chartres and the glass makers were Islamic imported from middle east. Laurence Le vitereaux re introduce glass making to Britain in the 12th century in Kent for the 1st time since the Romans left. Please take your misinformed video down. my email is thank you. I love your stuff but this is SOOOO WRONG!
2019-08-14 05:00:39, James Adlington, Porlock

2019-08-12 14:32:00, J.L.Z, Ohio

13. I absolutely love your videos, however, I feel that sometimes the editing can be a bit lacking
2019-08-11 21:25:20, Ted R., Saint Louis, USA

14. Very beige.
2019-08-09 19:44:50, Zackary Sanders, Murica

15. Sir you are a genius
2019-08-05 11:00:25, Bob, Skelmersdale

16. I watched your video "Drawing Swords" probably around 10 years ago, and randomly stumbled across your channel again today. It's crazy how memorable that video must have been that I'd still remember it today. Keep up the good work!
2019-08-03 21:41:32, Hargie, Canada

17. A worthy endeavor.... This.

Do buy a car, just not a European make.
2019-08-03 15:31:14, Andrew L Mitchell, US of A

Regarding defunding /channel deletion AND the youtuber Union
2019-07-30 17:29:30, Neill [footshot], dRugby

19. Just keep up the banter old man, what what!
2019-07-30 11:40:53, Brian Moore, Hertfordshire

20. I am saddened to learn though I have only recently discovered your YouTube channel, you have been producing videos for over a decade.

To think how my medieval combat, war gaming, and historian hobbies could have been so thoroughly enriched had I known of your corner of the world.

Nonetheless, you have in me a die hard fan who will be quite busy binge watching your channel.

Should you ever be in my corner of the states (perhaps travelling to Las Vegas or San Diego) you will always have a welcome roof over your head and a meal in your belly.

Carry on
2019-07-29 16:47:02, Matthew L Sevald, St George-upon-Virgin, Utah, United States

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