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1. Excellent sort of chap. Jolly well done. A voice of sanity and well thought logic. May the Suns radiance light up your life Lloyd
2019-10-10 11:12:58, Andrew Hutchings, Wrexham ,Wales

2. Keep up the You Tube Lloyd. Its refreshing.
2019-10-09 16:32:19, Lesley Schultze, Axminster

3. I've been watching your channel for over a year now and I think it's really great you sometimes talk about things that most people wouldn't talk about especially in 2019 so keep up the good work I love it.
2019-10-02 13:56:18, Samson Boeve , Vaud, Switzerland

4. Yours truly, a neighbor over the manche...
2019-09-22 19:19:21, Berry, France

2019-09-22 19:09:50, Genevieve Phillips, Calgary Alberta Canada

6. I was hoping you might know of a place for good re faire shoes. I've decided to go as a monk, which helps in my hot sunny climate. I'm looking to find some sandals in the traditional style, do you know of any?
2019-09-18 23:41:20, Benjamin Kennedy, Palm Springs, California, USA

7. Long time watcher, first time visiting this site, and I must say its rather impossible not to read everything here in Lloyds' voice. God save the Queen!
2019-09-18 17:57:48, Rudolfph, Queensland, Australia

8. Hey Loyd, just wanted to say that your videos are by far my favourite pastime for when I'm just in the mood to learn a bit more about some of my favourite topics, best of luck to you.
2019-09-18 00:57:06, Jacobalan W Wallace, Idaho, United states

9. I am a big fan of everything on the channel but i would love to see more on dancing. I love the historical and speculative material but i am also interested in dancing and would love to see more if possible, i understand if not.
2019-09-17 18:12:38, Kaleb Lathrom, Bentonville Arkansas

10. I found the LindyBeige youtube channel during a very difficult time in my life. Your passion in discussing topics which you have true knowledge & your motivation helped me to be interested in something again & to find myself. I know to you its just videos & a job now... but on a personal level they have helped me during my battle against fentanyl. Thank you for being you Lloyd.
2019-09-16 08:29:24, Amin Makhlouf, MA, USA

11. O Sibili, si ergo. Fortibus es in ero. O Nobili, demes trux. Si vates enim, causan dux.
- Hawkins
2019-09-11 21:18:54, Eldridge, Virginia, USA

12. Dear Lindy, your character and authenticity are truly refreshing to behold, especially in these times of insincerity and vapidity. Never change, you're one of the good ones.
2019-09-07 13:03:55, Scott, The Kingdom of Strathclyde

2019-09-06 19:44:39, Susan Cummings , Longmont CO USA

2019-09-05 11:19:51, Youri V., The Netherlands

15. Jolly good job sir. Keep up the good work.
2019-08-31 14:55:16, nathan callcott, Australia

16. I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed trawling through this website. There is a fascinating mix of content here however the sheer volume of unhinged ramblings, no matter how amusing they may be, worries me somewhat. Go outside, Lloyd!
2019-08-31 14:53:55, James, From East Anglia, currently in Norway

17. How can I inís your extended essay about your human breast hypothesis?
2019-08-30 12:47:08, Shawn Crook, Colorado

18. Greetings from Luxembourg! You remind me a lot of my history teacher back in highschool. Your videos are a lot like his lessons, which I loved.
2019-08-30 06:45:52, Steve Gelhausen, Luxembourg, Grevenmacher

19. Howdy! I would like to extend a greeting alll the way from the US of A! YEEE HAW!
2019-08-29 18:45:35, Ryan, Texas

20. I always love when you upload videos, knowing that I'm going to learn something, while having fun. Thanks for doing what you do, and, well, imagine I said some British break a leg adjacent phrase.
2019-08-29 14:29:02, Tanyn, Spokane, Washington

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