545th Military Police Association

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11. 1990-1992 Desert Storm, 1st Platoon.
2017-02-13 10:23:46, Joseph Silva, joetsilva@msn.com, New Mexico, 545th MP Co, SGT

2017-02-09 17:51:25, charles l truitt, kaytuck1881@yahoo.com, East Stroudsburg PA, fort hood, PFC

13. Current commander of the Arctic's Finest. I would love to get the unit more in touch with it's history so our Soldiers can better understand the incredible heritage of the 545th.
2017-01-09 00:09:36, TJ O'Malley, tjo322@gmail.com, JBER, AK, 545th MP DET, CPT

2016-12-13 08:59:13, rene thomas, ebano20061@aol.com, HAMPTON GEORGIA, NA, PFC

15. I was in the 545th MP co in Vietnam. I arrived Jan 1969 and left March 1970. I was stationed in Phuc Vin, then Quan Loi and finally Bien Hoa. I remember all the MP clubs in your web site, especially the one at Quan Loi where the Fxxx you lizards lived in the ceiling. I remember Dirty Dan. I supervised him when he built a bunker on the perimeter line. I also remember the rocket attacks at Phuc Vin, the ground attacks at Quan Loi and the South Vietnamese "friendly"artillery fire that killed a number of LRP troopers that had just gotten back from the field, in Bien Hoa. I also remember SFC Curry. He was there when I was.
2016-10-01 14:22:26, Ron Brown, ronannbrown@yahoo.com, Atascadero, Ca, 545th PM"s Vietnam, Sergeant E-5

2016-08-31 13:29:02, J. Anthony "Tony" Vittal, tony@vittal.net, Los Angeles, CA, 545 MP Co., SGT - Provost Marshal Opns NCO

17. I who appears may eliminate mail 1 and 2, My first registration fell by mistake. I'll register once more .Im Sorry.It Ok with me delete My 2 Email I've already sent.
2016-07-31 19:25:10, Osamu Yamada, taro1931oy@jcom.home.ne.jp, Japan, none, none

18. IMissed HIs S.No so I collected and write again.
I Wouldlike to know information about Bill J Bailey(RA14455618)He was Stationed in Sapporo City(Camp
Craword)till 1954.If anyone know about him please
let me know. I am waiting and hopong I will receve
good news.thankyou
2016-07-26 19:21:51, Osamu Yamada, taro1931oy@jcom.home.ne.jp, Japan, 545Mp Co.1st Cav, Cpl

19. I Wouldlike to know information about Bill J Bailey(RA16655418)He was Stationed in Sapporo City(Camp
Craord)till 1954.If anyone know about him please
let me know. I am waiting and hopong I will receve
good news.thabkyou
2016-07-26 19:06:45, Osamu Yamada , taro1931oy@jcom.home.ne.jp, Japan, 545Mp Co, I Cav Div, Cpl

20. I am seeking any information on my Father, Laurent R Blain - SFC US Army. He was killed in action in Korea on 10 Oct 1950, his remains have never been found. According to the records I have he was a member of the 545th Military Police. I would appreciate hearing form anyone who served with him or receiving any information on his service especially in Korea. Thank you.
2016-07-21 07:31:12, David R Blain, dblain433@gmail.com, Beach Park, Illinois, USS Mississinewa AO144, E5 US Navy

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