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2016-08-31 14:29:02, J. Anthony "Tony" Vittal, tony@vittal.net, Los Angeles, CA, 545 MP Co., SGT - Provost Marshal Opns NCO

12. I who appears may eliminate mail 1 and 2, My first registration fell by mistake. I'll register once more .Im Sorry.It Ok with me delete My 2 Email I've already sent.
2016-07-31 20:25:10, Osamu Yamada, taro1931oy@jcom.home.ne.jp, Japan, none, none

13. IMissed HIs S.No so I collected and write again.
I Wouldlike to know information about Bill J Bailey(RA14455618)He was Stationed in Sapporo City(Camp
Craword)till 1954.If anyone know about him please
let me know. I am waiting and hopong I will receve
good news.thankyou
2016-07-26 20:21:51, Osamu Yamada, taro1931oy@jcom.home.ne.jp, Japan, 545Mp Co.1st Cav, Cpl

14. I Wouldlike to know information about Bill J Bailey(RA16655418)He was Stationed in Sapporo City(Camp
Craord)till 1954.If anyone know about him please
let me know. I am waiting and hopong I will receve
good news.thabkyou
2016-07-26 20:06:45, Osamu Yamada , taro1931oy@jcom.home.ne.jp, Japan, 545Mp Co, I Cav Div, Cpl

15. I am seeking any information on my Father, Laurent R Blain - SFC US Army. He was killed in action in Korea on 10 Oct 1950, his remains have never been found. According to the records I have he was a member of the 545th Military Police. I would appreciate hearing form anyone who served with him or receiving any information on his service especially in Korea. Thank you.
2016-07-21 08:31:12, David R Blain, dblain433@gmail.com, Beach Park, Illinois, USS Mississinewa AO144, E5 US Navy

16. I'm writing you for the first time,I'm YUZU KUROKAWA of TVMAN UNION campany.I'm making a TV program. That's SHINNIHONFUDOKI of NHK in JAPAN. We are featuring Oizumimachi Gunma Prefecture on TV. I explain that camp drew in Oizumi machi in the program. Then, I would like to use a picture of your site. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you for reading.
2016-07-19 23:31:14, YUZU KUROKAWA, ykurokawa@tvu.co.jp, Tokyo,

2016-07-13 11:58:03, Keith Boettcher, po1boettcher@gmail.com, Texas, CID, SA

18. capt. please change my e-mail address to gerskd@mygrande.net thanks my computer had numerous hiccups so had to make some changes. my previous e-mail was gerskd@vvm.com.
2016-07-10 20:27:03, Gerald Donahue, gerskd@mygrande.net, TX, 736th maint. tx nat'l guard, E7

2016-07-09 07:06:46, Sherwood Nance, rsnance1949@gmail.com, Illinois, 545th MP Co, 1LT

20. Good morning,

I’m trying to locate an NCO stationed in the Vung Tau region during the ’70-’72 time period who provided some much needed assistance.

The only ID I can recall is the nickname “Saint Louis Nick” (or “Saint Louie Nick”). He was either an MP or somehow involved in security, possibly in the port region.

Do you have any suggestions as to how best to pursue my search? Thank you,

R.H. Barratt, LTC, USA (Ret)
(with 1st Bde, 5th Inf Div (Mech) in VN)
2016-05-23 10:54:18, R.H. Barratt, hrhandqe3@gmail.com, Monterey CA, DLIFLC, LTC

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