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545th Military Police Association

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2014-08-11 16:05:26, Helmut R. Klick,, Poppenricht, Germany, PMO, Seuol, Korea 1989-1990, SSG

12. Just became a member. Served in the 545th from 92-95! Best time of my life!! Good to be with my brothers
2014-07-26 11:22:20, Richard Lowell ,, Houston, Ft. Hood , Pv2

13. Xferred to 545th 2/68 after 1 tour with B co 504th in Pleiku 67. Did straggler Det at An Khe and road patrol, cordon/search when Div was @ Camp Evans. Sgt Strong, Garvin and Tom Duane are the only guys I recall. Served @ B Bat 2nd Msl Bat out of Ft Wainwright 1966
2014-07-23 16:22:36, Greg Walter,, An Khe, 545th MP co , E4

14. I was with the 545th MP Co. at Fort hood, from their arrival in 1971 until 1973. I worked for Col. Tinsley as a Military Police Investigator.
2014-07-20 19:49:48, Richard Pomeroy,, Stanley,Wi, 545th MP Co., SP4

15. After several days without our guess book, it is up and running again. It seems someone high jacked it.
2014-06-17 08:15:37, Webmaster,

16. Private message. Click here to view.
2014-04-10 17:23:27, Chris Parker,, United States, 63rd RRC, E6

17. 545TH was the best time of my career, awesome unit
2014-04-09 13:09:45, jerry staten,, FT HOOD, 89TH MP BDE, SFC

18. A proud company. Thanks to all of you for your excellent service over many, many years.
2014-04-04 08:49:50, Joseph Gillam,, Hinesville, GA, 42d MP Gp (Customs), MSG

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2014-04-02 17:46:20, jared Trusdle,, Wyoming, Turkey, spec 4

2014-03-19 17:22:50, Patricia Vance,, Anaheim, CA,

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