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1. Im researching my father, MSGT Sal Fanelli. I have a pic of him wearing an 8th Service Command patch & an MP armband in 1944. He was escorting Italian POWs through Dallas, TX. If anyone knows about that unit, I'd like to hear from them. Thanx for your service, MF
2015-06-06 14:37:44, MF FANELLI, amihd@sbcglobal.net,

2. I am trying to send an email to anyone who can help me regarding a fallen soldier that was with the 545th MP Co, 1st Cav and fought in the Bing Duong Province of Vietnam. He died September 13, 1970. His name was Jon Cole. We are building a Memorial to honor all fallen heroes who died in any of the wars and were from Pinal County. If you have any information, please email me. thank you so much for your help. Nancy Fassbender, Board Member of the Pinal County Veterans Memorial Foundation
2015-06-01 08:51:18, Pinal County Veterans Memorial Foundation - Nancy, nfass@earthlink.net, Casa Grande,

3. I have tried to respond to e-mail message from Ret CPT Sam Reinhart, however they are being red lined and rejected, I have also attempted to call the phone number given at the bottom of his e-mail messages to me, and I am getting a message that the phone is disconnected or no longer in service. I have no clue as how to correct this problem. Thanks!
2015-04-24 20:23:00, CLYDE L GRIFFEY, cclpngriffey@msn.com, Federal Way Washington, Ft Leonard Wood Missouri, SSGT E-6

4. I was across the street from you guys back in 1973-75. I was with the 67th. B company. Thanks for your service all of you!
2015-04-13 08:46:29, George Purdy, gwpurdy@sbcglobal.net, Springfield, Mo, 67th Sig Bn., E-4

2015-04-01 19:14:28, Jerry M. Ray, jerry.ray@twc.com, Kentucky, 553 MP Co. Ft. Campbell, Ky, Sgt

2015-03-27 19:07:56, Tyrone, Whitmore, BAtavia,

7. I never had the pleasure to serve with the 545th, but I served with a number of great people, I'm sure some of them did. 143rd MP Det (MTNG). Big Sky, part of the 519th MP BN, Viper Base EST Apr 20th, 2003 Baghdad 4/2003-3/2004 759th MP BN -4/28/2004 WIA God Bless all who served, Thank You
2015-03-25 01:14:27, Kevin Allen, akahallen@gmail.com, Whitehall, MT, 143rd MP Det 759th MP, SGT E-5 Ret

8. i am also a member of mpra,this site is outstanding-----HOOAH.
2015-03-24 23:25:16, ssg collins, fc1021@aol.com, apple valley ca, 3 42 nd mpc, ssg/E-6

2015-02-24 22:52:14, kenneth oakes, koencasa@gmail.com, United States, 233rd Military Police-US Army War College, E-4

10. Looking for information in 1945 about Walter J Shiveler, who served as MP in occupied Japan in 1945-46. Send information if you have any.
2015-02-21 05:00:27, Glenn Shiveler, glennshiveler@hotmail.com, Tulsa OK, no, no

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