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1. You are never forgotten, Ricci
2019-11-09 13:14:36, me,

2. Another anniversary of your best show Oct 12th. You are missed, Ricci
2019-10-07 10:30:15, me,

3. Pray for Felipe, Ricci. You would have been a friend to him
2019-09-27 10:22:41, me,

4. Happy Birthday, my dear friend, Ricci
2019-09-20 04:34:05, me,

5. Ricci, You are missed every birthday. Rest in Peace.
2019-09-16 19:01:30, me,

6. You and your sweet guitar..so missed. The world needed people like you, Ricci.
2019-09-11 09:02:26, me,

7. Nearing your birthday and I remember sending you birthday cards. I miss that, Ricci. Wish you could have had more birthdays. You deserved them.
2019-09-01 19:50:41, me,

8. Prayer for Jeanne on the anniversary of her passing. Rest In Peace, Ricci and Jeanne.
2019-08-24 05:27:11, me,

9. You and I will have Forever...and that they can not take away.
2019-08-17 05:31:11, me,

10. I had a beach party this weekend and it was lots of fun. Wish you were there. Miss you.
2019-08-12 20:38:10, Me,

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