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1. Saw a stage performance of a Chorus Line this week..good performance...still think of you, Ricci. The stage isn't the same.
2017-02-25 16:58:03,

2. Listened to Ricci's CD this afternoon...wonderful...the show passed so quickly just like I remember it. I love You, Ricci !
2017-02-25 13:39:22,

3. Listened to Ricci's CD yesterday...like him being there. His show was so much fun.
2017-02-16 06:36:33,

4. Ricci is never forgotten by his true friends.
2017-02-01 05:56:11,

5. I really enjoyed reading guestcity.com , bookmarked your page
2017-01-31 03:31:10, FelixT, viralpocztab@o2.pl, Polska, SUBJ1

6. Mio Caro Amico, Ricci
2017-01-26 14:56:16, Me,

7. Ricci's last line in his book "That's Amore" is to the people he loved who passed on. "I Love You and Miss You". Now it's our turn to say that to him.
2017-01-17 06:02:08,

8. On January 8, 1956 “Memories are Made of This” became Dean's first number 1 single on the top 100.
2017-01-08 04:41:32,

9. Ricci was so much better than his buddies knew.
2017-01-06 10:24:48,

10. Miss you, My Friend.
2017-01-05 05:54:11,

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