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1. I've always loved this song. I was born in 1971 and my last name is Music. I've told my wife and children they have to play this song at my funeral for multiple reasons :) Thanks for this site!
2018-01-30 07:47:54, Rick Music, [email protected], Denver, CO, United States

2. Enjoyed the site very much! I was thinking about the lyrics after John Mayer performed the song on Letterman the other night. (He did a good job, I thought.) So was searching for definitive interpretations after hearing various ones most of my life. I was in 7th grade when it came out and have heard it so many times over the years that I can play it in my head clearly and it's been stuck replaying for a few days (not a bad Appreciate your insight, research, and alternative theories....very interesting stuff!
2015-04-22 13:18:56, Christy Marino, [email protected], Beaumont, TX, United States

3. After loving this song for years I have really enjoyed reading your interpretation. I look forward to hearing it soon and thinking about what I think it all means.
Thank you
2015-04-22 06:02:43, Jackie Parr, [email protected], rgl, london office, England

4. I do a podcast called The Greatest Music Of All Time on>music>oldies. I'm working on a new one concerning American Pie. Your interpretations are interesting!
2015-04-10 21:28:54, Dave Oates, [email protected], Eastern Ontario, Canada

5. Compositions like this are so metaphorically deep that you have to wonder how and where they come from. What was Mr McLean doing at the time? :) ... Two songs I would have loved to have written... This and Hotel California. Same mysterious enlightens.
2015-04-07 15:30:33, MB, [email protected], Ottawa, Canada

6. A beautiful job in analysing one of the most intriguing pop songs ever crafted. Fascinating in its own right and hopefully an inspiration to
other songwriters to help realize what is possible.
2015-04-07 14:38:22, Henry Smilowicz, [email protected], Seattle, Washington, US

7. Loved the analogy.It all makes sense and in the creative process it all may just come together in a great anthem!
2015-02-18 08:30:07, Joan Murtaugh, [email protected], Lakewood Ohio, USA

8. I enjoyed reading this. I have heard a lot of these, but was fascinated to learn some other meanings. Thanks Don
PS - I was born 3 days after that tragic plane crash
2015-02-04 14:34:52, Karen Hubbard, [email protected], Birmingham, AL, USA

9. Hi there, I'm actually doing a report for my college English class on how American Pie is a huge "protest music" song, and all of your references and connections are so helpful. Thanks a lot :)
2014-10-07 22:26:18, Ashley, [email protected], Los Angeles, United States

10. One issue in your speculation that the "sacred store" could be Fillmore East being closed. You state the song was recorded in May of 1971 and Fillmore shows it's last show to be in June of 1971. But a very interesting read.. thanks for the effort that went into it.
2014-06-23 12:50:22, Phil Cappallo, [email protected] , Cleveland, OH, USA
Administrator: A good point but surely they knew before that it would be closing!

11. Really helped me with my history project; thanks!
2013-05-07 16:28:16, Jasmine, [email protected], Murfreesboro, TN, USA

12. Thanks so much for uploading this. Helped a lot while I was doing a report for this song.
2013-04-06 21:47:00, Gabe, Florida, U.S.A.

13. Great sit. Found everything that I was looking for. Keep up the good work.
2013-01-20 13:23:10, Sandra Fisher, [email protected], Derby, England

14. Loved it-excellent research style-American Pie is definately the most unread song yet it has become the most widely reported song sung across the many nations-how ironic
2013-01-12 05:49:28, laura, [email protected], arizona, usa

15. Using your document as a source to write a senior paper (APA) involving lyrical interpretation.
2012-09-13 13:50:35, Ally, [email protected], Florida, USA

16. Very informative. Your comments open the song out without killing it by over analysis.
2012-08-03 02:27:02, Barbara Stevens, [email protected], Oxford, UK
Administrator: Thank you Barbara. Much appreciated.

17. Wonderful site. I was great to see the interesting and thought provoking thoughts about this great song.
2012-07-14 03:02:21, Frank Brus, [email protected], Sydney, Australia

18. Interesting..deeper than some other sites I think you know more than McLean about his own references!
2012-06-13 20:31:37, Kristin, California, USA
Administrator: Love it!

19. Very intriguing analysis of a rock history anthem that continues to fascinate after decades. thanks!
2012-05-31 16:22:50, Karen Torres, [email protected], Dallas, TX, USA

20. I'm doing a poetry analysis on this song for a class project. This website has really helped me out, thanks! I will attribute my A+ to you
2012-04-22 18:50:22, Jenn, [email protected], T, Canada
Administrator: Wonderful to hear!

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