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98. Great to see such an ethical breeder and that you take such care in matching your kittens to their new families.
2021-02-20 01:57:29, Greg Cooper, [email protected], Hillside

2020-08-11 04:17:44,

2020-04-28 03:46:07, Dean Foster, [email protected], Altona North

95. Lovely pictures of lovely cats, particularly the Russians. I love them, having just lost our old boy at 16 years. Thinking of getting another one for company for our other cat who misses him.
2019-04-29 15:11:51, Jaala Clifford, [email protected], Bendigo

94. Hi,

Hope you all well. My name is David and Iím living and working in Melbourne now. After helping look after my friendsí kittens for some time, Iím really keen to have my own cat. Iíve seen many videos on Youtube and very interested in having a Russian Blue cat.

2018-10-31 02:59:52, David, [email protected], Melbourne

93. Hello. Pete's my name and I live in Northcote Melbourne, and I am interested in a female Russian Blue kitten (neutered). I'm 53, own my home, no children, and have one other very well socialised male cat, neutered, 4 years old and rescued from the middle of a highway at just a few weeks old. He is indoor only, with supervised backyard excursions. I've had cats all my life, it's safe to say I am cat mad (well, animal mad in general), and my cats have always had the best and more charmed lives, and any medical that has been required, they have received. I've always had rescue cats as I feel a strong need to 'save a life'. I still do - and this is hard for me to even consider a pedigree from a breeder, however, for once in my life it would be great to have a breed of choice (a friend has two RB's, they're adorable). Sadly I lost my beloved tortie two months ago to cancer; I am still mourning. This is two I've lost to cancer and as much as I'd love a tortie, I just don't think I can do so again. I know there tends to be long waiting lists for Blues, however my work has at short notice forced me to reduce annual leave so I'm off work from 17 Dec and for me settling a new babe always means being a home for at least two weeks to manage the integration and ensure safety. Anyway, that's my story in a nutshell and I'm happy to chat if you wish.
2015-11-14 22:02:56, Pete Srdic, [email protected], Northcote, Melbourne

2015-11-14 22:02:18, Pete Srdic, [email protected], Northcote, Melbourne

91. Hi I am interested in buying a russian blue kitten
do you have nay available
2015-10-09 04:09:11, Michaela Glynn, [email protected], melbourne

2014-12-16 03:43:58, Crystal , [email protected], Sunshine Coast

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2013-07-22 11:59:44, Michelle, [email protected], melbourne

85. Hello!
Homeless cats and dogs from Poland looking for help!
2012-12-23 21:45:45, Radek, [email protected], Dabrowa

2012-08-10 09:22:50, Crystal, [email protected], QLD

2012-06-02 16:27:08, Kimi, [email protected], Melbourne

2012-02-23 07:52:30,

81. Beautiful cats. Very interesting site. Thank you for a good read. Sonia
2012-02-23 07:51:54, sonia, Australia

2011-04-06 11:29:25, ilham ferdias, [email protected], indonesia

2011-01-23 19:41:22, Kelly Richter, [email protected],

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