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1. Be sure to sign the guest book! Make sure to look at the second page!
Editor of JugglingWithJohn, United States, Yes,
JWJ Reply: Don't forget to sign up for JWJNews!

2. Great to have such a good friend!!
Nicholas, USA, sort of, 2

3. Great website!!!
Nicole, U.S.A., yes, 4

4. To John from Grandma,
Keep on juggling and entertaining us with your beautiful torches. We all enjoy watching you because you are a REAL PROFESSIONAL!! Love from
Grandma C.

Betty Claeys, Indiana, No,

5. Great website John! Keep up the good work!
Tim, U.S.A, Sort of,

6. I'm the proud Grandma Hanlon!
Marge Hanlon, North Webster IN, NO, NO

7. Looks Great! Keep up the good work!
Stephen W., Mishawaka, IN, One thing at a time., Not yet

8. You are doing a great job with the web site and the juggling! My friends are impressed with the pictures I took 2 weeks ago. They have trouble believing it's real when they see the pictures of the juggling with fire.
Aunt Tina, Ferrum College, No, Ye

9. You are such an inspiring young man. It seems so
good to see happiness, adventure into the future
and what an amazing juggling act! Keep up the challange, and what a wonderful web site.

Judy Beaman, Merced, Ca, no, no

10. John:
You're a great juggler! I especially like the light-up balls; behind-the back juggling; and under-the-leg juggling. Keep up the good work!
Mom - Christy Hanlon, Osceola, IN, No - Still working on it!, Yes

11. Hi John,
Jim, Maggie and I can't wait to see you juggle this July.
Maritta, AZ, Yes, No

12. Hi John It's Benjamin! I finally got on to your web page! GREAT JOB!
Benjamin B., Monticello IN, no, no

13. I'm looking forward to coming to your workshop on the 26th. I am impressed with what you are doing and I'm not a member of your family.
Barry Rapoport, Gary, Indiana, I'm a 21 year hobbyist, that's my next step
JWJ Reply: For more information, be sure to contact me!

14. Great webpage! I really like the picture of the two people juggling!
Margo, Now Yet

15. A very cool web site, John. Congratulations! You should add the Madrigal Dinners to your coming events list. I tried to send you some great pics of you from last year's dinners by e-mail last January, but I'm not sure if they went through. I can try again and maybe if I send them one at a time, it will work.
Nancy Menk, Saint Mary's College, No,
JWJ Reply: Go to the "Past Events" page for pictures from this event!

16. Nice web site. Please visit mine at: http://www.donadamselongateds.com
Don Adams Specialties, Louisiana, no, not yet

17. Hi John: I enjoyed visiting your web site. Thanks for signing my web site guest book. Don Adams Website: http://www.donadamselongateds.com
Don Adams, Chauvin, LA., no,

18. I really enjoyed last night's club meeting.Juggling is probably my next hobby. YOU'RE A GOOD JUGGLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
Ethan, South Bend, no, yes
JWJ Reply: Be sure to check out all of our other events!

19. Cool website,I like it.
Joshua, Osceola, yes, yes

20. Thanks for being the main attraction at the circus and fireworks portion of the program on Aug. 4 in North Webster. That was a spectacular performance. We are proud of your talents.
Tina, Merry, Joe, Sam and Luke, Osceola, IN, No, Yes
JWJ Reply: For more information on events we do, check out the "Juggling Events" page!

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