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1. Very well organized, thorough, enjoyed the detailed family stories. Somehow hopefully Iíll figure out our connection, but think itís from arderry/bohaun/sraheen thru my 2nd ggm honora Butler
2019-04-21 05:19:39, Tina DeFinis,, Philadelphia, PA
John: Thanks, it's so old maybe it'l be retro soon :)

2. testing if this still works
2019-03-27 19:07:07, johnny be goode,, space

3. Fascinating. Such detail. Really puts all the pieces of the jigsaw together my name was Ann McGing, daughter of Peter McGing. Have been many times to Mayo to walk where my ancestors walked. Beautiful place. Thank you
2018-06-07 10:00:14, Ann Henders,, Ormskirk UK

4. Hello again John. I am sending in my DNA test today.
2017-09-21 08:21:53, Kathleen (Kathy),, Cleveland, Ohio area

5. Very interesting and such a lot of work. I was interested in your Morrin connection. I am a Morrin and my great grandfather was John Michael Morrin born in County Mayo in 1856. His father was Edward Morrin who I think lived in Gortacurra which is near Cong. However I don't think we are related, but still very interesting- thanks for sharing all your hard work.
2017-05-06 12:44:13, Denise Key,, Florida
John: THere were a goodly number of Morrins around, not familiar with your John but they were on both sides of Loch Mask. Good luck on your searching.

6. I enjoyed the read my 2x great grandmother was a Ging living in Leixlip County Kildare Ireland around 1870
2016-09-07 19:34:58, Jean Lowes,, England

7. This is amazing!!!!
2016-04-19 12:55:40, Jenny Murray,, Texas
John: Yeah, it's something :)

8. We are related my kit number is A864289. I dont have that surname in my family. But I do not know my dad or my great grandmothers family on my mom's side. I just for fun ran our kits and we match, super cool. You also matched with two other people I have found.
2015-04-12 09:40:39, Katherine Medina,, United States
John: Cool, I found this in the spam filter so try

9. Hello McGings
2015-01-14 13:29:54, John Patrick McGing,, Ny

10. Thank You! You've done a great job with the McGing family research and data. It must have been an enormous task.

My Great Great Grandmother was Mary McGing (1836-1926). She was the daughter of Patrick McGing and Jane Scahill of Tonlegee, Aughagower, County Mayo, Ireland.
2013-03-26 23:36:16, P.J. Glynn,, New Canaan, CT, USA

11. Hi John, I'm not sure if we have any common ancestors. I just learned today that my 3X Grandfather, John Scully was married to a Winnie Touhey. I'm just now beginning to investigate further when I found your website. Nice Work!!
2012-04-23 22:55:20, Steve,, California
John: Thanks and good lucK!!

12. i was born in london in 1939 my father was john mcging from co mayo
2012-04-17 08:16:38, michael john mcging,, england hampshire

13. Hey! My name is Lucy McGing! Itís very nice to hear from another McGing! : P anyway, I was thinking, that my grandparents, were born (and lived) in Newport County Mayo, Ireland! It was an amazing thing to see [Ireland]. I even met some of my Grandmothers long lost childhood friends! Anyway, I was on Google, typed in my fatherís name, and your page came up!thank you very very very much for sharing!!
2011-05-31 20:54:53, Lucy Mcging, classified sorry!, classified sorry!
John: If you email me directly I'd be pleased to see if I can provide you with some family history.

14. I am a relation of Lawrence & Henrietta Ging, original surname of McGinn who came to U.s. from Ireland =, Married here in 1850. Possible relation to McGing?
2010-06-16 09:56:54, Cheryl ,, Pennsylvania

15. Hello there :)

Just wanted to drop a note to say that I love your site - it's very, very interesting. My father is from Tourmakeady and came up here to Meath with the Land Commission in 1960 with his parents and three sisters when he was two.

Great site. E-mail me if you'd like any more information.

2010-04-17 19:45:25, Claire McGing,, Co. Meath, Ireland

16. glad you put the effort in to make this page :)
2009-09-27 02:13:39, Jordan McGing,, England , Staffordshire

17. Hi John, my name is Sean Mcging.My great grandparents were Mary Duffy and Peter Mcging from Mayo,my grandfather was Thomas Mcging and my father is Peter Mcging.Please could you share any information?
2009-07-23 21:53:35, Sean Mcging,, Newport,S.Wales

18. Very helpful. I am researching link between Sheridans of Glenhest and McGing, or Ging. We have Sarah Sheridan and Michael Kearney married 1885 Newport Church, I am thinking Sarah Sheridan's sisters may have married McGings. One of them produced Alyce Ging, b.1913, of the Cleveland, Ohio bunch.
2009-04-06 16:52:03, Judy Serne,, Raleigh, North Carolina

19. thanks for this its really good for projects on the history of your family/names (everyone would be realated if we went back maybe a thousand years)
2009-03-16 01:03:32, Aisling Mcging,, Castlebar, Co.mayo, Ireland.

20. Hi John -
I am descended (great-granddaughter) of Julia McGing, parents Austin McGing and Bridget Connelly. julia came to America (Boston, MA)in April 1896 and married Joseph Horgan in 1901. don't want to go into too much more detail here, but wondering if you see any connection to your Mcgings
2008-12-18 03:43:51, Ellen,, Boston, MA

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