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1. Cortez Is still running around the Capital looking for Phil Abusters office.
She says she wants to be on the appropriations committee because she understands when something is appropriate.
She says we shouldn’t just teach Civics in schools, we should teach about all automobiles.
When they delivered a new TV to her office and read on the box built-in antenna she asked the delivery person if antenna was a city in China.
She just completed a jigsaw puzzle that said 5-7 years, she was so proud to get it done in 2 months.
When asked of her choice for speaker of the house she said Bose.
1. Has an economics degree yet ended up bartending when she couldn't find work
2. Elected by a voter turnout of less than 2% of her district
3. Is under investigation by the FEC for campaign finance fraud
4. Helped lose thousands of jobs and billions of dollars for a district she doesn't represent.
5. Had her Green New Deal shot down by her own party
6. Aligns herself with other antisemitic congresswomen like Tlaid and Omar
7. Was unable to name the 3 branches of our government.
8. Famously stated that we can "just pay for it" when questioned on how to fund her free healthcare and education programs.
The Democrats have a real winner here and the more she talks, the better President Trump's chances are in 2020.
2019-07-10 10:35:00, okasio, kortez@globe.com,


“By the time you’re reading this, the window for the 116th U.S. Congress to notch a significant, substantive accomplishment will be down to 33 ‘working’ days,” Brad Rateike writes in Indianapolis Business Journal. “Five months into this Democrat-led House and what does it have to show for itself? Nothing … Providing political theater is not an accomplishment. Promoting a culture of unlimited congressional investigations is not an accomplishment.”

2019-05-28 09:31:30, do nothing, DEMAKRAT@globe.com,

3. Congressional Democrats don't even pretend to care about governing anymore. Not fixing our broken immigration system. Not rebuilding infrastructure. Not jobs. Not trade. Not manufacturing. Not anything the American people want and need Washington to help fix.

2019-05-09 03:34:40, Jerrol Nadler, jernad@globe.com,

4. Some African cultures have a history of incest, especially in antiquity. One of the reasons King Tut died so young and was so deformed is that he was born of the marriage of a brother and sister. Such incest was apparently common in the royal lines of the rulers of ancient Egypt. Remember, they were pagans and did not follow the laws of the Old Testament, which specifically forbids incest.

And it seems that the future of the Democratic party Ilhan Omar is following this barbaric tradition!

Thegatewaypundit.com reports

Ilhan Omar won a historic victory over 44-year incumbent DFL Rep. Phyllis Kahn.

Ilhan Omar built a vast coalition of East African voters to defeat the incumbent in Minneapolis.

The liberal media forgot to mention Ilhan was married to her brother.

2019-04-18 11:44:38, just wanted a visa for brother, omar@globe.com,

5. why do lefties love the left lane , driving there and holding up traffic , not passing , and generally being a laggard
2019-04-09 09:03:18, leftie , laggard@globe.com,

6. make everyone rich , give everyone a printing press and let them print all they want . If they don't want to operate the press let a government official operate it and give them their One Hundred Dollar bills . Hire teachers to come to their home and educate their kids . Also provide everyone with a maid , butler and driver and so they get medical care , hire a doctor to live in with them . Make all drugs legal and tax deductible and give everyone a paid vacation every three months
2019-04-05 04:41:05, Democrat Dummy, dummy@globe.com,

7. Cabe destacar que los negros, menos desarrollados trece por ciento de la población, los menos productivos, los más criminales y los más dependientes del gobierno, deben dominar las políticas nacionales. Pero lo hacen. Casi todo gira en torno a lo que los negros quieren, exigen, hacen o no pueden hacer. Su poder parece ilimitado.

Cursos en la escuela, rigor académico, códigos de vestimenta, reglas obsoletas, todo debe ser configurado, así como exámenes para campañas para el departamento de bomberos, el ejército y la policía. Los negros deben ser admitidos en universidades para las que no son elegibles para el aprendizaje a distancia, y los departamentos de Estudios Negros deben configurarse para satisfacerlos. Las empresas, los ministerios federales y las escuelas secundarias no deben ser juzgadas si cumplen con sus deberes, sino si tienen el número correcto de respuestas.

¿Las leyes requerirán identificación para amenazar con votos múltiples o ilegales? Las leyes deben ir. ¿No es negro como las banderas del sur? Adiós, bandera. ¿Huckleberry Finn viene a Mississippi con Jim o Conrad escribe Jim o Narciso? Estos deben ser prohibidos o limpiados para complacer a los negros que no los han leído, o la mayoría de ellos han oído hablar de ellos. ¿Queremos evitar que personas de las áreas del ébola vengan a los Estados Unidos? Nosotros no podemos Ofendería a los negros.

Nunca debemos decir ni hacer nada que pueda afectarlos, como casi todo. Es positivamente fantástico. Esperan que los ricos y los sabios tengan un poder desproporcionado. Pero América está gobernada por los barrios pobres. Se puede pensar que una ley única debe aplicarse a todos los ciudadanos y que las cosas deben hacerse independientemente de la raza, religión, color, género o nacionalidad, y que todos deben tener los mismos derechos y obligaciones. Lamentablemente, ese no es el caso. La dominación de los negros es impresionante.

Si un hombre blanco dispara a un negro para defenderse, las noticias nacionales durarán semanas o meses. Pero cuando los negros realizan sus interminables ataques racistas sobre el blanco, los medios de comunicación pasan al otro lado. Los atacantes nunca son contestados. Ellos son "adolescentes". Los reporteros que digan algo más probablemente serán despedidos. De hecho, el trece por ciento censuró la prensa nacional.

2019-03-20 08:55:24, nancie poolucy , pooluci@globe.com,

8. mANCY pELOSI is Krazie
2019-03-18 04:33:47, tin foil hat, kraxy@globe.com,

9. don't let them put up a wall between us and our drugs
2019-03-16 14:30:20, npelosi@globe.com, pelosi@globe.com,

10. On Tuesday, Fiat Chrysler announced that Detroit, Michigan, “will get a Jeep factory, the Motor City’s first new auto assembly plant in a generation, as part of a $4.5 billion manufacturing expansion that will mean nearly 6,500 new jobs,” Amy Huschka reports. With jobs coming back to the Midwest thanks to the promise of the new U.S.–Mexico–Canada Agreement, President Trump praised the move: “Thank you Fiat Chrysler. They are all coming back to the USA, it’s where the action is!”
2019-03-02 14:33:56, Nononsense, quattro@vip.163.com,

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