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1. Hello From David Mordaunt
2019-05-05 22:32:11, David Mordaunt, david.mordaunt@gmail.com, Los Gatos, California USA

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2019-04-30 12:10:59, Anthony Hoskins, hoskins1999@hotmail.com, Palm Springs, CA, USA

3. So grateful to you for this wonderful website. In the past month I discovered my great-great grandmother Todd was born Agnes Sophia Gertrude Mordaunt (1828-1897), and your site even had her photo! She was the wife of Dr John [not James] Todd (1821-1866), MD (Univ.Aberdeen), and their third son, Logan Godfrey Todd (b.1853) is my great grandfather. Though the Todds are off topic, glad to share information with you, if interested. Again, many thanks,
2019-04-07 12:40:55, Anthony Hoskins, hoskins1990@hotmail.com, Palm Springs, CA, USA

2019-02-25 19:16:16, BradleyViava, today918online@outlook.com, Senegal

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2018-12-15 10:41:38, claire mordaunt, clairemordaunt@gmail.com, Jhb

6. Hello. My name is Carole Bennett, and I'm trying to help my father find his family tree. My dad is 85, born in Leyland England in 1933. His grandparents were Henry Bennett and Sarah (Brailsford), and his great grandparents were James Bennett (1841-1916) and Margaret Wilson (1841-1897) Do you think these people related to you?
2018-11-03 10:04:33, Carole , caroleis@comcast.net, Ann Arbor, MI USA

7. Thank you for all the information you have provided on this website. I have been searching my family history, particularly my Wexford roots, lately, and found that Margaret Mordaunt (married to Moses Murphy) was my 3x Great Grandmother. Her daughter Marcella was married to my 2x g Grandfather Owen Connolly. I had been trying to dig deeper into the Mordaunt history, so Iím glad I found this site!
2018-08-10 16:42:05, Kiran Connolly, Kiran.connolly@icloud.com, Dublin, Ireland

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2018-05-14 08:31:31, John G Doyle, myselectgrocer@gmail.com, Gorey

9. Thank you to "the Mordaunt Family & friends" of Adelaide, who engraved & gave a watch to a young Aussie soldier in 1915. It was in a box of family heirlooms including those of Albert Cracknell, killed in France 2 years later. Amazingly, as I picked it up it began to run. What's more it was engraved with the date 18 July, which is also my birthday.
2018-01-07 23:11:22, Jim Pearce, jgpearce@bigpond.com, Adelaide, South Australia

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2017-12-20 00:35:12, Carl Tanner, madscientist66@hotmail.com, Australia

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