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14. We had a great time at the last party in Feb 2018.
Looking forward to seeing all our new friends at the Hags club very soon. Keep the Jazz alive here in south Florida. Thank you for the opportunity to play with all the local musicians.

Brian L. Newsom
2018-02-27 08:59:40, Brian L. Newsom, Brian.Newsom11@gmail.com, Milford, MI and Ft Lauderdale, FL,, All of them, Through MIke Moe of the Gold Coast Banjo Band

13. Also have the Thumbnails as a Slide Show
2017-11-04 20:15:34, Virgil N. Salisbury, virgnvs@ballsouth.net, Miami Fl,, Thumbnails, Long time ago

12. Hello, I went to the Dixieland Jazz Performance at the Arts Garage and loved it! I am visiting from Champaign-Urbana Illinois, where live jazz music plays almost every day, and many of the musicians are my friends.

I was so glad I saw your show listing by chance and was able to spend an evening enjoying your music. This is my first time visiting Del Ray--and I love it! I will definitely be back--hopefully during a time you will be playing again!

If you ever take any requests, one of my favorite songs is "Taking the 'A' Train."

I enjoyed hearing the stories behind each piece you played as well. I hope you and/or friends upload more videos of performances onto YouTube so I can continue to listen to you while back in Illinois! Such special experience listening to you guys!
2017-08-12 16:14:00, Sheila, Champaign-Urbana,, from your recent show at Arts Garage

2017-01-12 11:52:08, Dan Kassell, JazzManDan@yahoo.com, NYC,, Swing-Jazz Bands & Vlubs, Played HAGS in 2004

10. I attended your fun and entertaining Jazz "parties" and loved every minute of it. The Jazz cruise was always the years highlight. I moved back to Colorado and now belong to the Boulder and Denver Friends of Jazz. All because of the wonderful experience I had with all of you. Once you attend and participate in this form of Jazz you get hooked. Thank You for giving me and so many others this great experience. If you visit Denver or Boulder look us up. Boulder offers a true Jam Session.
2016-06-15 09:21:22, CAROLE L UPTON, DAVE4CAROLE@AOL.COM, Colorado,, all of it is great., web search

9. Hi Glyn! Was looking for your next appearance and found you here. Congratulations on your new title! I remember this organization from way back, glad to see it is still rocking! I might have to become a member; maybe my next gig will pay for the dues!!! Wait; what next gig?

Best regards always,


Drop me an email if you want, don't cost nothin'!
2016-02-20 20:53:16, Tod Edmondson, dirkbill@mac.com, Hollywood FL,, Page 1, Was looking for Glyn Dryhurst!

8. Really like the new website. Very informative. Hopefully, everyone will pass it on, and build up our membership
2015-09-23 08:19:22, Joe and Heidi Daesch, joedaesch@comcast.net, Coconut Creek,, thru email

7. Looking really great !
2015-06-14 20:35:45, James V. Joyce , jj@komputinkraft.com, Coconut Creek,, Past performers, Uh, I was there from the beginning...

6. So colorful and musical. Good times remembered and more to come. Web design is beautiful, wonderful dissolve transition on the logo
Very inviting
2015-05-17 20:33:59, Carlene Starace, Scjstar@bellsouth.net, Boca Raton,, Photo slideshow and Bullhorn Newsletter,

5. There was a Glyn Dryhurst combo that appeared in our Enlisted Men's Club at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, back in the 1960's. Wondered if it's the same guy associated with your group.
2015-05-05 15:59:49, Bill Casady, bcasady@dtwnow.com, Bakersfield California,,

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