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2018-03-01 19:20:10, Rod Craig,, Hampton, Ontario, Canada ,

2. Hello
I can't find the location you organizing sessions :)
2017-09-24 06:26:05, Jarosław Żeliński,, Warsaw (Poland) ,

Replying to:
May 13/17
Hello... First time in ages I've made it to this site, this computer, i'm somewhat behind... nice to see your guest book entry; I have over 200 'tunes' that I haven't managed to get on yet, plus a Newsletter that's supposed to be going out... i'm away behind.

If I can get myself back to a point where I can play my fiddle again...I will be giving you a call! I'm - tonight - going to my favorite page here... 'Tea and a Tune Jam Sessions' - which is five months behind... I may get it caught up a bit tonight... and, as you usually join us there weekly (!!!) I will see you there for a 'Tea and a Tune'
'Keep on Fiddling'
2017-05-12 23:16:22, Gladys,, Canada,

4. Hey, Gladys: It's Tuesday, May 9th and I've just spent the last hour listening to and printing a ton of tunes!!! I didn't realize what a GREAT site this was!!
2017-05-09 11:56:59, Margy,, Oshawa, Ont.,

5. Hi Gladys. I found your site by accident but it is amazing. I've been playing for about a year and exploring all kinds of fiddle music. Thanks for your hard work putting it all together.
2016-12-17 12:03:20, Gilly B,, England,

6. I love you mum.
2016-06-02 22:20:52, Sterling,, Oshawa,

7. Private message. Click here to view.
2014-06-07 15:07:52, Sean whelan, Seangwhelan@gmailcom, Ireland,

8. Hi there: Delighted to see Gladys Celtic Corner up and running again. Absolutely love this site!
2014-02-20 20:33:57, Margy,, Oshawa, Ontario,

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