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1. One of the greatest metal bands. Glad they are back pounding metal again.
2017-11-06 21:51:30, John Calabrese,, Indian Harbour Beach Florida

2. Hello Exciter !
I just came back from the Storm Crusher Festival
It was a great festival, and it was great tro see you again, and to see yout fantastic show !I won´t forget it in my life !
2017-09-17 03:18:04, Frankie,, Erlangen, Bayern/ Germany

3. Have been a fan since the 80's and have the pleasure of living in the same City as these founders of Metal... John's stories of the band in the early days are always awesome to listen to
2017-07-17 06:21:45, James Duncan,, Ottawa

4. The Exciter show in Keep it True 2015 was the heaviest concert of my life, LONG LIVE THE LOUD!!! See you in Rock Fest Barcelona!
2017-06-04 11:44:44, Philip Graves,, L'Hospitalet del Llobregat, Barcelona

5. Exciter is the greatest band ever!
Exicter has been one of my favorite bands for several years now and i really look foreward to see them live for the first time on the Beyond the gates festival in Bergen!
Long Live The Loud! See you in August Heavy Metal Maniacs!!!!
2017-03-13 15:17:06, Joakim Wang Mikkelsen,, Norway

6. Hi! You are coming to Finland 27.-28.10.2017 Heavy Metal Cauldron festival! It would be awesome to hear there one of your very rare and very best song RIDERS FROM DARKNESS!!!
Please can you do it?
2017-02-05 23:49:38, Slusse, Finland

7. Hey Al, Dan and Jon! It's your pal from New Zealand, Caleb. Can't wait to hear the new release and glad the boys are back together. Cheers peace, and much love! - Long Live the Loud! C
2016-12-13 15:51:15, Caleb,, New Zealand

8. Exciter was one of the bands that inspired me in the 80 as I worked my high school days at a record store. Today 30 years later as a chemical engineer I am still a huge fan as is my 15 yo son... I am a HM Maniac!
2016-09-23 18:53:37, BJ Goclowski,, Maine US

9. Been hooked on Exciter since their 1st album..glad to see the original line up back together.
2016-08-02 08:18:14, Denis Ruest,, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

10. thanks Frankie for so many years of continued support ! We really appreciate it !
2015-09-24 22:06:28, John Ricci, , ottawa, Canada

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