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108. I passed first time and wouldn’t have wanted it to be with anyone other than Helen. I could not thank her enough, she is a patient and lovely women who loves a chat and makes you feel comfortable whilst driving. She is a professional instructor whilst also making everyone who gets in her car feel like a friend, would recommend to anyone who perhaps doesn’t have the most confidence. Thanks again!
2019-04-01 13:20:15, Sophie ,, Livingston

107. I passed my test thanks to the best instructor ever! Would not have done it without her! We always had such a laugh on lessons and made me feel confident. Thank you Helen for being so great!!Xx
2019-01-13 12:25:33, Caitlin,, Livingston

106. Passed my driving test first time after working with Helen. I would 100% recommend her to anyone, she’s so supportive and such a positive person to have teaching you to drive. Each lesson is a different adventure with the best company and I will miss them loads.
2018-07-17 14:53:28, Jen,, Livingston

105. I passed my test first time. I was very anxious to start driving but I wouldn't have gone with a different driving instructor. Helen always makes sure you're completely confident and comfortable with everything she is teaching. She is very nice, understanding and patient which helps a lot if you're nervous about driving. We always laughed and had fun on lessons, there was never a dull moment and it made my driving experience that much better. Can't thank Helen enough for helping me learn to drive, because of her I now have that bit more independence. Thank you so much Helen !!
2017-05-24 06:39:20, Fern Dolan,, Livingston, West Lothian

104. I would highly recommend Helen, she is a fantastic lady with a heart of gold. I was a really nervous driver and had lost all confidence in my driving after having two previous instructors. Helen build me up and gave me the confidence to pass my test. Thank you Helen I couldn't have done it without you, your the best. I will miss our weekly blether x
2017-03-24 10:51:00, Lynsey , West Lothian

103. Passed my test a couple months ago and I cant thank Helen enough for the great instruction she gave. Myself and my girlfriend both think she's a great instructor and just a generally nice person to be around anyway. I'm very grateful to have met and worked with Helen. Thank you very much!
2017-03-19 13:21:23, Ciaran, Bathgate

102. Could not recommend Helen highly enough. I trained with Helen for just under 6 months and passed first time. The best advice giver, the biggest chatterbox, the best gossip but most importantly a trustworthy woman with a heart of gold. I could not thank Helen enough for all of her help. I'll never regret going with her. Thanks again Helen!
2017-03-03 05:17:54, Sophie ,, Livingston

101. Got a course of refresher lessons as I had not driven since I passed my test in 1991. Excellent teacher and helped me get my confidence back on the road. Would recommend to anyone.
2017-02-11 04:59:15, Neil, Livingston

100. Passed my test in March 2015! But still can't thank Helen enough! Helen's our family friend and more than a friend she's one of the aunts as I always say! Helen was amazing from the moment I started driving with her, from my first ever lesson, we've been through so much together, through all the laughs and the many tears that were shed when results didn't turn out exactly how we wanted it to! However, Helen never gave up on me and soon that FAIL turned into a big fat PASS. I couldn't recommend Helen enough she's truly an amazing driving instructor but most importantly she's an amazing human being who won't only be the person who has taught you to drive but a life long friend who you will always remember 💜
2016-11-04 17:58:17, Saima Ali, Livingston

99. I can honestly not thank Helen enough for all of the help she has given me when learning to drive. Helen gave me so much confidence week in and week out pushing me out of my comfort zone when she knew I could do it!! I am really going to miss having my driving lessons each week she always made them so much fun. Thank you so much!!
2016-10-03 04:39:40, Jenny, Livingston

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