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I just bout your dulcimer at a music store used, I was so impressed of the wonderful sweet sounds that your dulcimer produced.
I have a question I need to know is the tuning dad
And the string sciences;serial number is
2019-06-08 14:00:10, Joe Cannon, Cannon.jos@yandex.com, West Virginia

2. Just got the 3 volumes of your instruction and look forward to playing my new dulcimer as I enter my 4th quarter of life, but not finished yet. Thank God for your skills and your heart for sharing.
2019-05-20 18:47:24, "Corki" Fielder, corkif44@att.net, Madera, CA United States

3. Hi Jeff I love you dulcimers and as a carpenter I appreciate the work and love you put into them they sound and look beautiful.I live in Australia and look forward to sending for a kit very soon many thanks Geoff.

2019-04-30 04:20:48, Geoff Morton, geoffmorton@yahoo.com.au, Sydney. Australia

4. Hi Jeff,
Just finished the dulcimer kit my dad started. I posted it on facebook. Thank you!
2018-12-19 18:34:15, tim wibking, timwibking@att.net, franklin, tn

5. new to the instrument - your site looks very interesting and inviting!
2018-10-10 21:32:50, bill, banjobll@pacbell.net, Soquel, CA

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