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2. I am currently researching my father's side of the family, Trull. I too have found information, but there are also a lot of brick walls. ie: coming to America and their descendants. I can use the help.
2015-04-18 11:21:28, Loretta Winchester, Beaverton, Oregon, Researching the internet
Rex Bertram: Hi Loretta. If you are looking for assistance with your brick walls on this family; please feel free to contact me by completing the form on my webpage at You can complete the brief form on the main page for an analysis and quote for research assistance. Thanks. Rex Bertram

3. Thanks Rex for breaking through one of my brick walls. For those of you that are thinking of using Rex to help you, I highly recommend him. He is efficient, organized and very resonable.
2014-12-31 14:41:59, Debbie wood pierce, Durand, Mi,
Rex Bertram: Thanks so much for your kind words. I was very happy to help you.

4. Thank You! Jim Wood bro. of Debbie Wood
2014-11-25 13:42:59, Jim Wood, Chebyoan Mich.,
Rex Bertram: I was very happy to help. Glad I was able to break through that brick wall for your family.

5. Thank you for helping break down the Minnie Priest brick wall. We had no idea how to proceed and you solved the mystery for us. Joe Wood (great-grandson of Minnie Priest & John Edward Wood)
2014-11-23 08:04:55, Joe Wood, Greensboro VT,
Rex Bertram: I was thrilled to be able to help. I'm so glad we were able to find some answers for you.

6. I reached out to Rex to help me with genealogy research on a family member when I hit a dead end with the resources I had on hand. He immediately found new information and was very helpful and resourceful in recommending various sources to explore. I know I will be reaching out to him in the future and I would highly recommend Rex to anyone who needs professional assistance with their genealogy exploration.
2014-07-10 18:34:05, Jeff Smith, Arlington, VA, Google

7. I made a request for a free search of the death and location of my ancestor, Cesar Seymore, African American male from Sylvester, Worth, Georgia. And, born around 1823 - 1826.
2014-06-24 15:59:48, Verona Mitchell, Various search engines, that directed me to your site.

8. I took advantage of the 'Free Lookup" offer for a marriage record of my 7th Great-Grandfather and received more than I hoped for. I received a reply promptly by e-mail with details and an offer to have the documentation sent to me for a very fair fee. Awesome service! Thank you.
2014-06-24 15:58:39, Jim Thornton, Searching on Google for a link to "Marriages of Some Virgina Residents, 1607-1800"

9. Rex has been doing my family research for me for a few years now. He is wonderful to work with, very detailed and keeps in contact with me. He documents everything and keeps very nice records. I would hire Rex to search any of my family lines. He does a great job and is reasonably priced.
2014-06-18 21:04:15, Traci Ingle, Rock Springs, Wyoming, Rex

10. Manor Family - We are currently (2014) working on the Manor family, a terrible dead end not only for me, but many "cousins" We are still following up on all the leads but it appears we have cracked another dead end. Whew!
2014-06-18 15:52:30, Joe Bates, Noblesville, iN, Previous Customer

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