Dandie Rescue League Guestbook

2021-08-10 16:11:20, Nancy Nugent, [email protected], Texas, 3 yrs,

2. Had Dandie as a child, always loved the breed. Thank you for what you do. perhaps a I can provide a home for a rescue one day.
2020-12-11 10:44:39, Thomas Liebow, [email protected], New York, adult,

3. Thank you for visiting our guestbook. If you are interested in adopting OR already have a Dandie companion we would love to hear from you.
2020-03-04 07:47:17, Jacolyn, [email protected],

4. Love the breed
2020-02-14 04:29:24, Douglas Young, [email protected], United States, 43150
Douglas Young: Love the breed

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