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1. Hi, Chris. I'm a journalist interested in doing a story on your bird stamp project and bird stamp collecting. Would you be willing to contact me so I can share the story idea with you? Thank you!
2015-03-20 12:57:01, Caroline Eberly, caroline.eberly(at), Virginia, No

2. I have in my collection the official issues Congo Kinshasa 2005 Congo Peafowl (2 different stamps).
If you agree I send you the scan of the stamps
2015-03-05 16:28:56, Johan Coppens,, Gent, Belgium, yes
Chris: Thanks. Scan received.

2015-03-04 18:26:32, Bill DeBaets, 10652(at), Chicago, IL USA, yes

2015-02-21 14:33:50, öncel çayırlı,, izmir,turkey, yes

2015-02-09 10:29:28, apostolos,, greece, yes

2015-02-09 10:28:29, apostolos,, greece, yes

7. Just got a Kuwait 2010 National day 25f,it shows a 'falcon' according to the Dec 2014 Gibbons catalogue supplement.
2015-01-18 11:00:10, Geoff, bantm52(at), England, yes
Chris: I did not collect the 2010 stamp from Kuwait with a falcon, as I believe it shows a Gyrfalcon which does not occur naturally in Kuwait.

8. Comments on "Hanka" Malagasy 1997 stamp: Yes, the bird shown is definitely Mad.Long-eared Owl, Asio madagascariensis, from call, lack of white line on back, size, ear-tufts not too broad, and only of the 2 endemic eared owls possible. Drop from "dubious" list and include in the set line.
2015-01-14 03:08:55, Tino Mischler, tino.mischler(at), Garmisch, yeah

9. I Have interest in particular for stamps with woodpeckers
2015-01-12 08:36:34, Cláudio Almeida,, Brazil, yes

10. Hello again, I am just letting you know that Norway will issue three bird related sets in 2015 according to the pogramme posted in Norway Post's website. Happy New Year!
2014-12-29 17:07:02, Nasia Makarouna, nasia28292(at), Cyprus, yes

11. I'm a birder and bird stamp collector, this is a great site for seeing all new stamps.
2014-12-24 03:08:09, Lane Vargas,, Vermont, Yes

12. I am a beginner and have collected a lot of stamps on flora and fauna' would request any help guidance in preparing the exhibit its about 10 frames, each frame with about 10 stamps, including a intoductory page. Thanks for ur help
2014-11-22 01:15:59, patrick,, india, yes i do

2014-11-13 07:13:26, Cláudio Almeida,, Brazil, yes. Woodpeckers

14. The last stamp in a serie of Syria 2013 is noted as unident. + Nil desp. On the stamp is not the latin name but the english name: "cinereous bunting" and that is Emberiza cineracea (in dutch: Smyrna-gors.It is true that the bird on the stamp has a too yellow head and it is also true that breeding of this bird in Syria is not affirmed (source: Wikipedia)but I think it must be that bunting. I hope this little message is a bit helpfull for this magnificent site!
2014-11-11 04:46:28, Guillaume KALB, kalbguillaume at, Papendrecht (NL), I do
Chris: It is indeed a Cinereous Bunting, and I found the source photograph on which the design is based:

2014-10-05 03:45:13, Giovanni, Dell'Aquila, ItalY, Do you remember me?(birds sta<mp of recent Italian bjrds stamps
Chris: Yes, but I've lost your e-mail address!

16. I am collecting the bird stamps in the world. I am very like Audubon on stamps . I would like have catalog on all of Audubon stamps .
2014-09-15 05:45:59, Nghia,, Vietnam, Yes

17. I would like to receive your free stamp catalog to requisition .Thank you! Markus Krawczyk,GERMANY,D-06886 Wittenberg,Schulstrasse 8
2014-09-14 21:37:14, Markus Krawczyk,,
Chris: There is no catalog. The site shows my collection.

18. I am occasional visitor as I collect stamps of anything seen during Captain Cook's voyages, and this site has helped me greatly. Would love to help keep it going through financial support.
2014-09-12 14:41:18, Ian Boreham,, Ipswich, UK, Yes

2014-09-08 23:07:28, Kath Lindann,, Perth, Western Australia, YES

20. Sorry to see you are closing I will miss your great site. I have an idea all who signed the gust book donate $1 I am sure it would help!
2014-09-07 22:15:51, tony hodgson,, new zealand, yes + whole world!

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