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1. I have just started adding to my bird stamp collection after a few years away from the hobby. My total is somewhere close to 3,500. Your site is really useful, particularly for stamps issued since the last SG bird catalogue. Well done.
2018-04-22 06:19:04, Steven Herbert, stevenh(at), Pretoria, South Africa, Of course

2. Dear Chris:
In Laos 1963 a stamp was issued commemorating the declaration of human rights, where two birds appear: it is not very clear for its possible indetification, but I think it could be Anhinga melanogaster .... See seal image in https: //

Atte Alex
2018-04-03 02:15:02, alex baro,, BARCELONA-SPAIN, catalonia birds
Chris: Thanks for this. I believe you are correct, and I need to revise my Anhinga pages.

3. Bonjour, collectionneurs de Martin pecheur et chasseur depuis plus de 15 ans , je voudrais savoir comment faire pour ajouter des timbres sur ce sujet
2018-03-19 08:56:47, jean-paul Piette,, Belgique, oui les martins et les autres
Chris: If some stamps are missing, perhaps it is because of my criteria:

4. Dear Chris It is great to go through your site .It is my reference book. Thanks . Do you also list or keep track of Birds on Postal stationery.
2018-02-22 11:30:40, RAMAN THAPAR,, India, Yes
Chris: Sorry, I do not keep track of postal stationery. I included the set of envelopes from Pakistan in 2017 because it seemed to me that they continued the series, started in 2013 that did not get past the initial stamp featuring a Bulbul.

5. Dear Chris, I would like to get in touch with Keith Bowden, collector of Kingfishers stamps! We have not talked for many years!
2018-02-12 16:22:36, Antônio Cláudio Conceição de Almeida,, João Pessoa, PB. Brazil,

6. I collect stamps on birds, particularly on woodpeckers!
2018-02-09 16:55:19, Antônio Cláudio Conceição de Almeida,, João Pessoa, PB. Brazil, Sim

7. This is a very good site for bird stamps
2018-01-13 11:12:04, David,, Belgium, Yes only from the w. paleartic

8. Muito bom site. Uso para classificar a minha coleção de aves. Parabéns pelo trabalho realizado.
2018-01-11 08:08:34, EZIO AVALOS,, Araçatuba, São Paulo, BRASIL, SIM

9. I have used your site for several years now and really appreciate the work that obviously goes into producing this amazing resource. Thank you so much!
2018-01-11 00:52:22, paula,, New Zealand, yes
Chris: Thanks very much for appreciating my site.

10. Great list
2018-01-06 15:53:02, Jeffrey Stratford,, Wilkes-Barre, PA, Yes

11. Dear Chris,
Thank you for such an informative and beautifully-designed website. We liked the mallard stamps!

2018-01-06 14:18:13, Emma & Will, Ottawa, Canada, I wish

12. I got a old bird stamp from Guam
2017-12-30 12:28:36, Jason,,

13. Dear Chris:
In Liberia in 1938-09-12 a serious air of 10 values was issued (Scott c4-c13 / Michel 298-307) where two values appear with ciconia ciconia - I think - two values with aquila chrysaetos - I believe - and two values with a type of seagull - I do not know what species - that I do not see reflected in its web.
It's possible ??

Alex Baro
2017-12-10 13:10:47, Alex Baro,, barcelona(spain), Catalonia (Spain)
Chris: Airmail stamps often feature birds to reinforce the method of sending mail. The eagle and gull have no significant details to make them identifiable. The other birds are most like Great Egrets which feature on other earlier stamps from Liberia. I found a set for sale on Ebay, which has an excellent image of the full set.
If I had owned this set, I would have listed the eagles as unidentifiable, the gulls as unidentified gulls and the egrets as Ardea alba.

14. Dear Chris:
In Syria, the series was issued on 1987-09-10
'' 10th Mediterranean Games '', where there is the value of 330 where a seagull appears (I think it is a Chroicocephalus ridibundus). and I do not see it reflected on your website.
Is it possible what I tell you ???
I send you link photo of the stamp.
Atte Alex
2017-12-07 04:45:27, alex baro,, BARCELONA-SPAIN, Yes, Catalonia's birds
Chris: I think the left bird has too many inaccuracies to identify it as a Black-headed Gull: bill appears be yellow; wing pattern wrong. If I list this stamp it would be as an unidentified gull. However, the middle bird could be considered to be a Black Tern.

15. How to participate in Birdpex 2018. My Son wants to participate.
2017-12-04 11:02:44, Rajesh Kumar Sinha,, Lucknow, India, Yes my Son Does
Chris: I have forwarded your request to a contact who may be able to advise you.

16. Dear Chris:
with date 1944-11-09, in Germany a stamp of red color and value 12 + 8 was emitted that represents -I believe- an Aquila chrysaetos ....
Here is a web address for you to see (
it is right ?
a greeting
2017-11-08 00:28:59, Alex Baro,, barcelona(spain), Catalonia (Spain)
Chris: It certainly is an eagle so could be considered to be Aquila chrysaetos, but like many eagles on stamps, I consider it to be symbolic.

17. Dear Chris,
I have something to do with the Birdpex 8 stamps of Stamperija. But it's a long story. Can I send you an Email. So I can explain the all story
2017-09-28 23:13:03, Daniel De Smedt ,, Belgium, yes
Chris: Thanks for your email.

18. Dear Chris:

Atte Alex Baro
2017-09-27 05:38:47, Alex Baro,, BARCELONA-SPAIN, Yes, Catalonia's birds
Chris: They are not valid for postage, and I restrict my collection to postage stamps.

19. Dear Chris:
In Czechoslovakia, year 1945-11-14, there is a series (of two values - 150 + 150 h red / 250 + 250 h blue, 1st World Congress of Students / Yvert CS418 / 419 / Michel CS476 / 477) I think represented an Eurasian Eagle-Owl - Bubo Bubo - I do not see on his web .....
it is right?

Atte Alex Baro
2017-09-06 02:08:04, Alex Baro,, BARCELONA-SPAIN, catalonia birds
Chris: You are probably right! I had not seen these stamps, and will not add them to my site because there is a later stamp from Czechoslovakia showing this species. They are listed in ATA's Handbook 106 but the species is unidentified.

They are shown on .

20. A terrific website that I've been consulting for years but never quite got round to signing the guest book...until now.
2017-08-14 11:21:35, Ian Mitchell,, Glasgow, Scotland, Yes

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