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1. Sorry, Chris, to correct you once again. I said G. delesserti, because formerly this was not separated from Garr. gularis, Yellow-breasted (formerly Rufous-vented) Laughing-thrush, which is of course the Bhutan species. So make it gularis now, please.
Your foto fits nevertheless well with the Bhutanese one, clearly because of relationship. Another one in Salim Ali as well fits. So, a new species stamp for you? Fine. Greetings from Tino
2016-04-26 03:20:27, Tino Mischler,, Garmisch,
Chris: Thanks, Tino. The bird on the stamp does not have a rufous vent, so I think we will have to try again!

2. Dear Chris, gonna help you in your "Nil desperandum Bhutan 20Ng SG1523 (1999)90 stamp: the bird is Garrulax delesserti, Yellow-breasted or rufous-vented Laughing-thrush. Why are there so many Bhutan stamps missing in your land list?
2016-04-16 14:32:32, Tino Mischler,, Garmisch, Germany, yeah
Chris: Thanks. I will add this soon. At the bottom of each country page there is a red question mark (?) with a link to a page explaining why stamps are not shown. The 3-headed arrow link to Kjell Scharning's site where all the stamps will be listed.

3. I write a twice-a-month column on stamp collecting. For my April 24 column, I'm focusing on bird stamps because we soon will be in the midst of peak migration in northern Ohio. Please email me ASAP. I'd like to learn more about your website and mention it in my column.

2016-04-14 19:05:12, Dennis Sadowski,, Avon, Ohio USA, Yes

4. As always, a most thorough and comprehensive site. Helps me tremendously keep up with adding to my parrots-on-stamps collection.
2016-02-18 07:54:39, Barry Schwartz,, Maspeth, Queens County, NY, yes

5. Nice
2016-01-17 22:39:00, M M NAYOON SALAUDDIN,, Bangladesh, Yes

6. Hi Chris I was trying to kontakt you on Fb but seem you are there no more.can you write me at my email ? thank you Wish you a merry Christmas !:-)
2015-12-17 13:36:05, Sebastiano ferraś, hommend(at), sweden, yes
Chris: You can contact me from the e-mail link on my home page.

7. Just found your site as I bought a birds of the world stamp album in a collectables shop.I am not an active stamp collector but interested in birds and do bird photography. I have stamp collections of my own from when a lot younger.
2015-12-13 23:12:51, Geoff Thompson,, Adelaide Australia, Not regularly

8. I would like an email address so that I might visit with Mr. Gibbins for a story I am writing for the bird page of the Minneapolis StarTribune, the daily newspaper here.
2015-12-08 15:29:41, Jim Williams,, Minneapolis Minnesota, no

9. I birds stamps in exchange for new banknotes.
2015-12-08 09:12:15, Jose Basadre,, Puerto Real (Cadiz),

10. Good day, gentlemen

Please, I need to mail Chris Gibbins, (I lost your mail)

for good news.

They are announcing a new issue of the Colombia departments on dec 14

We look for if you have birds, which is what it seems

please write to Gilberto Gallo M
2015-12-06 09:59:56, Gilberto Gallo M,, Colombia, yes

11. Ciao
I have to send you 2014 Italian stamps
Please tell me your addressa
2015-10-18 04:30:55, Giovanni, Dell'Aquila, Italy,

12. Very useful to investigate which stamps I have and which I don't have!
2015-10-08 04:11:44, Leendert Baaij,, Gronsveld, The Netherlands, Yes, I do

13. really great work!
2015-10-07 06:26:04, Shengyi,, Germany, yes

14. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that Australia's issue "Animals at War" has a pigeon on one of the stamps.
2015-10-02 11:01:39, Nasia, nasia28292(at), Cyprus, yes

15. very nice
2015-09-26 07:45:59, Steinar Barstad, steinar at, Norway, yes

2015-09-18 08:54:42, Ron Tracy,, chicago, il, yes

2015-09-14 09:12:35, Jose Basadre,, Puerto Real, Yes

18. Very nice - I am a new collector and this will help
2015-09-10 22:09:49, C Fourie,, Wesselsbron South Africa, all stamps

19. I collect raptors, and find this site of great help.
2015-09-01 14:06:04, John Wettenhall,, Tasmania, Yes

20. I am a collector (Stamps, Coins, Currency etc.).
And also going to start a website related to collection & more. I visit your web site and become fan of your hard work and great idea...
I will also start my personal collection on birds & more from 2016.. separately from country wise collections.
I have some stamp son birds.

2015-08-21 04:46:17, Armann,, India, Yes

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