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1. This guestbook is being abused, so I am reducing its visibility.
2019-03-03 14:34:00, Chris Gibbins,

2019-02-28 15:01:50, Glenn G. Mertz,, Allentown, Pa, Yes

3. Ok thanks.....
I understand that the aix galericulata is correct ....
2019-02-24 03:49:11, Alex Baro,, barcelona(spain), Catalonia (Spain)

4. Dear Chris:
in Taiwan 1999 appear stamps of the series '' The auspicious postage stamps '' of 4 values where in the value of 5 $ appears an Aix galericulata and in the one of 12 $ I think that an Egretta garzetta that does not appear in its web .. Are these definitions correct?
Atte Alex
2019-02-23 10:47:01, Alex Baro,, barcelona(spain), Catalonia (Spain)
Chris: Hi. I've found an image of this set. The Egret is not accurately drawn. Its bill is too long and seems to be yellow. There also seems to be a yellow crest rather like a Cattle Egret. The feet are below water. I would not have collected this set as there is an earlier stamp with Aix galericulata and the Egret is not identifiable.

2019-02-05 10:17:47, Mary Roeser ,, Kodiak, Alaska , No

6. Dear Chris,

Season's Greetings from India.

Really loved to see your collection and the effort is highly appreciated. My 13 year old is very much interested in Birds stamps and I have been supporting her to accumulate the same. Hopefully she will exhibit in due course.

With Best Regards,
2019-02-04 03:14:05, Ms. Adithi R Rao,, Bangalore, India, Yes

7. Dear Crish:
In 1999 in Indonesia a sheet was issued where Columba livia is represented. It is represented as if it were a series of 6 individual stamps.
I think I should say that it is a 6v sheet.
View image :
Is correct ???
2019-02-01 15:33:19, Alex Baro,, barcelona(spain), Catalonia (Spain)
Chris: Thanks. I am showing this stamp on my pages for Indonesia and Columba livia.

8. Dear Chris:
I see that from the collection of Afghanistan you only arrive until 1989, when, if I am not mistaken, more series of birds have been issued in later years .....
Is it for some reason that I do not know or that I have not been able to see in your web the reason that maybe you have already given ???
2019-01-25 01:40:32, Alex Baro,, BARCELONA-SPAIN, catalonia birds
Chris: Search for "afghanistan illegal stamps" and you should find the reason.

9. This will be a great help to me with my bird stamp collection.
2019-01-17 12:43:17, David Fillingham,, Belmont, MA, Yes

2019-01-06 23:16:01, Kath Lindann,, Perth, W.Australia, Yes

11. Chris:
Regarding the previous mail, I know that what they want to represent Cambodia Post is the mythological bird '' garuda '', but according to drawings, shields, etc, the drawing represented on the stamps has more Phasianus colchicus than mythological bird ... do not you think ??
2018-11-29 04:23:06, Alex Baro,, BARCELONA-SPAIN, catalonia birds
Chris: While the collar and general body shape are good for Phasianus colchicus, the wings are not. It is best to consider this bird to be mythical.

12. Dear Chris:
in 1957 in Cambodia a series was issued where a Ring-necked Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) of 5 mail values and one HB appears: values of 0.50,1,4,50 and 100 (Yvert PA10-PA14 / BF11 - Michel 81 -85 / BL11).
Do you know them ??
Image at:
2018-11-29 04:07:05, Alex Baro,, BARCELONA-SPAIN, Yes, Catalonia's birds

2018-11-04 08:09:53, DERVILLE,, FRANCE, YES

14. So iseful, thanks
2018-10-23 00:21:55, Qwerty, Yes

15. I have numerous albums with bird stamps all mint but none of my family is interested in them
2018-10-10 04:37:06, Brian York,, Solihull, I used to
Chris: You could try Mark O'Neill at Philatelic Supplies -

16. Dear Chris:
in 2011 in Albania exist a two stamps with pigeons of 1000 and 10 lek and number Michel 3377-3378..
You now ??
2018-08-26 15:06:21, Alex Baro,, barcelona(spain), Catalonia (Spain)
Chris: I may have missed them, but they are so obviously carrier pigeons!

17. I will sending the scan of owls from Philippinen,
the email-adress?
regard. Rainer
2018-08-19 09:43:06, Rainer Emmaus,, Germany, yes

18. Dear Chries:
I think that in Paraguay it would be necessary to indicate a stamp where a "pica pica" of 0.20Gs value appears (Michel 1925 / Yvert 1008)
This stamp of the painter Francisco de Goya also appears in other countries (Fujeria 1972)
See photos at
2018-08-07 02:29:41, Alex Baro,, BARCELONA-SPAIN, Yes, Catalonia's birds
Chris: As "pica pica" is not found in Fujeira or Paraguay, I would not have collected these stamps, but Kjell Scharning may have listed them.

19. very nice site
2018-07-10 08:50:55, Peter Vander Valk,, Canada, no

20. Dear Chries:

in 1976, in Equatorial Guinea, some very nice bird stamps were issued -they are photos- of enough bird seals that I do not see on your website ... is it for some special reason?
Its numbering in Michel GQ 929 and to see an example:

Atte Alex
Barcelona, Spain
2018-07-10 02:12:07, Alex Baro,, BARCELONA-SPAIN, catalonia birds
Chris: Search for "Equatorial Guinea illegal stamps" and you may find out why I do not show them. Often they feature birds that do not occur in Equatorial Guinea.

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