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1. My Dad George M Williams was on the Tucker during the Korean war
2017-05-20 06:31:30, Kim,,

2. In honor of my grandfather William Kershner
2016-09-06 19:36:11, Bill R,,

3. Former sailor (AX3) retired soldier. My best friend was your ship's barber (Chuck Vermillion 65-70).
2016-07-27 14:30:47, Doug Gallagher,, 0-4,

4. Tried to enter my info, but unsuccessful.
2016-07-21 18:59:57, Ron Bates,, SK2, Supply, 1959-60

5. My father Irving Penrose served in 1952 -1954 aboard the USS Henry Tucker . Thank to all of his shipmates for your friendship toward my dad and your service to our country. God bless each and every one of you.
2016-07-06 01:53:26, Irving L. Penrose ,, Corpsman ?, 1952-54

6. My father, Winston F. Laurence, a plank owner, passed away on 6 Jun 16 at the age of 90.
2016-06-08 20:09:52, Mark Laurence,, Capt, USAF Ret,

7. My father, Donald White proudly served on the Tucker in 1946-47 as a very young Ensign. He passed away on April 10. If anyone remembers him or has any stories or pictures, we love to her about them. I can be reached at Thanks, Eric White
2016-04-25 08:10:10, Donald White,, Ens, 1946-47

2016-04-09 22:34:34, Ronald Campbell,, ET2, OC, 1956-58

9. I had the pleasure of Lnading a Army Huey on board The Tucker in 1971 The Crew and Captain treated us extreemly Well. I will never forget that day. Thanks to the Crws a big Bravo Zulu! Unfortunatly I only have a couple of rather bad pictures.
2016-03-02 15:18:43, Gordon Eatley,, CW)-4,

10. Was aboard the Tucker from 68-71 in WA division as ASROC gunner. Would love to hear from my old shipmates.
2015-10-15 11:47:01, Stan Needham,, GMG2, WA, 68-71

11. in the home page banner that's chief ferris and I'm third on his right.
2015-08-19 07:34:38, gary fortune,, cs-3, supply, 12/67-10/69

2015-08-18 16:14:49, Frank Grochowski,, MR1, R, 1972-1974

13. My Dad was John Wesley Buckner Jr. He was a gunner on the Ship. In the 40s
2015-05-30 18:24:00, John W Buckner III,,

14. I remember the Nam Tour. We sat in DaNang Harbor for a bit and then a trip to the DMZ for a fire mission.
I also remember heading home to San Diego. On the way back, The bow of the ship sliced into a whale. They had to stop the ship and backup to release the dead whale from the bow. I'll never forget the "Thud" when we hit it.
I wouldn't mind seeing Yokosuka Japan one more time. 68-69 SN
2015-05-26 19:18:25, Tony Camillo,, SN, 1

15. Just want to say thank you all for serving our country. My Grandfather was on the Tucker in the Aft Fireroom from April 54-57 active duty then stayed on the same ship for another duty for Reserves. His name was Bobby Clinton Brown, you guys called him Cowboy, he was a BT3 in the Aft room. I am trying to learn the histor, stories, and locate pictures of my Grandfather. He didn't talk much about his service and not many pictures. If you served with him. Feel free to contact me.
2014-12-27 11:32:22, Don Brown/ Bobby Clinton Brown,, BT3, BT, 1954-1960

16. My dad was Capt Sheldon David Kully 67-69 CO
2014-08-10 01:31:12, mark kully,,
Administrator: Welcome Mark. I'll add you to the distribution list for newsletters. If you are on Facebook, we have a group, USS Henry W. Tucker DD/DDR 875. You are welcome to join. You're also welcome to attend reunions.

Pat Siler

17. Can't make the reunion this time due to schedule conflict.
2014-08-08 12:24:47, Charlie Robertson,, EM3, Engineering, 1960-1962

18. Carl Monroe Branham '51-'53?. My name is Heather Piepkorn and I am the granddaughter of Carl Monroe Branham from Minnesota (he's still living). I came across some letters that my grandpa had written to his mom from when he was in training (in Illinois-Battalion 103rd, Company 90th, Regiment 10th, Billet No. 169, Building No. 1104th and in CA - and aboard the USS Henry W. Tucker during the time of the Korean War (I think he shipped out 1951). I found his name on the list of missing crew for 1953, but I'm not sure of exact years he served. Does anyone remember him and/or have any stories/pictures? I'm sure he would love to hear from fellow crew members. Let me know! Thanks :)~Heather
2014-06-08 15:26:30, Heather Piepkorn,, SN, '51-'53/54?

19. I wanted to let you know that Paul R. Pearson SN 58-60 Passed away March @nd 2014
2014-05-30 08:50:33, Roy K Steele,, SHSN, Supply Div., 1958-60

20. Very informative site.
2014-05-24 06:26:31, Thomas M Rose Jr,, RD 2, OI , 55-58

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