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1. Guest is my city.
2017-08-29 17:22:29, Dork,

Enquirer: It is and always shall be

2. Hello :>
2017-03-14 16:56:50, Sebastian,

Enquirer: Greetings :D

3. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
2017-03-14 16:48:15, キタ━━━━γ,

Enquirer: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

4. Ribald youth page 279 is missing. Iguess that is simply an error because RY is listed as completely preserved?

Thank for sharing Armand's work! <3
2017-03-10 17:58:33,

Enquirer: Photobucket Isn't working with that image,
Shifted it to,
I Recreated every page with a program i made for the purpose unlike most which were from

5. Hey uhm, I just wanted to ask you: where did you get the background music for the minus flash sample? It sounds interesting :O
2017-02-26 11:07:53, Mikel,

Enquirer: A sampling from Don Hertzfeldts(
Its Such a beautiful day pt2: I am so proud of you,
From the DVD version with narration off, its the scene wherein bill is having a dream.

Also for the next Preview i am going to have an animated version of the first frame of this comic
a work in progress since a lot more needs to be done on it, but on minus herself i just need to do the arm that moves and a shoulder.

The food i am probably going to animate from scratch in a similar style instead of basing it on the comic.

I am going to complete the main animation, but i haven't done much since i'm working more and have been doing the other animation(which will take a lot longer)

6. I'm hoping my /wsr/ thread led the guy with all the MFS pages here, just so it wasn't a completely wasted effort. Thanks, MFS guy! So, if I'm seeing this correctly, aren't there another 9 pages missing (1103-1111), in addition to 920? I'm assuming that's part 68, and pages 1112-1125 make up part 69. (The dates match up.)

Also, I do have a tiny bit of info to add regarding Ryan Armand. While I was asking around some other places on the web about the missing comics, I recently received a reply from someone claiming to be a relative of his. Unfortunately, the reply was brusque and vague:

"I'm going to have to ask you to stop contacting us. We don't talk about his business but just search around the internet and something might pop up in the next few months."

So it sounds like he's doing okay and might yet have plans to resurrect his site in some fashion, but who knows.
2016-11-15 23:13:37,

Enquirer: i was thinking there were a few gaps such as modern380.jpg
which doesn't seem to be referenced anywhere, i thought there were more but it just seems like that was it, starting off with less than 50 images whilst finding a gap like that and similar gaps in comics with complete HTML just gave me the impression.
so i will add them to 404ville with a a note
was a bit uncertain its why put them in md6X.html

there is a gap between modern1103.jpg - modern1111.jpg, I can not verify these filenames were used but they probably do.
as for people contacting his family i hope they aren't being bothered by this to much.
A few phone book sites do advertise having such contacts but usually put them behind a paywall, and its hard not to find these whilst looking him up.

this kinda thing has been happening on the internet for decades

but i would like to know if anybody found out anything after the fact!
I guess we might see him come back sometime next year,
but when and WHERE?

If whoever is being contacted is having trouble with this i can publish an official statement to answer peoples questions so they don't feel the need to contact his family.

This goes for people who don't know him but are being called.

7. Hey! I just found out about this. I've uploaded the entirety of Modern Fried Snake here:!LsI0RJoY!8QfupJ4vVrUCnEzPLU3iXg

...I knew being obsessive-compulsive about webcomics would one day pay off!

Anyway, please post any news you have about Ryan!
2016-11-13 20:51:42, Sho, All of Modern Fried Snake,!LsI0RJoY!8QfupJ4vVrUCnEzPLU3iXg,

Enquirer: Thank you, with Modern fried snake complete we just have socks, Fist and some miscellaneous images relating to the site.

Most news has come from looking up old accounts
last logged in 20 Apr 2016
or the data from his websites Whois, this matches up with it
The house was advertised for rental July 28, 2016
He is de facto evicted, but this is only his "Last known address"

He Could still be out there but there's no telling when or if he is going to resurface.

If he makes a comeback its going on the front page.

Thank you for the comic it will be up soon :)

Only need

8. I'd like to help.

I have a server with a few gigabytes of storage and a decent amount of bandwidth, and I there's already a few comics I like that I have mirrors of. (Link 1.) It doesn't really do anything, but I like having it.

I read Minus back in the day but didn't realize the site had vanished, so I can sympathize. If you want me to mirror this site, I would be happy to. I might be able to provide space for hosting images and such as well, if you need it; I find free upload sites like Mega and such tend to end up in lots of broken links over time.

Email me at <Email omitted> or I'll check the guestbook at some point maybe.
2016-11-12 22:17:11, Simon,,

Enquirer: i sent you an email with the subject
"I run the KiwisByBeat mirror"
If you can get back to me we can discuss how we can do this.

Got your reply, removed your email address!

9. Thank you so much for keeping this comic alive!!
2016-09-14 17:27:23, Anonymous Stranger,

Enquirer: You're welcome,
I have recently been working on something to get the word out, hopefully this will lead us to people who have something I donít.
I have been running this mirror for about half a year and during that time people have let me know about things I donít have on the site and where I can get them.

I think it was a great shame for the site to disappear and I continue my efforts to piece it back together,

I am glad there is more available here now than when I started this and hopefully there will be more to come

Best regards and sorry it took so long for me to get back to you :)

10. Hey :D I was just wondering if you knew anywhere I could buy the minus comic :( I've been trying to find it for my fiancť for his birthday :O my emails k_quinn90<AT>
2016-08-26 00:27:16, Katherine ,

Enquirer: Just removed the @ symbol from your email so spam bots don't pick it up,
This would be an excellent gift, sadly the only book Ryan Armand authored still in print is
"Give my regards to Suzy"
Basically this with some extras.

The only way to get one now is to find somebody who bought one way back and hope they sell it to you, if anybody wants to advertise their ebay listing for one the mirror site for the comics(here) would be an ideal place.

The author of minus hasn't been heard from in some time and all i have to go off is just some evidence that his last known address was foreclosed, and he last logged into a known account 20 Apr 2016(but didn't do anything, so we don't know its him)

But the trail ends here

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