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2016-07-30 16:57:19, Nicholas Vicerra, navicerra@yahoo.com, Richmond,CA, 72 ,, USS Porterfield DD682, 1964-1966

2016-06-29 16:19:44, Jack W Mckay, jwmckayiii@hotmail.com, carmel valley ca.93924, 84,, porterfield dd68252_, 52-54701438

3. Have been unable to travel form the past several years. I miss the reunions. Wishing everyone smooth sailing.
2016-05-26 13:26:46, Robert Huffman, bobhuff1@aol.com, Indianapolis, IN, 82,, USS Porterfield, 1952-56

2016-04-07 05:26:04, Dominick Giacobazzi, gbazzi@comcast.net, Peoria,IL , 60,, USS BARRY DD933, 10/76-3/78

2016-03-29 12:35:40, Richard Cross, rccross33662@hotmail.combaseball245@, Kingsport Tenn., 74,, USS PORTERFIELD, 1961 1964

2016-03-19 10:30:51, John Kriha, jrkriha923@columbus-ks.com, Columbus, Kansas, 75,, USS Porterfield DD682, 1960-1963

7. Just a reminder to our 1966 sailors who were on the Porterfield on this deployment will have presumptive agent orange coverage. I was able to get brown water for us on our tour during March and April. Therefore if anyone has an illness that is on the agent orange list you needs to file a claim for compensation. It is presumed caused by agent orange and you do it have to prove it. This is only for those on board March and April 1966 to be brown water. The 67 and 68 cruise is still blue water. And is not presumed or covered.
2016-02-20 07:03:04, Don schwebel, Donschwebel@me.com, Warren, arkansas, 68,, Porterfield, 1965 to 1968

2015-09-02 14:42:20, billy balthrop, servicea hood rv . com, decatur al , 66,, porterfield, 1969 1970

9. I'm working on a claim for AO exposure. Any info on the Porterfiel and how it was connect to the brown water for the 68/69 Westpac cruise.
2015-08-29 17:57:04, Steven Huenemeier, Hunmir@hotmail.com, Canyon Country, California, 67,, Porterfield, 1966-69

10. Richard L Wheelers 1st daughter -Fo u nd my dads wri t ing number 369 thats so cool. I know that aroind easter 1959 my dad was on shore leave cause he was with my mom an 9 monyhs later I was born! He said he was a porter, not too sure what he did. But he loved to talk about it from memories. He was using a high tec radio to let overseas troops speak to there families. Would stay up for hours to see that everyone got a chance to talk! I wish i co u ld have learned more from him. I miss him every day.
2015-07-01 03:14:44, Kelly Teresa Wheeler, Wheeler940@Aol.com, Des Moines, Iowa, 55,, USS Porterfield, 57 to 61

11. My dad was on the USS Porterfield I Think 1957 to 61 his name was Richard (Dick) Wheeler. I do know he loved his hamm radio, never spoke much of his ship time. Must have been hard. I love my father forever, he passed away a few years ago, and was proud of all he done. I was his oldest daughter, Kelly Teresa Wheeler.
2015-07-01 01:44:46, Kelly Teresa Wheeler, Wheeler940@Aol.com, Des Moines, Iowa, 55,, USS Porterfield, 1957 - 1961

2015-05-25 18:27:05,, Baluch, 1940

2015-05-15 13:20:34, Ray martis, Ray.martis@cox. Net ,,

14. Severed on the Porterfield from 65-67. I was qm3. Many great times. I came down with debetis in 2014 from ao. Hope every one at that are good.
2015-05-15 13:16:04, Ray martis, Ray.martis@cox. Net, Omaha, nebraska, 69,, Uss Porterfield dd682, 65-67

15. Trying to find a crew list that's accurate for 1941 ~ 1942.
2015-03-07 19:24:48, NJ Marinaro, captnic@gmail.com, Key Largo, FL, 67,,

16. A great ship along with good crew. I miss both
2015-03-03 17:16:36, Jack w mc kay, jwmckayiii@hotmail.com, Monterey ca., 83,, uss porterfield dd 682, 52-54

17. looking for orsayer ee from chicago year 1962-? charley wilson looking for him also.i broke my lake in 1962 at camp pendelton in 62 anyone remember the baker thats me.
2015-02-14 10:40:16, paul thunstrom, pcthun@arvig.net, detroit lakes, mn, 73,, porterfield, 1961-1965

18. My father, Clarence Eugene Lyons, served on the USS Porterfield 1943-46. age passed away in December 2014. He was proud of our country.
2015-01-17 22:35:22, Lynn Barger, ozwhiz2@aol.com, Texas,, Porterfield, 43-46

19. looking for porterfield dd682 ship mates
2014-12-15 17:21:46, Jack w mc kay, jwmckayiii@hotmail.com, monterey ca 93924, 83,, uss porterfield dd 682, 52-54

20. looking for porterfield dd682 ship mates
2014-12-15 17:19:33, Jack w mc kay, jwmckayiii@hotmail.com, 83,, uss porterfield dd 682, 52-54

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