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1. Hello James! Well I'm absolutely bowled over by your website - chock full of inspiring stories and so much love is the right word here because this is hearty stuff! So many of the stories, pet hates and facts twang a chord that I chuckled and chortled (watching my spelling here!). See '97 and a beautifully inscribed message from your Dad. I can see the genetic talents! Lovely stuff. Thanks for sharing!
2019-01-23 14:14:43, Rob Millist, [email protected], Staines-Upon-Thames, 38,

2. Such a lovely Web site James! I was intrigued by every page. Your families line of genealogy was fascinating and I approve of your music selection. (if only it had some Sinatra, Elvis or Billy Joel in the mix :) Keep up the good work!
2017-09-04 02:32:08, Naomi, [email protected], Melbourne, Australia, 26,

3. TY for your comment of my website tribute. Joanne Marie Cardill passed away in 1983 leaving me with 2 young boys to raise on my own. I picked Sea of Love o the website because I was in the US Navy and we were s in Love. TY for the privlege of adding your song to her tribute. RegardsVincent J Cardillo Jr
2016-03-17 08:06:26, Vincent Cardillo, [email protected], Pompano Beach, Florida, 79,

4. Great website dad, loved reading all the stories and achievements you have done throughout your life. I look up to you and I'm proud to call you my dad.

All my love Your son XXXX
2016-03-05 07:34:44, Lloyd, [email protected], South America , 28 ,

5. James! Eric Palmer. I was a lowly green belt in 1986 on at RAF Alconbury. Correction on that black and white photo of you and (now) Master Khan. The photo was 1986 not 1984. I took it :) You me and Mr. Khan drove around that day for those photos. Great to see it in use. Hope you and yours are doing well. Take care, Eric
2014-02-25 05:16:30, Eric Palmer, [email protected], Australia,

6. Hi James thanks for your obit. it was very nice of you, I am adjusting to John,s loss time is a good healer, hope to make it across the pond this year, I told John I wanted to visit England, anyway God willig I will make it, take care I am always thinking about all of you.Love to all
2013-03-11 16:13:45, barbara merritt, [email protected], usa,

7. Private message. Click here to view.
2013-03-11 09:58:57, Barbara Merritt, [email protected], south carolina usa,

8. hello James, i am a great bruce lee-fan and the first photo from BL (up left)year 1972 (Aug.visit the SB-studios)
the second photo (up right) is from 1971 Kai Tak-Airport..he came back from Thailand making the movie Big Boss ..where the press has waiting for him
the photo below is the same year...1971 with Linda

with best regards

Alex from Berlin
2012-09-15 12:10:39, Skoworodnikoff, Alex, [email protected], Berlin, 48,

9. Dear James,
My name is Victoria Wooltorton. My grandad George Wooltorton recently asked me to do some research regarding his Uncle Frank Bird who died in an air raid at Brooklands in 1940 whilst working for Vickers and Armstrong. We recently visited the museum at Brooklands and Franks name wasnt on the list of people who died in the air raid hence grandad asking me to do some research to see if we could substantiate this fact and get his name on the list.
I came across your website and it appears Frank was your grandad! Do you have anything I can pass on to my grandad he is very keen for action for Franks name to appear on the list. Grandad remembers Frank fondly.
Kind regards,
Victoria Wooltorton
2012-08-10 09:56:16, Victoria, [email protected], Coventry, 21,

10. Hi James,
I came upon your site, whilst looking up Buckden's chess club address. It is still run by Tom Hazel. I don't know if you're still resident in Buckden, but I'm sure they would welcome a revisit from you. Alternatively, if you're still in Cambs there are other clubs (amongst them Warboys)regs marcus
2011-03-17 08:47:35, Marcus Misson, St.Ives,

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