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1. News: lecture at Lusofona University in Lisbon, more please go to IAMCC/Academy
2006-11-10 03:02:22, Helforoush, [email protected], Austria, Vienna, Vienna University of Technology

2. Dear Message Board Users. Please find the new Themes for discussing bellow. There is an international Seminar for URBAN DESIGN in September, Following you find CONGRESS PIVOTAL THEMES:

Relevant to the general theme of the congress (Urban Design from Theory to Implementation) there are four pivotal themes including:

Historic Urban Fabrics
City Center
Leisure and Open Spaces
Informal Settlements
These four themes provide the major fields of the congress discussions and proceedings. A thematic breakdown of each pivotal theme is presented under the relevant main topic as follows:

Historic Urban Fabrics
Renovation and rehabilitation of historic urban fabrics
Sustainability and historic urban areas
Design and construction issues in historic urban fabrics
City management relevant to historic fabrics
Social and infrastructural issues
Projects and case studies

City Center
People and behavior in city center
Multi use/function buildings and complexes
Diversity and synergy in city centers
Environmental issues of city centers
Traffic, circulation and transportation issues
Projects and case studies

Leisure and Open Spaces
Parks and gardens
Natural environment and the cities
Artificial nature
New concepts of leisure and open areas and spaces
Projects and case studies

Informal Settlements
Different types of informal settlements
Causes and consequences of informal settlements
Poverty, security and health in informal settlements
Management and life quality promotion programs
Strategies to avoid informal settlements
Projects and case studies

2006-09-02 04:18:03, Helforoush, [email protected], Austria, Vienna, TU,Wien

3. Dear users..Thanks a lot for intensiv uses this Message board. Please consider that our message board are just for researcher, students, academic personal and everybody who would like to use this board for public but not for private advertisement...thanks in advance..
2006-04-29 01:31:37, IAMCC-Administrator, [email protected] , Austria, Vienna, Vienna University Of Technology

2004-12-06 04:46:51, Mohammed Shabander, [email protected], Iraq, Baghdad, Baghdad Univ.

IAMCC/Research is going to organize the next year UDF Seminar in Urban Tourism. please check :

Dear City Planners, Urban and Tourism Experts
"Write your IDEAS in Message-Board"

We have started:


related to Urban Tourism.

(Articles • Opinion Pieces • Case Studies • Book Reviews • Artwork • Project Descriptions)

IAMCC/Research Insitute in Vienna is seeking articles from now up to the November 2006 issue. Our journal
focuses on topics relevant to practicing planners in the world with the following themes.


More Information:

2004-04-16 07:39:53, helforoush, [email protected],

6. Dear members, we are happy to inform you, that IAMCC has at the moment an academy sctor and a Research Sector. More for the academy activity please go to
2003-11-10 13:40:01, helforoush, [email protected], Austria, Vienna, Vienna University of Technology

7. Dear visitors,
we are busy at the moment more with Research Programs. Please go for more information to
We are going to beginn with the IAMCC/Academy in october 2003 again as a pilot project.
2003-05-19 09:40:11, helforoush, [email protected], Austria, Vienna, Vienna University of Technology

8. Hi, nice page you got here.
2003-05-10 17:55:17, Shyla, [email protected],

9. Dear IAMCC/Research Members,
Dear students,
The NON-Profit Organization IAMCC/Research should work in Research fields so that it can finance the academy Dialogs.
In the last time we were busy with Research programs in the field of Architecture- Multimedia-computer and communication. So we are going to begin ASAP the next step in the academy Dialog. Further we are planning competitions for architecture students. Please check the site in the future frequently. Thanks for your attention

2002-11-25 03:35:13, Helforoush, [email protected], Austria, Vienna, TU Vienna

10. I want to find the list of teachers
2002-10-15 07:42:44, n, [email protected], iran, tehran,

2002-05-26 02:41:40, shayan manoochehri, [email protected], iran, tehran, shahid beheshti

12. Dear Digital Dialog 2002 members (Real Garden Digital Garden program)at Isl. AZAD University in Tehran and Vienna University of Technology.
Welcome to your virtual International Design Workshop.
2002-04-17 03:40:45, Helforoush, [email protected], Austria, Vienna, TU

13. Dear Digital Dialog members. Now we are at the end of program 2001 and in the same time at the beginning of our program for future. Digital Dialog was a new initiative for the both groups in Tehran and in Vienna. Sometimes the members had to design the Homepage and the main architectural design in the same time. They had to have also discuss in the same time with another groups and I know that Digital Dialog was not the only project which they had. I know also that the administration was not really 100% perfect. But we did all our best and I thank everybody specially the active students, who support Digital Dialog with their projects and discussions in web.
My specially thank goes to Professor Vaziri and Professor Faridani in Tehran and the students in Tehran and in Vienna:
Negar Kalantar , Nazly Dabidian, Naeemeh Mohammadi, Nima Hessamfar, Mehdi mehran niku, Catherine Cuball, Anne-Katrin Hawelka, Michael Scherz, George Stejskal.
We start with the next program in Spring 2002 and I hope we could use our experience for the next years.

2001-10-18 04:47:24, Reza Helforoush, [email protected], Austria, Vienna, TU Vienna

14. Group 4. Wind and water symphony.
Negar Kalantar. 20 Points.
Nazly Dabidian. 20 Points.
Naeemeh Mohammadi. 20 Points.
Nima Hessamfar. 20 Points.
Excellent work! The only group which worked together on one common project. This is clearly visible on the amount and also quality of presentation! Also it is the only project which is brought to this state of ”completedness”.
Very informative and professional designed homepage with a perfect introduction to the site.
The concept and function is clearly transformed into a sort of fluid architecture emerged by the sites´ natural powers like wind, tide, water, sun, etc. consequently developed and perfectly presented. At the same time, it stands self-confident beside the old architecture, seeking current answers to ancient questions.
So “Physical problems” like tide eg. leaded into innovative ideas and detailed inventions.
A realistic project, dealing with natures´ challenges and human needs, worked out in a professional way.

2001-09-13 05:07:55, Catherine, [email protected], AUT, Vienna, TU Wien

15. Group 3. Tehran. Laleh-Zar.
Realistic topic of current interest: The creation of lively centers in a human scale. Very informative introduction on the homepage, pictures and plans help imagine the site easily. Concept in general touches typical urban tasks.
Maryam Beheshti: 20 Points. Sensible interventions creating a new city center, conservation of the precious old villas and the memory of wonderful gardens. Realistic project with clear functional program in order to serve desires of modern city dwellers. Very good Sketches, 3D presentations and texts.
Alireza Gharakhany: 15 Points for interesting beginning. I guess the final project is not shown at the internet. Stronger and more abstract intervention to the site. Very good hand drafted perspectives!
Elham Kabir: 17 Points for the strong concept and promising models! Unfortunately there is no final work! Creation of a poetic space, made of light and shadow, models remind me of oriental windows. The connection to this specific site is not clear, also functions, etc. which seemed to be not important at this time of the design.

2001-09-13 04:12:57, Catherine, AUT, VIE, TU Wien

16. Group 2. Esfahan.
Very interesting theme: Shahrestan Bridge, from which I heard a lot from friends, because it is not only to overcome the river, but particularly to rest.
Informative introduction on the homepage.
Unfortunately all your final works are missing, therefore it´s difficult to give some critics.
Seyyed Saeed Ahmadi: 12 Points. No concept explaining the models. Function? No connection visible between texts and models. Too less information!
Masoud Mansouri and Siavash Abdi. No comment possible, there is too less information. I am sorry!
Salar Hatami: 15 Points for your very interesting beginning! Unfortunately final works are missing! Clear and strong models, but no description to the function or concept.
2001-09-09 11:03:56, Catherine, [email protected], AUT, Vienna, TU Wien

17. Group 1 Kerman: Interesting concept, well designed and clear homepage, perhaps some basic informations about the site (fotos/plans...)are missing.
Mehdi Mehran Nikou: 20 Points. Excellent Project. Strong concept, manifesting a deeply moving history, consequently transported with poems and sketches. History and Poetry as missing parts in our prosaic cities. Very Personal Project, innovative ideas and a clear language! Functions are not clear.
Masoud Rezaeefar: 15 Points for your interesting beginning, texts/ modelfotos. Final project seems to be missing.
Omid Armanzad: 20 Points. Excellent Project. Lively expressed story, excellent presentation of the project, which gives the idea of an oriental marketplace and dwelling quarter performed with modern architectural forms generated out of the story.

2001-09-09 10:40:06, Catherine, AUT, VIE, TU Wien

18. Hello to Teheran! Although everybody is resting, working or far away from thinking about the past, or just enjoying rare sparetime, I will try and give some comments on your final works.
First I decided not to judge anybodys project, giving some points or anything else, because I am student as we all are, but finally I think there must be at least a comment, harvesting silence is uninteresting!
For those of you, who are NOT interested in this, I apologize and let´s take it as practicing evaluation of architectural projects! Well, lets see....
2001-09-09 09:54:32, Catherine, [email protected], AUT, VIE, TU Wien

19. Dear friends in Tehran! After a little rest from this summer semester, we had a profound look to all your projects and by now we want to congratulate you all to your works! More detailed notes on your projects will follow within the next few days! Thank you to the Wind and Water Symphony Group who took some time to give us some critics!
Well, we are very sorry we are not able to take part in the opening of the Digital Dialog Exhibition as we planned, but we hope it will be a successful event for us all!
We hope you are enyoing your holidays and rest your minds... Yours Catherine and Ronald!
2001-09-05 09:19:07, AUT, VIE, TU Wien

20. To katrin from vienna,
we did not ask for a dialoge.we said that if we want to speak and have a safe dialoge we must be in same level(not same condition).i belive we are not and those from us who have this dialoge with you,can not see things that happen around us.
about my project,thank you for your notice but i do not even want to think about it.Architecture IS NOT first matter of my life.
be glad.
2001-08-26 03:08:40, omid, [email protected], iran, tehran, sbu

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