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1. Hi, My name is Sharon Nault and I am looking for someone who would be willing to do a "show and tell" about coon hunting to a few homeschooled children. These children have just finished reading Where The Red Fern Grows it was a wonderful book about a boy and his coon hunting hounds. The group is in Weare. If there is anyway you could help me or send me in the right direction I would be so greatful. Sharon
2011-02-18 05:34:57, Sharon Nault, [email protected], manchester,

2. I just bought a Plott Hound and am looking for a club! Hello to all!
2008-01-25 16:26:24, Jamie Griswold, [email protected], Manchester, NH, 31,

3. I am looking for a seasoned hound for bear hunting. We live in Northern NH. We are also looking for a redbone male puppy with both parents being hunters. Thank You
2007-01-30 17:18:45, BYRON CHARLES, [email protected], North Haverhill, 34,

4. Andre call me ,please ! Or my ICQ - 25634874 .Sorry for offtop :( .
2006-12-03 23:23:48, JonDopl, [email protected], USA, 25634874

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2006-10-26 09:24:53, pkydtfohl stahbdx, [email protected], USA, pkydtfohl , pkydtfohl st

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2006-10-06 16:52:15, ebcvzj hzynbc, [email protected], USA, ebcvzj hzy, ebcvzj hzynb

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2006-10-06 16:50:23, ebcvzj hzynbc, [email protected], USA, ebcvzj hzy, ebcvzj hzynb

8. In loving memory of Charles "Chucky" Spink Sr. 1944 - 2006 Sadly missed by, sons,daughter, companion, sister, grandchildren, great grandchild, & coon hunters across New England
2006-08-21 21:48:19, Fred Spink, [email protected], Rhode Island,


2006-06-10 14:22:18, Bear, [email protected], Odessa, 28,

10. Hello everyone.I'm new at this,hope to have lots of fun.I'm interested in breeding programs to.I have a beautiful redbone stud.He is 2 years old.
2006-06-07 19:56:42, Daniel J Greene, [email protected], Pittsfield,NH, 35,

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