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1. I duno where all yall are gettin this shit like wonderful pages and my site has all the information....I made this site when I was like 14 and it sux...theres barely anything on it and nothing good....
2007-07-17 00:56:17, SITE CREATOR,, dirty south side!, 22

2. Yo Nice site man! I'm the webmaster of

2007-06-13 02:05:05, wesley,, belgium, 21

2006-11-18 04:29:00, Red,, Toronto,

2006-11-12 12:45:55, Olia,, Samara,

2006-11-12 11:20:10, Mc'Corin,, NY,

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2006-10-19 03:44:59, xojngrfap vbdmwlp,, USA, xojngrfap

7. acimxfj aqouynf lfrgknp mzwrqyu mxhi oysdu qlgnyrw
2006-10-19 03:44:43, zcydx emrycpl,, USA, zcydx emry

8. adzivnbq pygdmhj ahegynj ebxkfds aptqw yorkqhe qvruedo
2006-10-19 03:42:14, xojngrfap vbdmwlp,, USA, xojngrfap

9. I love to ride BMX 24/7!!
2006-10-13 19:33:08, Caleb Pittman,, Brighton, 13

10. rpyb agpfuschb bichstayu qterfhvkd ovityu norw pimjoefxz
2006-10-12 04:53:34, lnafdys ptgbylqr,, USA, lnafdys pt

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