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1. Joe Biden is racist
2020-06-22 03:16:04, Ned,,

2. New York Post
Even for 2020, events in Seattle are bizarre: Armed radicals have taken over six blocks downtown, with the de facto blessing of city officials, the New York Post editorial board writes. This has nothing to do with any legitimate protestits a violent gang power grab, encouraged by the mayors appalling weakness.
2020-06-12 14:36:46, hUTSON,,

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2020-05-30 18:28:32, pluggie,,

4. Private message. Click here to view.
2019-03-03 10:58:25, Susan McKee,, United States, 71, 32655-1103

5. I found your site through the poem "Sacrifice" and so many more of them have touched my heart. But the one that touched me most was "If Only in My Dreams" as I am a vet, my husband is, and so many others in our combined families. Thank you for remembering in your poem that vets do include women, MIA's, and many others.
2018-11-18 11:54:07, DJ Hernandez,, Greybull, WY, 64,

6. Private message. Click here to view.
2018-10-20 07:48:17, Terrie Mooneyham,, Gainesville, FL, USA, 44,

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