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1. Los Angeles police move in on BLM protesters
Mon, December 7, 2020, 7:06 AM EST
Video shared online shows police moving in on the protesters and hitting them with batons. One protester was reportedly arrested. Protesters say they are opposed to Garcetti, who co-chaired Biden's campaign, based on his handling of issues such as homelessness and the COVID-19 pandemic.
2020-12-07 16:50:46, Terry, [email protected],

2. The latest battle in the nations continuing war over abortion involves a federal bill called the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Senate Democrats this week blocked the bill from reaching a vote, and President Trump responded with an angry tweet.

2020-11-22 11:37:44, mud slime, [email protected],

3. Biden's win, trumpetted in the media, is obviously stolen, and more than the millions who voted Trump know it. Millions of the Biden voters were Trump haters; this does not translate into Biden love. In fact (my guess) something like 80% of the voting public will not support Biden. The Never Trumpers will certainly become Never Bidens. And many of the crowd that voted Biden will instantly get buyers' remorse. Not a mandate. So we will have a crippled presidency from the very start.

2020-11-15 10:19:55, joe siden, [email protected],

4. Adunay usa ka kadako ug koordinasyon nga paningkamot aron makawat ang kini nga piliay gikan sa We The People of the United States of America aron i-delegitimize ug gub-on ang mga boto alang kang Donald Trump. Aron makahimo mga boto alang kay Joe Biden. Gihimo nila kini sa matag paagi nga mahunahuna, gikan sa pagboto sa mga patay nga tawo sa mga numero sa rekord, hangtod sa hingpit nga malimbungon nga paghimo og mga balota nga naglungtad lamang alang sa pagboto alang sa Biden. Nailhan namon ang labaw sa 450,000 nga mga balota nga milagroso nga adunay lamang usa ka boto alang sa Joe Biden sa kanila ug walay lain nga kandidato. Kung imong gitan-aw ang Florida diin ang mga butang gihimo nga tama makita nimo nga ingon niana ang nahabilin sa nahabilin nga nasud. Apan gigamit usab nila ang usa ka algorithm aron makalkula ang gidaghanon sa mga boto nga kinahanglan nila nga pitik. Ug gigamit nila ang mga kompyuter aron ibalhin ang mga boto gikan sa Trump to Biden ug gikan sa ubang mga kandidato nga Republican usab sa ilang mga kakompetensya.
2020-11-08 20:57:16, boe jiden, [email protected],

5. Demokkkrats are racist
2020-10-27 15:59:33, KKK, [email protected],

6. Democrat governors order businesses to close then blame republicans for lack of jobs , The hypocrisy
is just totally unbelievable
2020-09-05 06:26:56, George Soros, [email protected],

7. Joe Biden is racist
2020-06-22 04:16:04, Ned, [email protected],

8. New York Post
Even for 2020, events in Seattle are bizarre: Armed radicals have taken over six blocks downtown, with the de facto blessing of city officials, the New York Post editorial board writes. This has nothing to do with any legitimate protestits a violent gang power grab, encouraged by the mayors appalling weakness.
2020-06-12 15:36:46, hUTSON, [email protected],

9. Ti o ba nso ede Yoruba ofe ni iranlowo lori ede wa fun yin o. E pe ero ibanisoro yi 804-897-2100. Ɓsɔ́ɔ̀-wɖ-po-nyɔ̀ D ɖɛ n kɛ dyɖ gbo: Ɔ jǔ k m̀ [Ɓsɔ́ɔ̀-wɖ-po-nyɔ̀] jǔ n, n, wuɖu k k ɖ po-poɔ̀ ɓɛ́n m̀ gbo kpa. Ɖ
2020-05-30 19:28:32, pluggie, [email protected],

10. Private message. Click here to view.
2019-03-03 11:58:25, Susan McKee, [email protected], United States, 71, 32655-1103

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