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1. Lovely and warm poem
2017-10-05 13:10:54, Laurie Hauser,, Brighton CO, 71,

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2017-08-23 11:56:11, Shawnnaish,, United Kingdom, 30, 363317334

3. I am preparing a memorial ceremony for approximately 75 retired teachers who die during the past year. With your permission I would like to print and read your poem "The Sunset of Life."
2017-08-12 13:54:09, Gene Stokes,, Round Rock, Texas, 77,


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2017-08-03 20:46:50, LoreneGop,, Malta, 38, 347452755

2017-03-04 12:43:57, Jimmyalcok,, United Kingdom, 33, 318425863

6. why can i not hear music being played on your site
2017-01-01 11:37:43, james s. lamm,, lumberton nc, 80,

7. I am writing a book, my second, which is a collection of articles, essays, letters and poems, many my own. I would like to include your "Meet Me in the Stairwell" but need your permission, which I hope you will grant.

Thank you for your consideration.
2016-11-29 11:20:51, Chuck Mansfield,, United States, 71,

8. We will never forget mother and stepfather babysat for her when she got stationed in Norfolk. Still think of her passing to this day❤️️
2016-11-05 07:31:41, Teresa Everett,, Newport News, VA, 36,

9. Your poetry fills my heart with over-flowing joy. When I had a website, Living Each Day, (no longer online) you allowed me to share your gift. I'm eternally grateful. You have blessed so many!
2016-06-18 13:36:42, Adelle North,, MN,

10. Here 13 years later allison and you and you words are still touch hearts like you Jurgen's lotion story touched mine. Everyone has a different story to tell and yours is a tale that is inspiring and uplifting. thank you for sharing yur gift!
2016-05-04 08:10:09, Russ,, Colonial Virginia, yes! :),

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