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1. It's good To be back on the street
2018-08-07 13:20:36, Davy 81, Genk

2. we are red and white supporters from texas U.S.A. we want to be friends with all and any red and white groups and supporters we love you our brothers and sisters
2018-07-26 13:04:56, John m Rainey, Dallas county U.S.A.

3. Respect, honneur, valeur, traditions… Vous avez tout mon support dans votre mouvement international… Let's ride!!!
2018-07-20 15:35:01, dethyyannik@yahoo.fr, Wellin, Belgique

4. Private message. Click here to view.
2018-07-14 05:53:50, Limbourg Jean-Philippe, wetteren

5. 81 total support
love this big and loyal family
2018-07-02 14:31:10, Ghandy, Liège

2018-06-29 17:06:17, staelens.dirk@live.be, WATERLOO

7. just passing through to send my love & Respect, Have a great summer and keep the rubber side down!!Thinking of you Johan & the 81 Antwerp charter!
SGA :)
2018-06-27 11:09:35, Susie Q, Cape Coral, Florida USA

8. Loyalty,Honor and Respect... 4shure
had an amazing time with you all..
see you soon

2018-06-03 05:25:49, sara, diest

9. For ever the Best... My Best Wishings and Derpest Respect... BerndSp81-2
2018-05-11 11:52:45, Bernd, France

10. Groeten uit ede jvo
2018-05-06 14:24:34, Ede holland

11. Al the Best to this Great Club....For ever in my mind... Bernd Sp81-West-Area-2
2018-04-17 17:37:14, Bernd, France

12. keep ya heads up!

2018-03-07 06:17:46, AFFA!, Holland

13. much respect for you guys
2018-03-05 12:07:20, Andre, Belgie

14. Greetings from Minnesota!..ML&R to red and white world wide!
2018-02-23 18:30:14, Bruce perron, Minnesota, usa

15. Greetings & salutations. It was a pleasure & an honour to ride back from Sonny's 60th Anniversary in Paris. Much Love Honour & Respect. Shiny Side Up Rubber Side Down ; May The four Winds Blow You Safely Home.
2018-02-23 16:58:02, Grover Known Associate 81World Support / BHC Suppo, Weston-Super-Mare England

16. much respect and support
2018-02-23 16:52:10, steve childs, ontario canada

17. Love this club been a supporter for 20 years and will till i die. Red and white forever have a good weekend all.
2018-02-23 16:48:40, Jeremy best, Edmonton Alberta Canada

18. MLLH&R Forever. Death before Dishonor. I been a loyal 81 Supporter sense 1969. Always wanted to be a Patch, Just never knew anyone til the last 6 yrs. Now disabled from a fall. My Dream is over. But it will stay in my heart.
2018-02-23 16:26:00, Gregory Borzewski, N.W. Wisconsin. USA

19. L&R 81 World Belgium
2018-02-22 20:50:33, RUN, Belgium

20. LH&RESPECT 81 Belgium.
Standing Proud and Strong Supporter 81 Berdoo in Knoxville, TN USA

2018-01-15 22:50:03, William Anthony Whitaker , Knoxville, TN USA

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