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1. Loyalty,Honor and Respect... 4shure
had an amazing time with you all..
see you soon

2018-06-03 05:25:49, sara, diest

2. For ever the Best... My Best Wishings and Derpest Respect... BerndSp81-2
2018-05-11 11:52:45, Bernd, France

3. Groeten uit ede jvo
2018-05-06 14:24:34, Ede holland

4. Al the Best to this Great Club....For ever in my mind... Bernd Sp81-West-Area-2
2018-04-17 17:37:14, Bernd, France

5. keep ya heads up!

2018-03-07 06:17:46, AFFA!, Holland

6. much respect for you guys
2018-03-05 12:07:20, Andre, Belgie

7. Greetings from Minnesota!..ML&R to red and white world wide!
2018-02-23 18:30:14, Bruce perron, Minnesota, usa

8. Greetings & salutations. It was a pleasure & an honour to ride back from Sonny's 60th Anniversary in Paris. Much Love Honour & Respect. Shiny Side Up Rubber Side Down ; May The four Winds Blow You Safely Home.
2018-02-23 16:58:02, Grover Known Associate 81World Support / BHC Suppo, Weston-Super-Mare England

9. much respect and support
2018-02-23 16:52:10, steve childs, ontario canada

10. Love this club been a supporter for 20 years and will till i die. Red and white forever have a good weekend all.
2018-02-23 16:48:40, Jeremy best, Edmonton Alberta Canada

11. MLLH&R Forever. Death before Dishonor. I been a loyal 81 Supporter sense 1969. Always wanted to be a Patch, Just never knew anyone til the last 6 yrs. Now disabled from a fall. My Dream is over. But it will stay in my heart.
2018-02-23 16:26:00, Gregory Borzewski, N.W. Wisconsin. USA

12. L&R 81 World Belgium
2018-02-22 20:50:33, RUN, Belgium

13. LH&RESPECT 81 Belgium.
Standing Proud and Strong Supporter 81 Berdoo in Knoxville, TN USA

2018-01-15 22:50:03, William Anthony Whitaker , Knoxville, TN USA

14. Respect en bewondering !
Groeten aan alle leden LH&R !
2018-01-11 22:19:51, Danny Couwels, Duffel

15. a good health and a fortuned 2018
L&R to all those from 81 world stay safe ride safe

2018-01-02 06:38:55, joris, brugge

16. Happy new year ,greetings Pascal support Coast
2018-01-02 03:45:39, Pascal , Steenkerke

17. L.H.R happy 2018 too all 81 JURGEN KA 81 GHENT
2017-12-31 09:55:20, jurgen , aalst

18. Greetings to Hells Angels Belgium, Happy New Year to one and all. L&R
2017-12-31 07:47:24, Ian Gowland, UK.

19. prettige feestdagen voor jullie allemaal !!! Danny & Hilde
2017-12-31 07:01:25, Hilde de koninck, Mortsel

20. Langs deze weg wil ik jullie een hele fijne jaarwisseling en een gelukkig nieuwjaar wensen xxx LH&R x
2017-12-30 12:57:17, Jamers Sandra , Belgie

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