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2013-07-26 18:18:23,

2012-05-18 11:44:42, Jeffrey M Smith, whafr_rat7@msn.com, NY, L.I., 37,

3. Very nice site.
2012-02-22 07:58:18, Michael R. Grenier, majorlxiv@frontiernet.net,

4. My 4xgreat-grandfather was in the 64th in 1813-16, when the regiment was in Nova Scotia (and, briefly, in France, at the end of that period). I'm pleased to see you're keeping the Revolution-era regiment going; do add me to any mailing list you may have, in case you make it over to the UK again.
2010-10-30 16:28:30, Andrew Henderson, andrew@voyce.org.uk, United Kingdom, 26,

5. I met up with the 64th at Sturbridge and wish to consider joining the group if you will have me. Please keep me informed of the event schedule.
2009-08-02 06:59:21, Tom Zadek, TommyZ2150@gMail.com, Shrewsbury, 59, ???

6. 'Allo, lads! I've got photos of you guys at Boone's Homestead from last year. Don't know if you got them or not. All my best to Herr Meyerdierks and Co.
2009-02-18 22:45:04, Joe Regan, jpatrickregan@hotmail.com, norristown, pa, 35,

7. Hello to our brothers in the 64th, it was a pleasure serving along side with you lads this season. The navy looks forward to great 2009 fighting the doodles with you all.

HMS Somerset
2008-11-30 16:37:23, tom, ttrifle315@hotmail.com, Boston,

8. Awesome job, Eric. Your weekend weather report may have the temperature forcast a tad too cool.
2008-09-08 10:35:24, Ken, ckmilligan@verizon.net,

9. Great Job on the site Eric looks awesome.
2008-09-02 14:27:10, Matt Meyerdierks, XXX12907@yahoo.com, Spencer,

10. Greatings Lads,
On behalf of the navy, thanks for helping us out during the light infantry training at Hubbardton. Pleasure serving along side all of you lads.
2008-07-07 07:04:00, Tom Tringale, HMS Somerset, hmssomerset.com,

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