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Great Ohio River Relay

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1. Are you planning another relay this year or in 2018?
2017-09-02 20:20:43, Melinda Mitchell, [email protected], Newburgh,

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2014-01-30 21:40:38, Anderson, [email protected], USA, 30,

3. I hope you guys will do a special broadcast with Awakened Radio.. contact me to arrange live streaming radio for your event. My treat..
2013-09-21 15:01:52, Donna DeVane, [email protected], United States,

2013-09-11 13:51:54, Yvonne McCall, [email protected],

5. You are doing a most wonderful task for healing of the waters. I have some crystals for you to give to the rivers at the different stages. I would like to get them to you before the 14th.
My number: 540-636-7798
2013-09-09 11:09:15, Rev. Ingrid Jolly, [email protected], front royal,va, 69,

6. In the battle since 1969, as an ARMY Water Specialist. Now as Owner Operator of Wizard Environmental Technologies.

I most likely will be unable to attend, will be joined in spirit. In this most important public statement about the value of clean water...

Kudos to those who will be heard, sacrifice for all of us.
2013-09-03 17:01:28, Captain Lance, [email protected], Florida, 64,

7. This Relay and Rally are very much needed to bring attention to the important issues involved. I hope to attend the Rally on Sunday, September 15th.
2013-09-03 11:23:31, Duane Nichols, [email protected], Morgantown, WV, retired,

8. We are caretaker's for future generations. To let some irresponsible people destroy our future is not going to happen. If they think jobs are more important than the environment, then they should hold their breath while counting their money. within one minute they will have a reality check.
2013-08-30 20:21:52, Bob Schmetzer, [email protected], Beaver County ,Pa, 67,

9. Nice idea
2013-08-04 19:50:24, Bob Heyer, [email protected], 58,

10. Private message. Click here to view.
2013-08-04 19:38:05, Orion E. Stephan, [email protected], Warwood, 53,

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